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Undoubtedly one of my favourite games of the generation alongside the sequel. Ridiculously fun and tight action, satisfying progression, amazing world and an almost endless amount of approach to battle and missions. Can’t wait to hear your final thoughts when you complete it and move onto Shadow of War too.

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I will be heading to the sequel after I’m done with it. See how I feel about going for all the achievements towards the end.

I’m not a LOTR nerd but I’m enjoying the story and the nemesis mechanic is seriously fun. Also, ratbag is a term of endearment in our household which adds to my enjoyment.


Felt compelled to play one of the Pokemon generations that I skipped back in the day (4-7) so rummaged through my girlfriend’s collection of DS and 3DS games and have been assured that Pokemon X is one of the better ones. Enjoying it so far. Nice to go back to something a bit more simple after Sword/Shield and Scarlet/Violet (both of which I enjoyed despite the negativity surrounding them)

Out of gen 4-7 I’d say gen 6 (XY) is actually probably the worst lol (I haven’t played BW/BW2 but they’re held in very high esteem.)

I’ve heard good things about Black/White, I was tempted tbf. The ones I was told to explicitly avoid was Sun/Moon and US/UM, but my girlfriend really enjoyed X & Y.

Sacrilege, Alola was a great region and they were a really fun entry. XY had a massive nostalgia boner for Gen 1 as well as just being rushed and underbaked in general. It was a huge title at the time of course and it was great since it felt like EVERYONE had it. I remember being challenged to a battle on the coach of a school trip without knowing who was challenging-it was great. But it being a simultaneous global release meant it was sort of rushed out without a lot of stuff being fully fleshed out. I think Sun and Moon felt significantly more developed and doesn’t have the same identity problem that XY did in the end.

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It was great. Enjoyed the story. It never felt padded out with repetition to increase the length of the game. Maybe the branding of the 5 Warchiefs but I think that’s being picky.

I do feel it got really easy once you unlock certain mechanics but it was still immensely fun chaining so many different attacks together. I’ll always forgive OP mechanics if it’s still fun coughJedi Survivor cough.

Mounting Caragors in the first map only to get a tutorial on it again with Torvin over halfway through the game was certainly a weird design choice.

Not going for the achievements (34/74 after finishing) because I just want to jump in to the sequel.

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I went back to Ghost of Tsushima. Might even replay the story.


Summer game sale got me too… Playing through Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake now :sweat_smile:


I’ve been transported back to 2015, I’ve almost exclusively been playing Mad Max (which is severely under-rated), MGSV, Alien Isolation, and Witcher 3 is currently installing. Catching up on my backlog big time and it’s making me realize 2014-2015 was the last few years gaming was really exciting, even though I haven’t gotten to play these to their full extent MGSV aside.

How are you enjoying them? I really liked 7’s departure from what I expected but it almost feels like it should have just been a different game. Same for RE8. RE2R however is maybe the peak of remakes as far as I’m concerned. It’s not perfect but it captures the feel of the original and it’s tremendous fun to play. I kind of wish they would have just combined RE2R and RE3R into one game though, RE3R felt like an after thought unfortunately. The first half of the game is strong then it just trails off for me.

I beat RE7 yesterday, and will probably start on RE2R today. As someone who has never played much Resident Evil (a little of RE4 and a fair chunk of Revelations), I found the experience of 7 to be quite enjoyable. I think the Evaline moments and jumpscares towards the end were very silly, but everything up to Lucas’s section was really solid. It does feel very disconnected to the main RE lore, and it would have been cool if they had made more mention to certain characters or corporations within the notes (particularly in that lab area right near the end, though maybe that’s implied in the note’s redacted sections). Sure made me want to buy and play 8 though.

I’m dreading getting chased around by Mr. X in RE2R, so I’ve been postponing playing it today for as long as possible :sweat_smile:

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X gon give it to ya. :sunglasses:

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I miss him. :frowning: Mr. X you’ll always be the best RE bhaddie