Tekken Chat Topic

With Tekken 8 just around the corner and Tekken 7 continuing support with balancing, tournament circuits and more, I thought it would be good to start a chat topic for the video game franchise that holds the Guinness World Record for longest running story in history.

Tekken 8 Reveal Trailer:

Tekken 8 Trailer 2:

Tekken 8 Nina Reveal:

This game looks so ridiculously clean, just off the rails exciting. There’s a real colossal jump in this upcoming entry with how much work, funding and support it’s receiving as opposed to any other entry before it and I’m so looking forward to it. The camera taking a step back into a wider point of view to resemble Tekken 5 a bit more, the fidelity of stages and characters. The only thing I’m not sold on is a couple of the redesigns, but I’ve no doubt they’ll grow on me. Nina’s redesign is an instant love for myself, for example.

For those of you interested in the new systems and mechanics of the gameplay in Tekken 8 - Heat and the reinvented Rage Drive seem to emphasise and importance of pressure and aggressive gameplay, which will probably change the pacing of this entry a lot. I’m really excited to see where this goes, but damn I’m nervous too! Lmao!

Anybody got any thoughts about Tekken 8? Or alternatively, anybody wanna chat breeze about how good the :fire: Tekken 4 soundtrack :fire: is?

I will be picking it up and playing it, despite being a firm part of the ‘SF is superior’ camp.

I have to say it does look more interesting than a lot of other past entries.

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I’ll pick up Tekken 8. Really fell off when it comes to fighting games, but Tekken will always tickle that nostalgia in me.

Besides, Tekken 7 was a huge improvement on Tekken 6, really got into it.

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honestly, I’m more hyped for this than sf this year.

Me too, have been regularly playing since release. It’s all just so tight. Did you play Tag 2 btw?

Trash Fighter more like!

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I did yeah, it was fantastic. Probably my 2nd favourite Tekken game after Tekken 3.

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that’s high praise, I never touched it now I regret it :frowning:

Even now its a blast. A massive roster, plenty of modes and a huge amount of great stages too. It had free DLC updates at the time with characters which kept up the lifecycle. It should be pretty cheap now so I’d recommend picking it up. Similarly to Bread, it’s probably my second favourite Tekken title.

thumbs down wow characterlimithack

I’m still waiting on the day we’re led to the Promised Land…

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Tekken Tag Tournament 3 me too.

I’m still waiting for Tekken 3-2.

I’m still waiting for Tekken Free-to-Play

You literally got this years ago with Tekken Revolution!

I’m still waiting for Tekken Free-to-Play 2

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WHAT THEY DUN TO MY BOY’S PAUL’s HAIR! atleast he still strong as hell though. Cant believe how excited i am to get this in my hands.

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He’ll defo have an alt costume that’ll be “classic Paul”, riots in the streets if there isn’t.

Same goes for Nina.


I fuxking love their redesigns. At first it was really irksome but they have a lot of charm, and the idea that Paul just hasn’t used 40 cans of hair spray one day is a hilarious one.

Love their classic designs too of course, but I love them trying new looks and vibes for the characters.

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Paul’s hair is peaks 90’s anime/japanism’s though, its a style that’s sort of dead now, western designed blonde dudes all had the look. I’m down for redesigns though. and arguably cammy in sf6 has one of the best ive seen,

Gameplay wise he looks fucking sick, and I’m actually a fan of his expressions - but why’s he got some absolute My Chemical Romance eye shadow. :sob: