What games are you looking forward to?

2020 wasn’t an especially great year. And with the pandemic ongoing, it’s hard to say how this year will fare. But with all the delays coming about, if nothing else, 2022 is gonna be killer!

For me, this year, I have two games I’m most pumped for.

RE8 Village because it looks like the REVII equivalent of RE4, and RE4 is one of the best games I’ve ever played. It’s ditching zombies for monsters and more colorful and potentially memorable villains. We’re back in far more haunting yet gorgeous settings like castles, dungeons, mountainsides, villages, etc. There looks to be way more monster and boss variety. And yesterday, we found out RE8 has mercenaries again. And a version of Mercenaries looking more akin to RE4 than RE2Make, which I wholly welcome because I loved that arcade-style to RE4.

Beyond that is No More Heroes 3. They just did a stream for that yesterday as well, and I’m beyond pumped to finally get a new entry in this series after a decade. Travis Strikes Again was cool, but the levels were way too goddamn long and monotonous before getting to the boss fights. This game looks killer, swapping the assassins for cocky aliens who look like they’re gonna stick around longer, but bringing back other favorites.

As for next year, obviously, BotW2 is the big one. But so too is Gotham Knights. I love the Arkham series something fierce and while I hated Marvel’s Avengers, so far, it at least seems like Knights isn’t going that route. I’m cautiously optimistic about this game because I know better than to trust reveal gameplay trailers that may not fully reflect what the base game has to offer. My hope is this isn’t a game that relies on some bullshit roadmap. Rather, it ends up being one with enough content in the base game to warrant replaying for fun. Great levels, enemy variety, entertaining combat, not ditching the predator stealth of the Arkham games, and an abundance of boss fights and villain side missions.

Gimme that and I’m golden tbh.

What games coming out either this year or next are you guys most excited or cautiously optimistic for?

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I really stopped playing a lot of games or watching news about new games at a certain point last year, so I’m not entirely sure what is even supposed to be coming out besides what my friends have told me about like Resident Evil Village which should be cool.

I had no idea there was supposed to be new Metal Gear remakes and honestly had believed there would never be another one of those games as an enjoyable home entertainment experience. I am still pretty skeptical really because it’s Konami after all, but if it’s a real thing I would be very interested and intrigued by that and would have to get it.

In terms of gaming releases, I thought 2020 was an excellent year. Between Persona 5 Royal, TLOU2, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, FF7R, Miles Morales, Crash 4 and even the RE3 and Tony Hawk remakes, I’d have 2020 as one of my favourite years (for gaming) ever.

As for 2021, I personally think the release schedule is looking a bit weak this year. I’d include God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon: Forbidden West, but I’m not convinced we’ll actually see those games come out in 2021. The only one I’m REALLY hyped for is Resident Evil Village, but I’ll play the likes of Returnal, Ratchet and Clank, Deathloop, Far Cry 6, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Life is Strange: True Colors and hopefully at least one of them will turn out to be something I can fall in love with.

Honestly I can’t think of many confirmed games I’m particularly hyped for. Maybe the Harry Potter RPG so I can relive my childhood days of glitching the PS1 Harry Potter games and perfecting level times lmao. I’m also pretty excited for the Journey to the West video game and some other Chinese next gen projects - China entering AAA gaming spheres is honestly really exciting and I’m pretty hyped to see a surge in new developers from there.

RE8 is the only game that comes to mind. Not much else has piqued my interest. I’ve gravitated to PS1 games as of late, particularly Einhander and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut.

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Someone else that has played Einhander!? I can finally have a conversation about this game with another human? I’ve been wanting that since like 1998.

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Looking forward to Pokémon legends: Arceus myself. I fell out with the Pokémon games for a long time, then picked up sword and fell in love with it all again. Legends looks good, seems like the shake up the series needs.

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The game I’ve been waiting for is already out - Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

I just don’t have the cash flow to upgrade my PC right now.

Smack talk me all you want but when the ps5 patch of cyberpunk is out i’m finally gonna try to buy a ps5
Of course re8 has me pretty hyped too

RE8 is another I’m stoked for. I played RE7 twice and both times in VR, that was a fucking experience. I’m pretty excited to try out RE4 in VR as well, but again, I’mma have to upgrade my setup if I wanna play any of this stuff.

I really, really hope the shooting and moving isn’t as clunky as RE7 though, that was super annoying to be totally honest.

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I played that half hour demo over the weekend. It feels similar but I think a little smoother. I’d have to replay REVII to compare. I had no problem shooting at the monsters in the one segment of the demo with any monsters in it. In fact, that segment of gameplay, despite being a single corridor was really tense. You’re just in a small wheat field with these caveman demon-looking motherfuckers in the wheats, stalking you, and beating the shit out of you. I could only kill one thanks to a landmine. They could soak up so much damage that I had to just bolt, which I think may’ve been the point since the scene after wouldn’t make sense if the monsters were dead.

There’s gonna be another half hour demo on the 24th, where you can play in the castle this time. And then on May 1st, one more demo where you get to basically replay both the village segment I played and the castle segment coming up. Make sure you guys check out the times so you don’t miss out since it’s only for a day for some reason.

I’d say ready or not and not matter it already came out cyberpunk.

Most recent ones I’m looking forward to are NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, RE8, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and the FFVIIR DLC in June. I really hope I have a PS5 by then because I need to play that Yuffie DLC ASAP.

After a long period of gaming non stop, i now try to take my time with balancing life and gaming and social life in general again, so im more focused on what games i definitely want to have all the time to enjoy when they eventually come out. The only game im super interested right now is BOTW 2. The first one sits right there at the top with ocarina of time and mgs1 for me, so im definitely extremely excited for the sequel. Horizon forbiden west is also a game im excited for and look forward to see the direction they are going with. I thoroughly enjoyed ZD and believe they have a great opportunity to make something special with the sequel.

Capcom finally announced The Great Ace Attorney localization after years of being a JP only game and I’m fucking excited!


Yesssssss absolutely cannot wait for this. I’ve been in love with the Ace Attorney series since the first game first got released on DS and I’ve always been a bit jealous that these games were Japanese only.

I’ve heard great things about them from people who have played the Japanese version.

Was mostly looking forward to playing Deathloop, R&C and the Mass Effect trilogy. Returnal has been catching my eye the last few days though.

Oh and the new Mario Golf game! Looks like heaps of fun. I’ll probably get The World Ends With You sequel too just since it’s out right at my birthday.

YESS to this! Automata was a great game, so I’m hoping Replicant will be just as good if not better. I’m ready to cry again, Yoko Taro!!

I’ve got to finish FFVIIR and get a PS5 before I even touch Yuffie’s DLC though. I’m disappointed that they didn’t include her DLC for folks who played the game on the PS4.

As to what additional games I’m looking forward to would be the following: BOTW2 (Because I really loved BOTW1), Cyberpunk 2077… after the patches are finished of course, & Horizon: Forbidden West. Normally, I would also include FF16, but the first trailer didn’t exactly sell me yet. To be honest, I would’ve rather wanted a port of all the XIII games because I miss playing them.

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Strange, isn’t it? Einhander is so good, but somehow so obscure. I guess it was one of Square(soft)'s experimental games, like Ehrgeiz, or Bushido Blade.

I still, decades now later, can’t get the second Secret Ship (AKA, the Red Astrea, AKA, the Selene). The game is almost impossible on its highest difficulty setting, and, nevermind the bullet-hell, quite unforgiving. Word is that if you can beat the game, on Hard, without using a continue, then you get the Selene; a red fighter that packs 10,000 shots per gunpod!

The music and action remind me of MGR - fast-paced combat, crazy bosses, techno music, awesome weapons, etc. A very good game from an era gone by. I hold out hope for a sequel or HD re-release, but I just don’t think it’ll happen.

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I unlocked the first fighter, but no I don’t have Selene either. That airport level onwards to the end is hell on normal difficulty.