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Maybe I will play it through then. I played the start of FFXVI in the demo and it was kind of nice to do the “tutorial” and then wait for the game’s release.

Yeah I liked that too. Really liked the extra little bit in the castle with the boss battle (although that didn’t carry over as you were given abilities that you wouldn’t have at that point in the main game). Was a great insight into combat.

That’s another reason why I’m happy to play this too, I only finished Intermission a few months ago but I tried to play Remake again a bit and had completely forgotten how to use Cloud so I really want to brush up.

Think there’s a Junon section being added in an update in a few weeks but I’ll leave that as it doesn’t carry over and will be condensed compared to the final game.

I hadn’t anticipated that I’d spend full price on this (I was going to wait for a sale) but FF7R was an absolute treat 4 years ago and the closer this gets to release, but more excited I’m starting to get.

I’m still nervously skeptical as to what they’re planning on doing with the story.

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I´ve been doing this for years now. Actually 7 Remake is the only game in that period that I bought shortly after the release and the reason I bought a PS4 and started gaming again. Rebirth will be my first pre-order, ever probably. Buying a game at release, such a moment would take me back to early PS3 era. Been anticipating this game so much. And I got a €45 coupon for my birthday. :eyes:

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Anyone end up playing the demo then? Liked a lot of aspects of it. Combat still feels fun despite limited enemies, the options you have with the piano minigame have a ridiculous amount of depth and I felt like a lot of the initial scenes in Nibelheim were done really well (especially Cloud going back to see his mother, it felt like it was a perfect translation of the original scene).

However I will say that the Mount Nibel section was pretty annoying. Slow walking sections including walking/crawling through gaps again, and just a lot of filler once again. I hope there’ll be a lot less of that in the main game because I found it frustrating in Remake.

Just got done with it. I thought it was a really great rendition of the Nibelheim Incident. Leaves questions but does a lot of legwork in explaining Cloud and Sephiroth’s relationship. The environments were all done really well too.

Demo spoilers:

Playing as Sephiroth was cool but I don’t think anything comes close to conveying just how badass he is gameplay wise to that encounter in the original FF7 where he’s in your party and one shots that enemy you can’t dent. On some level I feel like maybe he shouldn’t be playable but I understand why they’ve done it.

It felt like I wasn’t really forced to walk slowly at all so long as I was following Tifa? All felt quite streamlined. I actually didn’t even sprint for most of it and it still felt quite speedy to me.

Even just in areas around the main area it felt like you were encouraged to explore then it slowed up, also the bloody tight wall gap thing, I get why it’s done but surely loading can be done in a better manner. The thing with the mako bursts was painful too. I’m hopeful we won’t see too much of that in the full game when we get to the open world though.

Agree with your spoilered section too, a nice idea but the small section in the flashback in the original is perfect for the impact it has. I really hope they don’t change the Midgar Zolom section where you come back to it later on and find Sephiroth has impaled it. It’s perfect as it is so I don’t want any cutscene where you see it happening or anything.

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Why though? I don´t, except for fan service? Maybe. Agree with everything else you guys said.

I think making him playable, and after Crisis Core remake more “likeable” even, now makes him less mysterious, or badass. Bad ass isn´t the right word, but my English is too limited I guess lol. In the original he was always coming and going, untouchable, invincible. @NateDog really hits the nail on the head; in the original you and your crew can´t even make a dent in the Midgar Zolom, while Sephiroth casually offs him with the Masamune. As a kid I was in awe. I do hope they leave that part.

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16 was great. Top shit. Every other Final Fantasy game is just absolutely not my thing.

Been playing a little bit of Final Fantasy 7 OG in preparation for Rebirth. Want to refamiliarise myself with the story (in particular the Cloud/Zack stuff which I’ve forgotten the specifics of) before diving into the new game.

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