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Has anyone here ever cleaned out their PS4 and refreshed the heat paste? If so, where do I find a good quality paste?
I cleaned mine this morning. Wasn´t really nescessary in the end, but now I know it´s easy I´d like to refresh the paste as well.


Good thread idea!

Anyone here know much about soundbars? We’ve been contemplating getting one for a while but the sound on our TV is getting sufficiently poorer as time goes on that I think it’s becoming more necessary of late. I’m looking at the Sonos Beam as it keeps coming up in articles that are looking at a lot of different types (including much more expensive ones) and it’s on sale here at the moment. Thing is our TV is a bit old by modern standards (got it 5 years ago, think it’s a 2017 model too) so I’m worried without a dedicated HDMI port for Dolby Atmos that it might be pointless if we don’t upgrade the TV too so I’m wondering if I should just wait.

I know nothing about the ps4 paste or sound bars BUTTTT i do want a decent surround at some point. I have redone my thermals on my old fat ps3, i’m guessing it was sorta similar, which paste did you use, artic 5?

I didn´t renew the paste yet, was actually asking which paste I should get. :sweat_smile:
All I did was open it up and cleaned out all the dust for now. Wasn´t much, which was expected since I´m a clean freak when it comes to my consoles and stuff. But got it second hand, so…

I´m not gonna wait “God knows how long” on Sony to make more official PS5 plates, so I´m about to pull the trigger on some (expensive :sob:) dbrand darkplates. Check out their response to Sony´s legal case, it´s hilarious. Darkplates 2.0 » Special Edition Drop » dbrand

I´m torn between

  • grey + green LED strips; resembling the look of the original PSX
  • clear black N64 style + light blue LED strips
  • matte black + dark blue LED strips

Help. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I would´ve bought the first option right away, but there´s no matching Dual Sense…


This would look really clean. I bet that would look great on a nice dark wooden surface too. I’m going to grab a translucent N64 style one when I do, but I’ve no idea what to go for. :sob: The green LED strips look so nice though.

Someone already did… It looks great. But so do the others. :rofl:

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Been having troubles with my “new” PS4 Pro… On occasion it freezes, on any game. I looked up possible causes. Overheating isn´t likely imo; it has happened after about an hour or so. Internet connection, but can´t see how that can freeze a single player game? Firmware is the latest. Vents and fan are super clean.
I´m fearing for my hard drive, as it looks like it happens when the game is (auto)saving… Any tips? :pensive:
Model is CUH 7216b

How does it manage when manual saving, is there a way to disable auto-save for any of your games? Any chance you have any corrupted data on your HD which might be causing an issue? How much space do you have left?

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Manual saving works fine. I´ve had this with every game that auto-saves actually. Sackboy, Dead Nation and now Death Stranding. Don´t think I can turn it off, but I´ll check. Usually a game just tells you it uses auto-save and that´s that…

How can I check this? IF I can check this.

I´d think I have enough space. Less than 25% of my drive is used.

If you have any corrupted data then it should show up when looking at saves and game data. I was going to say just uninstall and reinstall the game data but if it’s happening with every autosave game then I’m really not sure.

Hm, I think all the games I´ve been playing lately have auto-save. I´ve been playing DS for 3 hours now and no issues… Really weird.

I´ve ordered thermal paste, thermal pads and a new hard drive. Not cheap, but probably the cheapest way to try and fix it. Except for the fan, but I think it´s fine. The hard drive has always been my first thought though. While the thermal paste and pads might not be necessary yet, it won´t hurt to do it all at once now.

After I´ve done the work I´ll test the PS4 for a couple weeks and see if it has solved the problem.

Not affraid to do the work, I just hope the temperature sensor isn´t dead; which is on the motherboard.

Overheating still doesn´t seem very likely to be the problem, since I never get the blue “PS4 is too hot” notification. But that´s maybe where the broken sensor comes in… Let´s hope it´s not.

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Hope it sorts it out mate.

I think I might have to be in the market for a new TV. Ours is pretty old at this stage, we’ve had it nearly 7 years now I think and it was a model that was 1-2 years old at the time. It was working mostly fine until recently apart from wear and tear issues like USB ports having issues, then the main thing was its poor sound getting even worse. The latter has been dealt with thanks to a Sonos soundbar, but now functionally the TV is struggling a lot.

Honestly I don’t really have a budget but I may need to get another loan to upgrade my 15 year old car since that’s nearly paid off so I might have to get a little extra for this. Realistically I’d probably not want to go much higher than €600-€750 but I’d consider something higher if it’ll likely have better longevity. Priorities naturally are for visual fidelity for gaming and 4K movies (with the soundbar I don’t really need to worry on the sound front). Ours isn’t OLED and while it is technically a smart TV, it’s about the worst of the smart TVs in terms of apps and additional features (apart from ambilight which I like but it is distracting at times when using it) so any modern smart TV will be a big upgrade in terms of functionality. Any suggestions would be welcome, even if it’s just brands to look out for (or to avoid).

Another used tv is not an option? Tv´s that were amazing 8-10 years ago are probably half price now. I don´t think you can go wrong with Sony and LG. Don´t have experience with other tv´s.

I´m somewhat in the same situation. Technically smart tv, but not really. And I want to get rid of my tv subscription and just keep the internet and mobiles, and to keep watching Netflix or “internet tv” I need an Android tv (the expensive ones). Or Chromecast, but don´t want to use my phone as a remote. It works like that, right? Never tried it, LOL.

We don’t have normal TV either but have a Fire Stick which basically lets us use the TV as a smart TV, could try that. Has an appstore and there are ways of downloading other apps that don’t show on that too.

I wouldn’t be totally against a used TV but also wouldn’t be too keen on it just in case of any issues cropping up soon after buying it, plus I think that price bracket for something lasting 5-7 years is good. Might have to have a detailed look later.

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I watch little to no tv lately, but my wife still watches the Belgian channels. I´d have to check first if Fire Stick or Chrome have those available.

Installed the HDD Yesterday. Went swift and easy. Did the thermal paste and pads the day before:


How is it performing now? I need to top up my PC’s thermal paste about now I reckon and, realistically, my PS4 needs it too like yours. The main obstacle in my way though is being bothered to do it. :laughing:


The HDD was the problem with mine. Didn´t have any problems since, about 50-60 hours of playing later.
I just did the thermal paste and pads to get it out of the way really. After reading I was like 90% sure the HDD was causing the freezes, but I also came across a lot of talk about how the thermal paste from the factory is a mess. And it was. Too much and not equally spread on the processor. Opening it up is nothing. The real work is removing the old paste carefully.