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I’ve unexpectedly become very hyped for Tekken 8. My love for fighting games has diminished over the years, and I haven’t played them regularly since the PS2 days with Tekken 5, Soul Calibur II and Dead or Alive 2.

I can’t wrap my head around people who’ve played fighting games but haven’t played Street Fighter. Don’t take this the wrong way; it’s just an interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed over the years.

I’ll be getting Tekken 8 because the reviews hyped a lot of the single player content, but I’d be down to play some games like the old days if anyone’s up for it. I’m not going to give you much of a challenge though.

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Think an argument can be made about 2D vs 3D fighters. I could never get into 2D. I did have Street Fighter IV on PS3 and struggled to get into it. Same as with Blazblue: Calamity Trigger and Dragon Ball FighterZ.


SF never clicked with me until I played 6. Now I can engage with it and appreciate it but it doesn’t scratch the same itch as Tekken.

And yeah i’m up for a lobby this weekend.


Waiting for it to DL now. I can’t fucking wait to hop on.

The worst thing is I used to thing this was cute until it became the birds nest/beiber cut of gamimg.

Y’all homies are crazy though . The arcades were filled with fighters, you have to pick a spot somewhere else if one Cabinet was stuffed up with 2 men in an epic battle!

Sf, mk, Sam sho, tekken, kof. Albeit I’m. Not good at any of em but deep down in My truest heart I’m a Fighter! (THANKS DOA!)

Tekken and sf will always make me peek up though. I hate what they did to Paul’s hair but I will survive!

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How are we finding it? Ranked is stressful in this game you can get robbed so quickly. A bit scared to go further than red right now while competitors are hanging around in purple.


Fucking loving it. I haven’t even explored all the single player content yet, and I’ve only just completed the story mode. I’m really enjoying super ghost modes too.

I’ll admit that this one isn’t as natural feeling to me as Tekken 7 - but not in a bad way I wanna clarify. With the Heat system and the new way air juggles carry and are balanced are taking a minute for me to get used to, so for that reason (and that we are also using a mobile data router temporarily rn :sob: I don’t wanna be that match people have) I’ve not done much online play at all. Fucking pumped to though, because in other ways, this installment is built for my aggressive play style way more than priod entries.

This game just feels phenomenal though, every hit feels rewarding so much more than Tekken’s predecessors. I’m loving playing characters like Yoshimitsu and Jin, who I’ve never really cared about before. It just feels soooo good!!!


Same i’ve just done the main story, haven’t touched the other stuff yet. They’ve been quite generous with content this time.

I prefer 7’s core gameplay, I knew that from the betas but this is Harada’s vision so what can we do. Its just nice to have a Tekken game with a budget. Some of the visual effects are getting hard to look at but i’m sure mods will sort that out. Netcode seems better, haven’t had any shocking connections. Overall can’t complain.


Tell me about it lmao. At the time 7 dropped I really had to snort a mountain of copium to stick with it - by the end of its lifecycle it was a beast, but the absolute lack of anything on launch with the promise of Tekken Bowl in comparison to this is phenomenal lmao.

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I have caved and purchased the game. I am very bad at it. I would be up for some online japes, but I will get pummelled unrelentingly so there’s that.


How are you guys finding it then? Been so tempted to pick it up but I just know I don’t have the time to really practice it and get good enough to enjoy it. Looks and sounds great though.

Really loving it. I’ve had less time generally to put into this one as TTT2 and T7 on their respective releases, but I’ve been squeezing it in whenever I can and feel up to it.

It’s been keeping me busy with just offline modes, I feel I should add - which is great for a fighting game. Downloading top tier player’s ghosts and going for rounds against them is really satiating my competitive VS itch whilst my internet is awaiting upgrading.

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Wow that sounds like a ridiculously good idea to learn how to play against better players. The last fighter I properly dedicated time to was MK9 which I loved, that had some great SP content too. Maybe I’ll give it more consideration.


Managed to platinum this. Very easy platinum, though I am still very bad at the game. Had to crank the difficulty down to easy, and few online trophies threatened to frustrate me, but I got there.

Still really enjoying myself, there’s a lot of content here. I don’t think it’s the kind of game that’ll hook me for months on end as I’d hoped, and it’s probably indicative of my fading love for fighting games in general, but the nostalgia is strong with this one whilst forging it’s own identity from previous games. King still rules, and I also like playing Jun, Lili and Bryan. Azucena is also a lot of fun to play as, but her character in the story is so fucking lame lmao.

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Did something very foolish…


You did but i’m sure some games will come out for it eventually.

Up to Vanquisher with Yoshimitsu - first Tekken since Tekken 5, and I only played that one in a casual capacity as a kid - competitively mainly a Mortal Kombat guy so was pleasantly surprised with how much i’m enjoying a 3D fighter. Starts of intimidating but honestly it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

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Booked to have fibre optic installed so that I’m no longer on a 3G mobile network router. I cannot fucking wait to come online and get absolutely twatted by Tekken Gods whilst I spam Feng’s B3.

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You’re behind the times old man Victor is the new spammer’s toy. Reina to a certain degree but she’s a Mishima so she has a shorter rope when it comes to scummy tactics unless you can pull of electrics and what have you.

Lmao honestly fuck Victor, my motto with Tekken is if you can customise them to look like Snake and/or Big Boss, then it’s a shite character! Reina for life buddyyyyy