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Hope it’s OK to make this thread, was gonna post about something in the normal chat thread but I guess the point of that is just whatever keeps the flow going and is more random and off topic, this can be handy for anyone just wanting to talk about anything particular to do with gaming or games.

Saw this on Twitter, it’s a chart showing the net revenue TakeTwo are receiving from the GTA series (predominantly covered after 2013/2014 by GTAV sales and GTA: Online income).

I knew GTAV and GTAO were pure behemoths for making money for TakeTwo (especially GTAO), and is the unfortunate reason why we’re unlikely to see stuff like single-player DLC for Rockstar games like GTA or RDR again (and why we won’t see the next RDR game for a lot longer than would have been the case otherwise), but just looking at the figures is insane.

In the last financial year they’ve made nearly a billion Dollars. And again this isn’t income, this is NET revenue, for a game that first came out 8 years ago. In the 5 years before the last financial year, they’ve made nearly 3/4ths of a billion Dollars each time. Rockstar have just announced that the PS5 and XSX versions of GTAO will release this November so you can guarantee this train has no chance of stopping any time soon.


Depressing, isn’t it? We will never have an era of titles like Manhunt, Bully, The Warriors and Max Payne again. And when you look at these figures you really can’t blame R* or TakeTwo. This is the state of zoomers and one of the reasons the best years for video games are long gone.


mfer those are quarters don’t write “4ths”

Never really understood sinking money into GTAO like this but then again I’ve hardly touched GTAV in general so I guess I’m definitely not the whale Rockstar wants me to be. When are they dropping The Warriors Online or Bully Online? I’ll be waiting.


Real talk. It’s wild how the quality of gaming has degraded with the advent of pay-to-win, in game currencies, and lootboxes. Rockstar went from putting a game out every year or so to basically putting out two games in the last decade. I hate to say it but I think we lived though and are passed the golden era of gaming and I can’t really blame publishers, it’s pure capitalism. It makes sense.

I say it all the time, but I’ll be damned if it ain’t true - money beats soul.

Not surprised. We’ll be having GTAO on every console release. The question is do you think Rockstar will just abandon this platform once GTAVI drops? Will they integrate it somehow? Will there even BE a GTAVI at this point?

Same, which is why I’ve probably hacked tens of trillions of dollars into the game. I’ll be damned if I’m paying Rockstar anymore cash, and for stupid digital currency at that.

The Jackals and I have thousands of hours in GTAO, it’s undeniably fun and being dropped into a huge sandbox like that with your buddies is unparalleled. Especially when playing with a hack, you’re basically a demi-god. Granted, we didn’t start using hacks until very late in the game’s life cycle. Early on it was all in game glitches and such to manipulate the economy, now it’s anything I desire at the press of a button.

It’s really turned GTAO into a Garry’s Mod-esque experience, as you can really get up to some ridiculous stuff and I think that type of fun is where GTA really shines. Just pure chaos with your buddies. To that end, I think the currency and economy they’ve implemented into GTAO is really counterintuitive to that unrestricted fun that is possible in the game, which is why we circumnavigate it. They make you do all these incredibly tedious time restricted tasks IN PUBLIC LOBBIES to make big money, it really takes the fun out of it, being constantly swarmed by children and griefers. That’s not the experience I want in a game, so I cheat my way out of it and behold, GTA really shines when there’s no rules.

All that said, with games I really, really enjoy I don’t mind buying DLC to support the devs. Rising Storm 2 comes to mind. It’s one of the few FPS games that strikes the balance between realistic shooters like Arma and arcade stuff like Battlefield and COD, so when I can I try to support those devs. Rockstar though, despite spending all that time on their game, I could never shake the feeling I was just being nickle and dimed at every turn in GTAO and RDR2, so I refuse to give them any cash.

I didn’t know I wanted this until now. I fucking loved that game. It might be my favorite R* title after Red Dead and Vice City.

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facts, ps2 was the last good era


I don’t know when I consider the best time, I do think the ps4 era was kinda sparse but for a while i think we got some killer games, COD4, GTA IV, MGS4, bioshock, Mass Effect, re5. i really love this time period tbh.

I think gaming is definitely a lot more focused on big titles now. There’s less focus on the more obscure games and stuff from further afield and especially during PS3/X360 era we got to a point where you had things that defined what a large amount of studios aimed for in their games with the huge FPS trend. We have since had the RPG / open world trend (Ubisoft have definitely been a big part of the homogenisation of this) which leaves us with a lot of games having open world sections that just don’t fit. So I don’t love that, it leaves you with more mediocre titles and games that don’t seem to have their own identity or know where they’re going.

But I can’t say that I think gaming is necessarily bad or significantly worse now. We have exposure to smaller / indie titles and studios which we never really ever had before which have given us some great games. But we’ve had since that era titles like Red Dead Redemption, Souls, Mass Effect, Dishonored, LittleBigPlanet, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Fallout New Vegas, Hotline Miami, Tetris Effect, The Last Guardian, Undertale, Ori, Sea of Thieves, Spiderman, Celeste, Titanfall, Breath of the Wild, and those are just a few. Some of these are some of my favourite games of all time and ones I’ve put countless hours into.

Gaming has changed no doubt, getting a time where you have titles as big and influential as MGS, Half Life, Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Red/Blue, Fallout 2 all release in the same year is probably never going to happen in the modern era. But people also forget that a lot of games from that time were so influential because that’s when gaming really began to find a place amongst the masses and where it began to very steadily move towards becoming the juggernaut of a medium that it is now. With how many generations down the line now it’s rare you’ll have that many games that are so influential on their own. You can certainly make an argument for the likes of Red Dead / GTA, COD4, BOTW, and a few others as they did have that impact, but because so many trends and features for nearly all genres have been present for so many years and we’re at a point of diminishing returns now compared to the incredible significance of moving to the 3D gaming space in the 90’s, it would be hard for it to have the same effect and so you’re mostly looking at games trying to improve on a formula, but there are newer and unique genres and titles that have appeared over the last decade or so that have mixed things up and that try to break out from the rigidity of simply being another RPG or FPS or something else and I think gaming still has plenty left to offer.

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I played it to the point of the disc being ruined when I was younger. Immensely fun gameplay and just a great property for Rockstar to work with. As of my birthday last year I now own a replica Warriors jacket so maybe I’ll take to the streets and LIVE the sequel myself.

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I just think the era of gaming you grow up with just happens to be the best somehow. I’m sure if I were 14-18 right now id probably think, in terms of options, this is the best time for gaming ever, Maybe Neir Automata is my “metal gear” and RE8 is my “RE4” Valorant is my “counterstrike/cod”. I’ve just been thinking about it, a bit more. I completely Agree with you @NateDog . It’s like old heads that only like their era of music, you know.

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Get with the times old men! Gaming is SICK!

For real though I agree to an extent about a decline in choice and quality, it’s nearly objectively correct. With larger budgets allocated to the games you want/dream of these days, so are longer development cycles and more false “justification” for secondary monetary gains like microtransactions. It sucks so much, but you often still get a wide/good choice of products at the end of that era. I’m finding myself going back to PS3 and Vita right now and playing through a bunch of the catalogue which I would have never bought at full price or I’d moved onto PS4 by the time it came out.

I think the most interesting thing about these generations is the gradual evolution/devolution of certain properties, the catering towards particular markets and the innovation they undertake to remain a relevant franchise. Hitman did something which everybody expected to hate perfectly and it’s probably one of the best ever stealth titles on the PS4, deservedly getting a great sales figure and reception but not beating out the big franchise names. Pokemon SwoShi did nothing, people hated it but it still sold buckets.


it’s true, every now and then a game is bold enough to break the established Corporation stigma. Nobody in the dumb gamin press thought demon souls would have caught on and look at it now. it’s almost like now from games are your stripes as a gamer, YES IM ELITE AS A MUG! every now and then some challenges the established market and i cant wait for the next. Hopefully VR will hit big one day.

I think that there are games that are good, but nothing has been incredible for me. Maybe it will be that way for the younger generation tho, theyll look back at now as the golden age etc

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Of course, i was watching a video where folks are saying the golden days of gaming was during Black ops 4, that was just like 3 years ago. Kids already nostalgia tripping!

Imagine saying this when Blops4 was objectively extremely shit. Game didn’t even have a fucking campaign! Didn’t even have a full set of Zombies maps!


Homie, I KNOW, but if you’re like 13-16 when that game was the rage you can understand the crap tastes. they havent even developed tastes LOL. only person i know who bought BLOPS 4 was @NickRocks and he hates video games.


i love call of duty, i have bought every one since mw2-mw2019. cold war was the first one i didnt buy lol

blops4 was pretty bad but i think the worst cods were advanced warfare followed by ww2

Yeah it’s probably a lil too late in cod’s life cycle to get it, although their new big zombie map is out next week.

Just dusted off the PS Vita, what are some good titles to play on it?

It IS on sale quite frequently thought.

If you like Metal Gear 2 or Ghost Babel, give UnMetal a whirl. I’m still waiting for its PC and PS4 release, but it’s out on Vita now:


This…looks fantastic!

I think this is maybe exactly what I’m looking for.

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