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Hoo boy I was off with this. Missed the delivery on Friday and was informed that they’re not sure when it’ll be reattempted, but after a long time of looking at modern TVs and asking people well in the know, I realised I was never going to get anything much better than what we have for €700. It seemed like I had settled on buying the LG C3 which was about €1300 and was a push. Then I was told if you’re going for that then you should try to get to the G3 because the jump is big and to be fair from what I had seen it is listed as one of the very best OLED TVs around, especially for gaming. But that was around €2000, and while I’d normally say to myself that if I’m already paying something like €1400 then the extra may be worth it in the long run relatively speaking, it was just too much for me to consider.

Then the G4 was announced and most of the recommendations said it wasn’t a massive improvement on the G3 and the G3 dropped by €300, and I managed to get it and a stand for €1650. So here I am having spent wayyyy over what I thought I would. Luckily I had a few things time out (backdated wage increase, overtime payments from a few really busy weeks and selling a few things I had listed) so I don’t feel like it was as stupid as it probably really is. 6 year guarantee helps though along with getting it from a retailer with great reviews here.

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TV and monitor prices are absolutely insane right now - I inherited a 4K LG from my nan after she passed recently, and during the moving of it all to my place in London, the backlights have come out of place in the back. An easy fix - but one I haven’t got around to and I’m worried to do so because of how finnicky all this shit always is. I’ll happily fork out about £75 for a repair man to come out and fix it for me (right now there are two rogue lights just beaming out of the screen lmao) and I kind of want to minimise my plastic/metal waste. The nail in the coffin that determined that for me, though? Modern TV prices! What is going on!

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Yeah it’s pretty crazy, I’d be the same too, would worry I’d majorly damage the thing by trying to fix anything I have no real idea about. Big part of the reason why I was delighted I could go with a retailer with such a long guarantee. If they can’t fix it then it takes into account usage and how long into the guarantee it is but I think being covered for fixes like that for 6 years is great. I will say though, having had just a glimpse of what OLED TVs can do compared to what I have now and given how much I value visual fidelity, the difference is stark, and that’s just from looking at models in store.

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Can’t set it up for a few days due to work and worrying Thomas is going to put his hands all over the screen while I’m not there but fuck yeah