Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater

Honestly I skipped through this trailer at 5 second increments until I suddenly saw Snake’s face and then had to rewind LOL why did they put this bang in the middle of the State of Play sandwiched between rubbish? Is MGS not a big deal?!


As soon as I saw the fence I knew it was Snake Eater haha I am excited but also worried about it, even more so when they announced the MGS Vol. 1 collection right after this trailer(I fear how much they may change it if they are not worried about the potential of cannibalizing the sales of the game), but the Vol. 1 part got me excited for the potential of MGS 4 in Vol.2.


Yeah it would be great for MGS4 to finally escape the PS3


supposedly they’re using the same voice acting from 3 and the story is completly faithful, we’ll see lovers


Hmm Metal Gear…Delta?

Meanwhile Hideo san is in his cave not giving a fuck, posting about his own game and food. Love that dude.


Honestly that entire showcase was just a tonne of nonsense in pacing.

The best part about the MGS3 remake announcement!


I know it has been far too long since I have played this game.

I agree, until I see more on the Snake Eater remake I will remain on the fence, as it could be just forty hours of ladder climbing.


As if Konami could make something this good

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True. I will say I was shocked there wasn’t any voiceover to the reveal, I was waiting for a “That was disgusting” type of line at the end.

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maybe with a new team and like 3 generations of technology after the original half the game won’t be just bloody menus anymore


My overall reaction to this announcement and ‘trailer’ is not impressed. They’ve kept us on the line for years, blue balling us every time we think there might be a chance, there are rumors every year that never come to fruition or end up being total bull, Konami drums up hype teasing some announcement and then it’s fucking fan art or some other worthless garbage.

They’ve left us high and dry for years and let us hungry, loyal fans starve. This trailer is a fart in the fucking wind. Zero action, no allegory or mystique, one little reference to the Shagohad, I mean THIS IS SNAKE EATER and that’s all you give us? Too little, too late Konami.

I have zero faith in you, and if you somehow pull this off and it’s a hit, it’ll be a miracle, not feeling very optimistic. Reserving my judgement of the actual game until we can see some gameplay and learn more about features and development.

Agreed! I sincerely hope they don’t omit anything from the originals…or the remake for that matter.

I’ll believe it when I see some gameplay. If they play it straight, change nothing integral to the story, it could be very good. If they start rearranging it, condensing sections, and adding quick time events I ain’t even gonna buy it.

I am cautiously optimistic about all of this, I don’t trust any MGS that doesn’t have Kojima involved, and most of all I don’t trust that this isn’t going to just be some decade long MILKING by Konami to shit out a remake of every single title.

Blows my mind it’s not even been considered. My issues with MGS4 aside, I would love to play it again with modern facelift.

Last night Orca, Paul, and I were speculating that getting rid of the “3” could have to do with the order they are going to release the remakes in, perhaps chronologically?

But why a delta? Why not drop the “3” or detla all together? The title of SNAKE EATER stands on it’s own.

I just wanna see this game done proper justice, I hope this new dev is competent. Do we know anything about this studio?

And it’s not like they have to record anything new either.

Hah this announcement came at a funny time, about a couple of months ago I started getting pretty nostalgic for MGS, as a series and for its unique gameplay. I actually went and gave MGO3 a shot again, played for a few days but just too gung-ho to be MGS. But I dug out the Vita, bought a digital copy of MGS and found a copy of MGS HD on Vita. I had it on PS3 but never actually opened it, but I haven’t really got much time to play stuff at home these days with my work hours and kid so I figured I might actually get somewhere this way. Finally played MG (less said the better) and MG2 (honestly really loved it, MGS is effectively a remake of this). Got through MGS and then got distracted with reading a bit, then got through the Tanker Chapter of MGS2 just before Zelda came out.

Anyway the trailer was shit lol, I knew what it was straight away but how the heck can anyone that knows nothing of MGS get anything from that? I do feel happy the series is back. But I’m just not too sure on how this will go, MGS3 is one of my least favourite MGS titles too so I suppose it’s not a remake that fully appeals to me in its own right. Gameplay is great of course but I’ve never loved Big Boss, hated The Boss and I still feel in terms of story that this is where the series lost its way. Spending the entirety of MGS3 onwards (slight exception of MGS4 but even then it still really has the same focus just through Solid) focusing on BB being sad and angry about The Boss was a turn I never expected and I hated it. I’ll wait to make judgement when we actually see something concrete but I sure won’t be weeping for big mama.


Is that snake from smash bros? Thats poggers fr


Been thinking about doing this. Same problem, not much time to game at home these days but my Vita is just rotting away waiting for me to use it, and I’m extra itchy to play some MGS3 now. How was it? Hows it play on the vita? Maybe that’s a topic for another thread though…


HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s him in all his swampy glory!

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I’m liking it, it is a little awkward getting used to it at first especially the back touchpad (you use it to lean when aiming in first person), but I actually kind of liked it once I got used to it, although I have read some saying they didn’t love it. Had to change controls on MGS1 though as anytime I touched off of that touchpad it opened the item/weapon menu but it was an easy fix.


So I’m half and half on… Delta (is that what we’re calling it?). On one hand it’s one of the best games of all time, the blueprint is right there and seeing what CAPCOM did with Resident Evil 4 recently makes me HOPE that Konami wants to do the same with Snake Eater.

On the other hand, it’s fucking Konami. I haven’t forgotten the shit they took on the franchise following Kojima’s departure. Survive is a joke of a game that sounds like it was inspired by a boring coke session, not any desire to further the franchise.

There’s also part of me that just doesn’t care because it’s Snake Eater. 3 was never my favourite game in the series, I’ve always been a Sons of Liberty guy when it comes to the PS2 games.

Bit of an underwhelming trailer too, but we were spoiled for years with having Kojima direct them. I just expected a little more than some shots of the jungle being the jungle. Snake doesn’t do anything in the trailer to make me care. Don’t get me wrong, I got a massive spike of adrenaline once I realized what it was (it was the electric fence that did it for me haha), but it’s not a trailer I’m in a rush to watch again because bugger all happens in it. Far cry from the Red Band trailers for MGSV.

I’m just a little on the fence regarding this. I think it’s gonna take some gameplay to get me hyped.


I felt / feel the exact same way, nice to be in a place where the only thing I see everywhere isn’t constantly “OMG SNAKE EATER THE GOAT”. Don’t get me wrong I did like it, but I liked MGS1 and 2 far more. I tried to replay MGS3 a good few times and every time I couldn’t even get myself through the Virtuous Mission, I genuinely just found it a bit dull?

The trailer was awful, for all of Kojima’s flaws there are very few people in the industry that do trailers so well (Nomura is the only other one I can think of off the top of my head). Although I did find out it actually has a few easter eggs in it which gives me a little more hope, like seeing the Shagohod being transported in the sky.


Compare that trailer to this

Regardless how anyone feels about MGSV kojima makes GREAT AMVS

now THIS is what they should have showed in ps5 gameplay. I agree it was underwhelming and i dont have a TON of hope, the screenshots is the Biggest thing giving me hope right now

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IGN Japan details (taken from Resetera):

  • Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa are not involved in the remake.

  • On the topic of more remakes in the future; “We will consider remakes of past titles in the series other than ‘METAL GEAR SOLID 3 SNAKE EATER’ while listening to customer feedback.”

  • The remake will be developed mainly by “KONAMI’s development team that was involved in the production of the past ‘METAL GEAR’ series.” As rumored, the Singaporean studio Virtuos is also cooperating.

  • When asked why the third game is being remade instead of the first, KONAMI said that the third game “depicts the episode of the birth of ‘Big Boss’ (Naked Snake), the origin story of the series.”

  • KONAMI has confirmed that the voice actors in the remake will be the same as in the original version.

  • As to whether there are any new gameplay adjustments in the remake, KONAMI responded, "Please wait for a future announcement. KONAMI also did not respond to questions about the game engine used in the remake or when the remake was first developed.

  • As for the multiplayer and online features, KONAMI said, “Please wait for a future announcement” as well.

Possibility of MGO4 or even MGO1 remake / reboot? Must remain calm. Especially as it’s probably nothing and since even if it is something, MGO3 was just so dull and nothing like MGO2.