Tournament 1: Tekken 8

The first in our MGL Tournament Series is here, and it’s Tekken 8!

The tournament will be a standard BO3 (Best of 3) until Finals, where it will be a BO5 (Best of 5). Bracket will be run via Smash.GG

The Smash.GG page will be shared this weekend and added to this topic.

Sign ups are now open and will be open for two weeks until Friday, 1st of March.

After sign ups close, participants will be finalised and bracket will take place on Sunday, 3rd of March

Got any friends obsessed with Tekken, fighting games or tournaments? Get them signed up on MGL and entered into our bracket! This is the first of many.

Happy juggling!

Dirty Duck

Sign me up! You can use challonge for the bracket if its any easier, /tekgen/ uses that

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Oh legend, cheers mate. I’ll check it out. Smash GG seems a little counter-intuitive.

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Alright pricks, enough playing coy, sign up and give this site an ounce of competitive activity!

New reward for first place: A special T8 Badge for your profile (and I will also ask @Hessikin nicely to turn the snow off. ONLY if we get at least 5 participants though!)

@Aragorn @Null @Bread @NateDog @DirtySpaceDuck

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I’m afraid I realised I was foolish to buy it with such limited time and I sold it already :grimacing: . I’ll blame your and Gorny’s intimidating overzealous and detailed posts about tiers and styles though as that’s easier.

NOOOOOOO what! Nate we didn’t even play once!!!

I know but I just felt like it was going to inevitably be like it often would be where we’d plan to and it’d never happen :cry: (also I’m shit)

I’m down - just depends on timings/dates.

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I’ll get involved, maybe it’ll stop the intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideation

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Bracket was planned for Sunday, 3rd March. Considering everybody else is GMT who’s signed up, is 1pm GMT good for you, or would that be too late?

Or maybe it’ll exacerbate it?

@Agent @Aragorn @DirtySpaceDuck @Null
Are we all good to do this today, or would you all prefer to delay this? Would be best to do it at a time and date where we can all participate!

@Aragorn when is a good time for yourself?

I expected it at 1pm GMT!!

Lunch time?! Fuck off mate!

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I didn’t forget about this but something came up and I wasn’t available, can we postpone?

Hahahahahahaahahah holy shit woops. I meant 5pm…

Of course. If everyone wants to provide a day or two when would be good, (before Saturday) then we’ll do it then.

I’m out of the country and away from my PS till Saturday - what would suit you guys next week?

Jason is away from home for a month as of the Saturday you mentioned so I’m guessing this is on hold for a while lmao unless we get an influx of people wanting it ASAP

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I’d love to get involved, I just don’t think there’s going to be a time/date where I can promise that I’d be available. A lot of my time is being eaten up by work/child at the minute.

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