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So I began MGSV again today after years of putting if off - lost about 50 hours or so when my PS4 save data got corrupt years ago and I’ve finally found the motivation to restart the game.

Damn. This game has an annoyingly long start. The movement in stealth in the hospital segment also is just a bit finicky.

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I’ve never tried so desperately to get into a game that I didn’t like more than I did MGSV. I must have restarted this damn game 3-4 times thinking, this time, it’ll definitely click.

Can’t knock the gameplay though. Would happily play a more focused game in the FOX engine.

Ive only played the start one but I absolutely loved the atmosphere when i did, although I do see how it can be annoying if one decides to replay it again. Back in january i was bitten by the bug again, that’s what really made me want to make a community again. I completely maxed our 2 mother bases, stopped at 3. resources were agrind to acquire at that point

The prologue is very good the first time you experience it but I agree that on replays it i not so fun.

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The prologue to V is easily the worst opening of any MGS game to date. It’s completely unrepresentative of the larger game and even when you skip all the cutscenes, the 17 minutes of actual gameplay it has only has two fun sequences at the very end. And the bitch of it all is that this was easily the most expensive mission in the entire game, with how cutscene heavy it was and how many mocap actors they needed for some of the later scenes.

Imagine how much better this mission would’ve been if the drugs kicked in right away, and it was all in-game with you having to evade XOF and needing to shoot out sprinklers or fire extinguishers to periodically stun the Man on Fire whenever he showed up, like Nemesis in RE3Make’s two actual chase sequences. Not only would that have been more entertaining, but it would’ve been infinitely cheaper to make happen than all these pointlessly excessive cutscenes.

V’s easily my favorite game in the series, but good lord, Kojima’s “boldest” instincts are the absolute worst with this game.


Man I enjoyed the intro, but imagining if it was like this, damn.


There’s a lot I think could’ve been done to make V far more appeasing to everybody without having to throw way more money at it than was already dumped into it. For example, there’s a lot of missions that would’ve been better left for chapter 2 because they add nothing to the immediate story of the main game, and since chapter 2 is just V’s epilogue, might as well leave those missions for the “war without end” side of things. And if Eli were cut from the game completely, you don’t end up with a giant, expensive loose end with mission 51. You can just end the main story organically with a boss fight against Skull Face (like picture a stealth shootout like The Boss, or Higgs in Death Stranding, but with actual guns and traps), him going nuts when he loses and activating Metal Gear himself, and things just falling apart in the epilogue until a more organic lead in to mission 46 occurs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those “what could’ve been” sort of people who gets so hung up on how a game could’ve been that I can’t appreciate it for what it is. If I were, I literally wouldn’t be able to enjoy any video game ever. As is, V’s the best game I’ve ever played and the only game I’ve put a thousand hours into across two different consoles (seriously, mods are insane with this game, especially side ops maker). But there’s still a lot about this game that I flat out hate. And that hatred stems purely from Kojima’s bad choices, not anything that can be traced back to Konami getting fed up with everything.

That’s why I never agreed with the notion of V being unfinished. It is a finished game, even without mission 51, but had such a flawed structure that even if mission 51 were in it, it still wouldn’t feel like it has a satisfying conclusion. (Especially since dataminers confirmed years back that the cut mission was gonna trigger before 46 anyway.)

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Just having chapters was dumb! “It’s chapter 2! I bet this will be exactly the same size as chapter 1…oh…it’s finished”. Act 5 in 4 was the same “Yeah, I’m going to infiltrate Haven! There’s going to be loads of rooms…”.

The biggest thing that winds me up with 5 is the R&D.

You spend x amount of time making these kick ass weapons and at the end of it, you end up using your tranq weapons anyway for better scores

Edit: I guess it’s not so much the R&D that winds me up, it’s that stupid ass scoring system

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So when I began my replay, I recalled this aspect and this aspect alone of the story/opening. So I looked around in every gameplay sequence he was present in to do exactly that to see if it granted me anything unique. I was really disappointed to find nothing of the sort.

A fully charged shock from your Stun Arm will also work on him. Nice callback to MGS3.

I know this doesn’t really count but there are some mods that make R&D better, like you get more diamonds and there’s 0 wait time to create new weapons. This is one of the reasons why I’d recommend anyone replaying in on PC if they can.

Also I’m pretty sure you can get like 10 kills and still get S rank. You won’t get the no-kill bonus score but it’s definitely possible. It’s just that we’ve been conditioned to play non-lethal all the time after all these years.

There’s a custom side op that gives you a rematch against him in Afghanistan. With the level maker tool in the works, someone could actually design a boss fight against him where extinguishers have the same affect on him as the water towers and pumps in his original fight.

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This is all I like to think of whenever MGSV comes into my head these days.

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It’s probably nothing, but has anyone seen the tweets from the TheTomOlsen account on twitter?

Loads of people saying it’s just a fan account tweeting edited MGS2 screenshots and videos but for some reason, I feel like there’s more to it? MGS’ twitter replied to them over a week ago as well and it all seems to be leading up to something on April 30th (Jack & Rose’s special day). Feel like it could be hinting at something… some people have stated a MGS2 VR mod release but can’t be sure.

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It is very interesting. It probably is a fan account, but MGS’ Twitter engaging with them and Hayter saying it’s an industry rumour is very interesting. We’ll have to wait and see!

In regards to MGSV - Is there a Metal Gear Online counterpart for this game or nah? I can never remember that, but I remember some Nuke Disarmament thing?

Yup, everyone had to come together to disarm the nukes and when that was done, there was a special cutscene (which actually got leaked before any version of the game did it). I think it was only the PS3 community that has done it so far, but that’s just from memory.

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My bad, I’ve just realised this is a MGSV general chat… totally thought this was a general topic for MGS hahaha. Sorry admins.

I got this cutscene too but I swear not to long after that i still saw people with nukes pop up in the MGSV online thing. I’m really not sure if we did it or konami flipped a switch.

That or there are so many nukes that the counter bugged and it thought there were 0 nukes, kinda like Civilation Gandhi but in reverse.

HAHAHAHA, tha’s even more hilarious, that there was so many nukes that the game couldnt even compute it. Really shows humans true nature.