Metal Gear Solid - Favourite Moments?

It’s 1998. Or 2005, in in-game terms. You just beat Metal Gear Solid for the first time. What sticks with you the most, what moments or story beats, what piece of music or cinematic?

If you’ll indulge me a little, 1998 was a huge year for me. I don’t really remember years before it, I only have hazy memories of life before I was 8. A few flash images of trips to Scotland to see my grandparents, The Jungle Book, the first time I played my MegaDrive (Street Fighter II or Sonic 2 I can’t remember which was first, it was one of those two), my childhood cat.

Then comes 1998 and I’m fully conscious. I am now living. And this little thing called Metal Gear Solid is about to release. I’d never seen a game quite like this one, the presentation was off the charts and it felt like a cooler and rougher James Bond.

My defining memory of MGS1 is one of failure. I failed to sneak through the Warhead Storage building. That music that I posted would becoem the bane of my life. I would dread playing the game, because I just knew that I would get caught and there was no escape from the gas or the freaky new Genome Soldier’s in their yellow bodysuits and gas-masks.

Don’t get me wrong, I have many other moments (and a lot of them involve both failure and the music) but that’s the one that sticks in my head, y’know?


Mine was also one of failure, haha. And sneaking, knocking on walls to attract guards, hiding in a box and the line “who´s footprints are these.” I was in awe, I had never experienced these things in a videogame.
But to get back to the failure, which is my most clear memory from playing Metal Gear Solid for the first time. I was at a friend´s house, and he just got back from US from a trip on his pirate ship. So we were playing the game in black and white on his PAL PSX. Played for hours straight, but couldn´t get past the tank hangar. Problem was because the screen was only black and white, we couldn´t see the blue elevator light… Hah! Silly but that´s something I´ll always remember from that time. And looking for the rat that ate the PAL Key.

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That’s oddly adorable.

I think part of me is still chasing that rat between the sewer grates.

I remember my dad got the demo for MGS1. I think it may have been the Pizza Hut one and went up to the Ocelot fight. I remember him playing it and it looked so cool. Snake, the music, the atmosphere just all great.

When we got the full game even my mom watched us play. I remember whenever I played, I was afraid of the gas airlock in the tank hanger. Always had to wait till dad got home to have him do it for me. Wasn’t a fan of the warhead storage either. I disliked poison gas can you tell?


Haha Kojima should be on trial for how tense he made all the moments with poison gas. I died so many times to the lasers on the exit to the Vulcan Raven/Abrams fight.

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Yeah the architect of Shadow Moses was kind of a jerk.

"Hello, President Baker? Hey it’s the architect for your new disposal site on Shadow Moses. I had a few questions I wanted to clarify before we proceed with construction. First off I’m seeing in B1 of the tank hanger you’re wanting us to install a table that can give high amounts of electric shocks to people?

Uh huh…used for surgery and resuscitation? Alright. Also you’re wanting some trap doors in B2? Sure we can do it. Also the entrance to the tank hanger you said you wanted an air lock. It says on the plans here the door is supposed to be level 5 but the exit door is only level 2? That correct? Ok seems odd to me but we’ll do it.

Also we’re putting the executive offices beneath the stored nuclear warheads? Is that safe? Like should they be off by themselves or…? No just down there? Ok. Also on B2 of the storage building, you’ve requested…let me see here… a giant electrified floor with it’s own ventilation system that has a poison gas hookup? What’s going down there if I may ask?

Scientist offices and labs? It’s there to help with mandatory overtime? I see. And you’re also wanting a secret passage from the executive suites to the communication towers? Well we’d have to go through some caves that have wolves in them.

Ok we can make it barebones. Like you may have to crawl in some areas to get to the towers. By the way one of your towers has an elevator, do you want me to add one to the other?

Just Tower B gets the elevator? I mean it’s about 25-30 floors so I’m just concerned about an emergency and needing to get to the top or bottom of Tower A in a hurry.

Build a bridge halfway up between the two? Wouldn’t that be more expensive? Plus one of the doors would freeze a lot.

No, we’ll add the connecting bridge.

Yeah I wanted to clarify the amount of gun turrets in the sewage area. I assume it was a misprint on the…

No you actually wanted that many? Seems a comical amount but alright. Lastly you wanted me to ask you about security in the control room of the place called “maintainence area” on the blueprints. Small area but very important? Not sure what to do to keep it secure? Well how about gas? With how much we’re already buying I imagine we could get a buy in bulk discount.

Yes I think it’ll work as well. More cameras and gas is a lower payroll for guards too.

Yes thank you, goodbye…Mr President."

goes off to buy stock in DuPont with knowledge of the toxic gas uptick


One of my favorite MGS moments is when Solid and Otacon have that emotional ass handshake after EE’s death. Such a good moment in the series.


Ah the most epic handshake in gaming!

I’ve always really loved the chase at the end of MGS1, really ticked all the boxes for me. As such, the chase in MGS3 took it to a whole new level. Absolutely love these sequences.

HAHAHAHHAHA this was excellent. I think Shadow Moses and the Police Precinct in RE2 are neck and neck for downright ODD choices in construction and decor lol

Absolutely classic moment. You can feel these guys are brothers until the end, no matter what the circumstance.

Also, WELCOME to Metal Gear Legacy, MGSDELTA! You should make an introduction topic in member announcements so we can get to know you better! Appreciate you signing up!

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it is pretty amazing that these 2 dudes pretty much opposites of eachother become brothers like this. I’ve always loved it too.

speaking of mgs2,mostly any scene with “Plisken” walking around in his seal team get up. god he looks so cool, i wish that was an unlockable costume for the tanker!

the whole AI conversation, as a adult is just soo fun to listen to!


I didn’t really understand what Snake was really saying here until I discovered I was an artist in my late 20s. Still rocked me to my core, but I kinda took the wrong lessons from it for a long time. This might be the single most influential piece of media I’ve ever seen.


Missed opportunity. Infiltrating the tanker in the seal boarding part kit would have been so much fun. USP, M4, MP5SD. Yeah.

(SEAL VBSS, what the Seals in MGS2 are based on).


Isn’t the SEAL outfit unlockable for him in the Substance VR missions? I know it’s not the same though haha. Would have been dope to have it in the story since Snake looks such a badass wearing it!


I’ve often toyed with doing a cosplay of Snake as Iroquois Plisken. Speaking of favorite moments, that entire game from when Iroquois shows up and sticks to his charade is up there for me too.

100% agree with that statement. The final chapter of MGS2 is just on a whole other level.

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“No! That is not Solid Snake!”


I’m still not sure that I do. It took until my 20’s really to even grasp the enormity of the call with The Patriots before the Solidus fight that Sad posted.

Also, have any of you guys seen this cutscene before?


I feel like I’ve seen it once before but it also feels new to me, very interesting nonetheless!

I saw it years ago, but never in game. It only plays if you don´t pick up the SOCOM.
I guess we all picked up the SOCOM without considering going through bare knuckles and missed the cutscene, haha.


I thought at the end, “This proves video games could be art.”

The atmosphere. You really felt like you were playing in a movie. The CODEC calls actually felt like a performance rather than VO’s phoning it in. The characters were unique. Meryl had a legitimate character arc. Intrigue and despair, not knowing who to trust.

Honestly, the big moment for me was when you got in the freight elevator and the weight limit went off, and the slowly dawning realization while talking to Otacon that you were not alone. The first time it happened to me, I legitimately got a cold feeling in my gut, “OH SHIT NO!”


“I thought at the end, ‘This proves videogames could be art’”

100% my feeling way back when too. I’ve been playing videogames all my life, but MGS1 was the first one that made me stop and think. Not just about what was happening in the game, but about myself and my place in the world, the weight of history and politics.

1997-1998 was such a huge leap forward in terms of storytelling in videogaming. That’s the year, that yes, they became capable of being art, not just fun for a few hours.