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Has anyone here ever cleaned out their PS4 and refreshed the heat paste? If so, where do I find a good quality paste?
I cleaned mine this morning. Wasn´t really nescessary in the end, but now I know it´s easy I´d like to refresh the paste as well.


Good thread idea!

Anyone here know much about soundbars? We’ve been contemplating getting one for a while but the sound on our TV is getting sufficiently poorer as time goes on that I think it’s becoming more necessary of late. I’m looking at the Sonos Beam as it keeps coming up in articles that are looking at a lot of different types (including much more expensive ones) and it’s on sale here at the moment. Thing is our TV is a bit old by modern standards (got it 5 years ago, think it’s a 2017 model too) so I’m worried without a dedicated HDMI port for Dolby Atmos that it might be pointless if we don’t upgrade the TV too so I’m wondering if I should just wait.

I know nothing about the ps4 paste or sound bars BUTTTT i do want a decent surround at some point. I have redone my thermals on my old fat ps3, i’m guessing it was sorta similar, which paste did you use, artic 5?

I didn´t renew the paste yet, was actually asking which paste I should get. :sweat_smile:
All I did was open it up and cleaned out all the dust for now. Wasn´t much, which was expected since I´m a clean freak when it comes to my consoles and stuff. But got it second hand, so…

I´m not gonna wait “God knows how long” on Sony to make more official PS5 plates, so I´m about to pull the trigger on some (expensive :sob:) dbrand darkplates. Check out their response to Sony´s legal case, it´s hilarious. Darkplates 2.0 » Special Edition Drop » dbrand

I´m torn between

  • grey + green LED strips; resembling the look of the original PSX
  • clear black N64 style + light blue LED strips
  • matte black + dark blue LED strips

Help. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I would´ve bought the first option right away, but there´s no matching Dual Sense…


This would look really clean. I bet that would look great on a nice dark wooden surface too. I’m going to grab a translucent N64 style one when I do, but I’ve no idea what to go for. :sob: The green LED strips look so nice though.

Someone already did… It looks great. But so do the others. :rofl:

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Been having troubles with my “new” PS4 Pro… On occasion it freezes, on any game. I looked up possible causes. Overheating isn´t likely imo; it has happened after about an hour or so. Internet connection, but can´t see how that can freeze a single player game? Firmware is the latest. Vents and fan are super clean.
I´m fearing for my hard drive, as it looks like it happens when the game is (auto)saving… Any tips? :pensive:
Model is CUH 7216b

How does it manage when manual saving, is there a way to disable auto-save for any of your games? Any chance you have any corrupted data on your HD which might be causing an issue? How much space do you have left?

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Manual saving works fine. I´ve had this with every game that auto-saves actually. Sackboy, Dead Nation and now Death Stranding. Don´t think I can turn it off, but I´ll check. Usually a game just tells you it uses auto-save and that´s that…

How can I check this? IF I can check this.

I´d think I have enough space. Less than 25% of my drive is used.

If you have any corrupted data then it should show up when looking at saves and game data. I was going to say just uninstall and reinstall the game data but if it’s happening with every autosave game then I’m really not sure.

Hm, I think all the games I´ve been playing lately have auto-save. I´ve been playing DS for 3 hours now and no issues… Really weird.