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A thread DEDICATED to the best Metal Gear installment of all time!

How did you guys like MGR? Have you played all the DLC? Remember, if you’re playing it on PS3 - Get that DLC ASAP because it’ll be gone in August.

This game offers an insane amount of replayability in my opinion. I really get a lot of satisfaction out of the kind of hack and slash it offers and it feels almost untouched even now.


I’ve replayed up until the blade wolf fight on pc, looks a bit dated now, location wise but thiis is alot of fun. Guess the geometry had to be low for all that cutting. It truly is a fantastic hack and slash and isn’t given the probs it deserves

I recently replayed Revengers a few months ago and forgot how much fun the boss fights are. Seriously, Monsoon’s boss fight is a straight up adrenaline rush from start to finish.

Some parts get a bit same-y for me, since there’s not a lot of variety in the basic enemies or environments, due to the processor limitations. But moment to moment, it’s just so fun and keeps moving at such a steady pace that it’s an absolute blast to blaze through. If ever there were an action game I was jonesing to see a sequel for, it’d be this bad boy.


when you really think about it, it’s kind of amazing they made a whole game out of it.

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Word. It’s even more amazing when you realize what a clusterfuck the game was during development. It straight up almost got cancelled because KJP didn’t know what they were doing with this game initially. Platinum basically had to come at the last second and save the entire project, keeping only the zan datsu hack-y slice-y goodness.

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For lack of a better word this is a fucking miracle baby, it had no right to be as fun and over the top as it was. secretly the most entertaining MGS game ever MADE…maybe . i really hope we get some hd versions of it. or atleast a sequel at some point

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Word up to that, my dude. Platinum has said they’re down to make another one. And the original director of MGSR who had to can the project has also said he’d love to one day make the hunter stealth action game he initially envisioned too. I also unironically love Revengers’ end credits theme:

One day we’ll get it, did it sell enough to ever consider a sequel?

It over-performed, selling more than 2.2 million copies across PS3 and Steam alone, not counting PS3 digital sales or Xbox sales. It not only sold more than any non-KJP MGS game, it sold more than Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes. By all accounts, it was a resounding success and would definitely warrant a sequel, given how well it did. The OG director and the lead from Platinum have expressed a great deal of desire to jump back in, but it’s all Konami’s higher ups being like, “Nah. We good.”


Revengance’s soundtrack is phenomenal across the board tbh. Totally fits with Raiden to have some JP Techno Metal and it really just hammers home the themes of boss battles or, more simply, making you feel invincible against the hordes of Zandatsu ready foes.


mistral’s japanese trailer still turns me on

:20-:35 so sexy

games godlike, vanquish meets metal gear. Id love a sequel

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The way she is just that iconic. Love her boss fight and music so much.

God MGR had some amazing boss battles. Really fucking vividly remember getting so riled with Monsoon the first time I fought him but it’s just such a good fight anyway.

This is one of the very few Metal Gear games I never played and I kind of regret not jumping on it when it was hot.

Worth playing all these years later?

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I’d say definitely. It’s not your usual genre, sure, but in the hack and slash genre I genuinely think it’s one of if not the best. Everything just feels so natural and tight gameplay wise with a lot of cool sequences.

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Hmm, I’m thinking I need to get a copy on the cheap then.

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It plays phenomenally well. Its boss fights are some of the best I’ve ever encountered in the genre. There’s a modest amount of variety in the mini-bosses and the combat is just deliciously fluid and fun to slash through. And it’s only 7-8 hours long, so it’s not a huge time sink either.

parry kind of breaks the game, but its so satisfying. the vr missions are dope too

Forgot about these. Yeah, they’re really fun. Especially enjoyed trying to do them all in best times for the platinum (I think I have one or two left to do which I WILL go back to one day!)

Oh yeah baby, it’s all coming together. Bring back the Konami-Platinum Games partnership! I can only subside on MGR and Astral Chain for so long!


Still didn’t play this. I might give it a go when I find it. I always thought it would be a weak slasher, guess not after reading these comments.