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My sister got the PSVR and I got her RE7 a few XMAS’s ago. We got insanely drunk and played as much as we could. Being drunk or high in VR is absolutely wild, and even crazier when everything is trying to kill you. Highly recommend it if you have access to VR.

God DAMN RE4 VR looks great. Shame it’s on Facebook’s platform…

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What a great series. I never imagined I would be so enamoured with it.

RE8 is shaping up to impress me, which is great. Not every entry has done that. RE0, for example, is a fine game, but didn’t have that lasting quality that RE4 or the first Revelations left with me. RE7 was great, but even it fell a bit short of the mark for me. Great way to binge a Friday night though. The ship was terrifying. If RE8 can maintain the fear, but offer something more, something that holds me like RE3R did, then I’m aces. I like what I see so far.

My only nagging doubt about the series is the RE4 remake. I just don’t know. RE4 feels like an evolutionary dead-end in that it’s almost perfect. Maybe the visuals are a bit dated, but that’s solved easily, and frankly has nothing to do with how much fun the game is. I can’t see how a remake would improve upon RE4 in the same way that RE1 was vastly improved with REmake (2002). But I suppose we’ll just see. CAPCOM wouldn’t be dumb enough to screw up a flagship series with a remake, right?



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You’re using logic, which is something these game companies don’t have. All they care about is $$$ my dude. Look at it this way, can they milk RE4 for another decade? Is the answer YES? Then they are going to. Expect to be playing RE4VR; Director’s Cut on the PS6.

I agree 1000% though, there’s no way a remake could improve on an already very stella game the way the original REmake or RE2R did and RE4 was a great bookend to the OG series

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Just a reminder to all PS4 users that the half hour castle demo of RE8 is gonna be available today in the evening until 1am. So if you’re eager to test the game out, to quote Dexter?

Tonight’s the night.


I thought it was Saturday for us over here too, but turns out it’s 6pm on Sunday.

Hope you guys enjoy it while I wait!

I’ve opted not to play the RE8 demo. I’m already sold on it, and I want to go in as blind as possible.

Besides, I played the RE3R demo last year, and that turned out to be the best part of the game. Sometimes demos promote lofty expectations that the rest of the game can’t reach.

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Just finished the Castle demo and I’m really impressed by it. It’s a very nice looking game, the environments look amazing. I liked the combat much more in this demo than the Village demo too. This has made me far more excited for the full thing now.


this game I feel is way bigger than RE3R ever was. I played the demo too, bought the shotgun and made short work of every enemy. Truth be told in my real playthrough the pistol will be my first MAXED weapon and i’m dying to see if we have re4 levels of weapon choices.

So i got stuck on the eye thing, i totally forgot to inspect the object and wasted 10 minutes running around lol.

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I am extremely happy they brought this back. I also noticed you can examine other ambient objects that don’t go into your inventory, but add to the mystery. For instance, I found a tea cup in one of the rooms and upon examining what looked like lipstick on the edge, it was filled with what appeared to be fresh blood. No tool tip, nothing else to do with it, just a little piece of the pie. I love that this game seems to be very focused on investigating, which is something I wished carried over across the entire series as we are playing as cops for the majority of the games, I always found it strange that the investigative side of things wasn’t as emphasized as combat and puzzles.

Overall, I really enjoyed the demo, atmosphere, etc but not the controls. It feels so stiff and sluggish, the reloads are painfully slow, and the controls don’t feel intuitive at all. Doesn’t mean I ain’t going to buy it, I think they need to loosen the controls a little. You can still keep the pace slow and let the player have more autonomy and freedom of movement.

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I hope with some experimenting it can loosen it up abit. the best way i can describe it, it feels kinda like when you turn all the vsync bullshit on in a game and you notice the sluggishness. i wonder if there’s forced AA and vsync on console.

I hope so man. I’d honestly rather have responsive tank controls than free range of movement that’s mega sluggish.

So let’s hear it, Who’s getting this on ps5 or a high end pc? I’m really kinda pissed i couldnt get a ps5 by the time this was released. I WANTED THAT RTX!

I’ll be getting it on PS5.


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For anyone who missed the “second chance” hour long demo last Saturday, I decided to make a quickie impressions covering my general impressions on what’s shaping up to probably be my favorite game this year:

I dunno if anything felt especially sluggish to me. To me, it’s about on par with RE’s usual gunplay, from RE4 to the REMakes. Not as swift and responsive as something like, say, Far Cry 5, but I never felt at all bothered by it tbh.


Appreciate this. Didn’t get to play the village portion and ain’t gonna have time for the next one.

Great call about the enemies. I don’t mind a good shambling zombie, but the more advanced enemies are always WAY more immersive. Zombies are great in a horde though, but a horde of BOW’s (or similar) is hell. The dungeon sequence was great, very hectic. Had me on the edge of my seat as I watched my ammo dwindle (I missed the shotgun).

I’m also very excited for the cult aspect. Cannot wait to dig into RE8!!

Great vid man.

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I was playing around with the demo some more last night and turning off aim acceleration and upping the sensitivity made the aiming feel much better to me.


Review scores are starting to come in now:

GameSpot 9
Easy Allies 9
Wccftech 9
Destructoid 9
Game Informer 9.3
Press Start 9
Windows Central 4.5/5
The Gamer 4/5
VGC 4/5
PCGamesN 8

Currently sitting at 85 on Metacritic.

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I’m avoiding reading any reviews since I prefer to just go in without any preconceptions. Sounds like the game is clicking for everybody so far though, which is tight. I can’t wait to pick this sucker up tomorrow at 9pm PST and go nuts.

My copy was despatched this morning, so hopefully that means I get it tomorrow.

The reviews have been pretty solid. Some seem to be a bit down on things like the story and characters and the later half of the game, though. Interested to see for myself.

Sounds like a normal Resident Evil game to me!

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