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Since i know there’s alot of crossover witth MGS fans and RE, we should probably make a thread for one of the other Long lasting games that’s actually survived all the sony consoles!

So re8 is just over the horizon, we can all practically taste it, how many of you are excited for it? I really want to get me a ps5 before the release! I ended up missing the first demo time so this weekened i’m making sure to play it!

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Yup RE8 is my next big purchase. I loved playing through the series so far and Village looks like it’ll be great.

I played the half hour village demo last weekend. Its gonna be wild because while only one segment had any enemies, fighting them was absolutely intense. Bastards felt like the Hunters of RE3make, just without that bullshit one hit kill attack.

If you guys have a PS4, stay tuned this week because there’s gonna be another half hour demo on the 24th which you can download at some point that day. This time, it’s gonna be in the castle. And then, on May 1st, there’s one more demo opportunity that will let you play both demos.

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I really liked the Village demo, there wasn’t much to do, but it looked real nice and the characters seem pretty good. I’m also glad it looks and runs good on PS4 Pro, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get a PS5 by the time it’s out, so I’m happy it isn’t a major downgrade from the PS5 version.

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That’s what I like to hear!

Also good to hear. I probably ain’t buying a PS5 for a while.

Will keep an eye out for this.

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I was sceptical of RE8 when it first got announced last year, but the most recent trailer has me fully on board now. I’m fascinated by Chris’ role in the game; I can’t call exactly what his motives are or what he’s going to do, but I’m hopeful Capcom will do something interesting with him.

Ultimately, RE is my favourite franchise and I’ll gobble up anything Capcom churns out at this point. The franchise went through a sticky patch in the early 2010s with RE6, Revelations, Operation Raccoon City and Umbrella Corps, but ever since Revelations 2 in 2015, the franchise has been going from strength to strength. RE7 was phenomenal, RE2R is arguably the best in the series and, yes, I even loved RE3R.

I haven’t been in the “RE scene” in a while. The RE games I played were 4, 5, 6, Revelations 1 and 2. I kind of wanted to play 3’s remake, but after reading the reviews on how short it was and what was cut out, it was a pass for me. I haven’t played 7 yet either (even though I should), but I have been keeping up with news regarding RE8 though! The setting for the game looks great, but what peaked my interest more was adding lycans and vampirism to the mix. That to me is pretty neat! As someone that’s really into the story-telling side though when it comes to RE, I truly hope this game delivers and gives Chris and Ethan a proper send off… so I can finally get a Jill game again!

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If you can pick it up cheap, it’s really fun. And since you didn’t play the original, maybe the missing parts won’t bother you as much.

To me I couldn’t believe they left it out and basically teased it. Overall I thought the RE3Remake was great. I replayed ji several times but RE2R might actually be one of my favorite games ever, right along side the original RE2.

RE2R is quite scary, it has the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced in a game.

RE2 remake was great and I really still enjoy playing it and the extra modes like 4th Survivor. RE3 Remake was fun for about 6 hours, then 3 hours, then an hour and a half and I realized something was weird about this game that I really didn’t like. Even though it was really fun I wish they would have bothered expanding the actual campaign and extra modes so you actually have a few different ways to experience all these cool additions they made to the game. Instead you only have the one really thrilling campaign that is replayable for sure but has even less variability despite the obvious effort they put into expanding stuff like the menus, points and shop system.

RE2R was amazing, ended up in my top 3 RE games, only thing I wish were better was the 2nd scenarios. (My top 3 are REmake, RE2R alongside the OG RE2, and RE4.)

RE3R was pretty fun, but it bummed me out that they didn’t really give it the love and care like they did with RE2R, too much stuff was cut from the game or just changed for the worse and it feels pretty hollow content wise. I still love Jill, though, and I thought they did a good job with all the other side characters.

Also, I heard that the same devs for RE3R were working on RE4R and were trying to stay close to the original game as much as possible after the backlash to RE3R, but Capcom have now taken them off the project as they want to change things up and be more free with the remake. That does worry me, but maybe it’s good that a better team is now working on it like with RE2R.

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Agreed. RE3R felt like it should have been an expansion for RE2R to be honest. It had that vibe, and if they were released together as they were supposed to be, I think the backlash would have been smaller.

That could be good, or bad. If they remove some of the later levels (like the one’s with the soldiers and such) I wouldn’t have an issue. That was the only part of the original game that I never really liked.

I think it’s about time I replay RE4.

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I was thoroughly underwhelmed by RE3Make. I don’t mind changes from original games at all, in fact, I welcome them! I kinda prefer when a game doesn’t just give me the same experience with a shinier coat of paint. But at the same time, I want what they’re replacing the original content with to be of equal or greater value. And the underline issue I had with the game was Nemesis himself being so incredibly absent from the experience.

Like, if it was just 5-6 hours of running around Raccoon City with Nemesis giving chase with an increasing arsenal of different weapons to match each setting, I’d be set. But the way game plays out and how they handle Nemesis after the train just killed the experience for me, because without Nemesis, RE3Make just feels like RE2Make leftovers. Nothing bad, but nothing we didn’t already get from the first remake.

That’s why I’m cautious about RE4Make. To me, that game is nearly perfect as is. It had a ton of variety in its levels, its enemies, a whoooole lotta boss fights, all of which were inventive and really entertaining, and the beautiful yet utterly haunting atmosphere was pitch perfect. Like for me, I actually loved the soldier island because the action of that game was fun, plus Krauser’s one of my favorite bosses in the series. Yet, when we go into the labs, it still manages to be bonechilling thanks to these bastards:

So my hope is that, if they do take more liberties with RE4Make, they don’t go the route of RE3Make and just remake the same game with better mechanics but substantially less content and boss fights.

I’m still sad that Capcom are seemingly skipping a potential CVX remake and jumping straight to 4. Lord knows CVX needs it more.


I feel with the huge success of RE2R that it must be on the cards, Claire is a big hit with newcomers to the series and I’m sure they would love to see what happens in the next chapter of her search for Chris.

Doing it after RE4R it might seem like they are just throwing remakes out the wazoo, but I feel like it would be really cool to see Code Veronica redone. I also want to see Wesker again. He would look amazing in the RE Engine.

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Looks like they’ve incorporated aspects of Raid Mode into Mercenaries this time around.

Which is great because Raid Mode is sick.

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Word. I’m so glad they’re upping the Mercenaries game again. That was easily my favorite part of RE4 and jumping back to that classic arcade style action is looking sick.

Speaking of RE4 and RE4Makes, this is also apparently a thing.

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I still haven’t experienced VR, RE7 and now RE4VR are really wanting me to try it out. I don’t think I would ever bother getting an Oculus though, so I hope it comes to PSVR at some point.

Resident Evil 7 VR is next fucking level. Makes normal RE7 look like a happy smiley fun land filled with rainbows and puppies.

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Yeah, I’ve heard fantastic things about it. I already think it’s the scariest RE, especially the opening part and the few gameplay segments after that, so I can only imagine how intense it is in VR.

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