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Has anyone tried the FFXVI demo yet?

Don’t think I need to, reckon I’m pretty much sold on the game already.

From what I´ve seen I love the gameplay, graphics. Being able to play as summons looks sick. I´m just not feeling the medieval theme… For now.

I was going to skip it, but since I read it’s the prologue and that progress carries into the main game I might as well play it. Impressions seem good so far, unfortunately for me fell on a week where I have only time to get home and sleep before returning for work but will hopefully get to try it at the weekend.

I’m going to give it a go this evening.

OK, so I did end up playing the demo. No story spoilers but I’ll hide my thoughts for people who want to go in with a super clean slate:

  • This has the potential to be the best FF game since the PS2 era. It’s laid the groundwork for something very epic, but there’s a lot of work to be done yet to live up to that potential.
  • They’ve clearly deliberately set out to make this the most cinematic game in the series. It’s visually incredibly impressive, although I reckon I spent about 1/3 of the demo actually playing the game, and 2/3s watching shit happen. Might put off some people.
  • Combat is promising, but repetitive at this early stage. Clearly need to unlock more skills/combos to fully flesh it out
  • There’s enough lore here to make your eyes bleed. Maybe too much for some (there’s so much to wrap your head around), but if you’re a fan of a world that is a rich tapestry of history and intrigue, this will be a treat.
  • Not sure “summon” fights will be much fun; the Phoenix vs. Ifrit battle was visually spectacular but probably the least fun boss battle in the demo
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Interesting. I didn´t play any FF after FFX, except FFVII Remake, but sounds promising.

Does anyone of you have the pixel collection?

Pffft can´t wait for this game. 2024 is gonna be great for me, if Hades 2 and Death Stranding 2 also release. Plus, the backlog. :sweat_smile:
Very eager to (re)explore the world outside Midgar.

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This looks like it’s going to be FF7 Remake on steroids, there’s no much going on in that trailer. Looks like a proper time sink and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Same. Gonna be an incredible nostalgia trip. The Gold Saucer is gonna be crazy. :sweat_smile: Japanese arcade hall overload.

Wow it looks amazing. Only gripe is Vincent’s VA sounds so dull, was hoping for something that stood out a bit more. Also not sure if it’s just me but Sephiroth’s VA sounds different in the trailer apart from at the very end? Although maybe that’s intentional to differentiate between pre-Nibelheim and post-Nibelheim Sephiroth.

But I really didn’t expect this to look so open as it does with so much crammed into it. The section post Midgar is my favourite in the game so I’m looking forward to it.

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Why are you dressed like that?

…Like what?

It sounds like Mercer is making him a bit more vampiric compared to Blum’s somewhat Snake-sounding edgelord, but honestly I’d want him to sound a bit cooler lmao. Guess we’ll see what his performance is like in the end. Nothing can compare to the disappointment of Caleb Pierce’s Zack at least.



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Trying very hard to ignore all trailers and info in the run up to release but it’s difficult. Haven’t really played anything big since FFXVI in the summer(apart from replaying MGS games which doesn’t count to me) so really looking forward to this.

Haha. I tried… There was another new gameplay trailer that I regret clicking on. I only saw like 20 seconds of it when I was fast forwarding through, and saw a new gameplay element that wasn´t in the original or remake. :sleepy: Not opening trailers from now on.

Yeah I’m going media blackout on this one too. I’ve seen plenty enough to be excited…although that was true from playing Remake alone and not watching any trailers lmao

So who´s played the Rebirth demo?

I actually think I’ll hold off. It’s not like I’m still on the fence about whether I’ll be playing this game on release.

Same. Was just curious. It´s only three weeks now.

I’ve been on a blackout but I am going to play this given the Nibelheim section progress carries over. I know at best my copy is arriving at least 2 days late so I’ll need to get any jump on things that I can especially as I’ll likely take months to get the required time to finish this.