Death Stranding 2: On The Beach

The trailer for Death Stranding 2 (DS2) is here and was shown and announced at The Game Awards. Currently with no release date or time frame to my knowledge, but it’s coming.

Looks like there’s a baby again!


If it’s only for ps5 this will be the catalyst for my breakthrough into current gen. I’m excited, i plat’ed the original, it came out in a time where i was fed up of all the AAA games and i hope this one can recapture some of that ZEN feeling i got with the 1st

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I’ve not even played the first, but hoping to rectify that soon.

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Same here. This year I’m finally getting a PS5. Bust not sure when.

And Death Stranding 1 is one of the games I’m starting next.

Guess we’ll see DS2 news at Playstation Showcase.

Now that I´ve finished Death Stranding, speculating about the DS2 trailer.

Possible DS spoilers

It looks like the first part of the trailer is a prequel, or set before the events of Death Stranding. Basing this purely on the fact that Fragile´s skin looks clean like a 20 year old, while in DS all her skin except for her face looks like the skin of a 90 year old because of what Higgs did. She´s also running away on a very primitive looking bike.

Then we see what looks like her new company? Drawbridge. Then a much older looking Sam.
In the end I think we see Higgs taking off the mask.
Him and Fragile are the only “old” actors we see credited in the trailer.
So I wonder what happened to Cliff, who should still be out there. As well as the other old characters.

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It’s safe to say that I am massively excited for this since I’ve finished with Death Stranding. Kojima’s new “2” and I’m really hopeful that it’s just as fresh, bold, and elevated as MGS2 was compared to MGS1. While I loved DS’s gameplay I really do hope this goes in a brave new direction, and I have faith given what Kojima’s said about completely rewriting the game following covid so that he doesn’t ‘predict the future’ again or whatever he said lmfao

I really don’t think that’s the case.

I get your train of thought but it’s more likely Kojima has chickened out from the reality of his female lead having a massively wrinkled body. Seems his money isn’t where his mouth is when it comes to not treating Fragile as lesser for her disfigurement.

I think evidence that that segment is a sequel is that not only is she seemingly playing with Louise, with Louise’s old BB pod visible, but Sam’s dreamcatcher is also hanging from the ceiling. And perhaps more decisively the following scene with a (very clearly) post-DS Sam shows Fragile with the same shorter hairstyle that she was sporting in the first section, rather than her DS1 style.

This though I definitely agree with. Exciting!

Any thoughts on why Sam’s hair is now white? Kojima hitting us with the “Old Sam” without having to wait for DS4 lol.


Yeah, I suppose you´re right. Guess I was too excited to thouroughly analyse it all, lol.

And yeah, Sam´s hair. No idea. Maybe he just got old. Or some contamination in the water in his safehouse.

This one´s for you.

I peed on your pole (:roy:) Also buffed (:roy:) it up and gave it a nice gold shine.

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Thinking this could also be Bridget/Amelie :thinking:

you guys are lucky to find eachother, When i played i dont think i saw one person from my friend’s list at all! I’m excited for ds2 and i hope more friend stuff is incorporated. I can wait to join Dirty Duck’s terrorist group, Eggplant!

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Heh, I remember saying how I didn´t like all the signs other people put up. Now I wish there was maybe a bit more interaction with other players. Especially people in your friends list. Like sharing safehouses and stuff. I came across Duck and someone else in my list´s structures a few times now, but not before this week. And very random. Duck, your structures look like shit btw. Step your game up.

I agree, in DS2 it would be nice to have more of this. Although like I said. The UCA is already connected, so not sure how much travelling and delivering there will be left to do in DS2.

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maybe i’ll the ps5 version and hope to get instanced in with you guys, guessing there’s some kinda NA/europe server split though.

That was crazy. :heart_eyes:


This and kojima’s announcement of a new espionage game…Makes me think. All I’m saying I’m insanely more hyped for this and kojima’s future than that mgs3 remake


Makes me think about Kojima´s well being and future as well. Lol. He´s gonna be overworked.

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Just realised Higgs´ guitar strumming is Lou´s lullaby from DS1…

Character design is off the charts.

The subtitle sounds like it belongs in a The Sims expansion or a restaurant management sim.


This is exactly what I thought. Sims in hula skirts and with flower boas around their necks.


Blasphemy! Sounds to me like you chaps should start DS1 immediately.

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