Request to Extend Edit Time Limit

Hey everyone,

It seems our forum has a timed edit function, and this has caused a bit of a snag. We recently started chatting about video game character crushes, but the inability to edit the original post means I can’t officially reflect this change.

Given this situation, I’m suggesting an extension or removal of the time limit for editing posts. This adjustment could facilitate smoother transitions in discussions and offer users more flexibility in managing their content.


Hey @TR-Cocoon, I’ve amended the category settings for /VG/ so that topic starters (in this case, yourself) may have unlimited edits over any time.

Give this a try and let me know if it works. Cheers bud.

Hey @Jassassino,

You’re a legend! Thanks a bunch for tweaking the settings. I’ll give it a whirl and holler if any hiccups pop up. Appreciate the assist!

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