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I’m currently back on a small AC Hype again, plugging the gaps with the games I’ve missed (Unity and the recent RPG style trilogy) and keeping up with news. Announcements coming up with this series are fucking nuts right now. I’ll link all the trailers for announcements made for this franchise:

Amongst these recent announcements, Codename Red (a feudal Japan Assassin’s Creed game (finally!!)) and Codename Hexe do not have full trailers.

Some Assassin’s Creed Jade gameplay leaked recently. Spoilers below:

(Skip to about 3:00 for gameplay)

I really, genuinely cannot believe that this game is going to be for mobile. Just fucking wow. Ancient Chinese dynastic eras are being SHAFTED by this franchise! There’s so much potential in all of them and one of my favourite potential locations for an actual Assassin’s Creed game. I’ll inevitably play when it drops - but I cannot promise I shall not be sobbing at the missed opportunity.

I’m honesty probably equally excited by all these announcements though - potentially using artefacts and ancient witchcraft in Hexe, being a shinobi in Japan and going back to the series’ routes with Mirage (which is hopefully packaged with an AC1 remaster if rumours are true) all sound like fucking great, diverse times and periods to play in (not you, Jade).

Anyone got any thoughts? Or do you think AC stinks?


I’m most intrigued by Codename Hexe, rumour has it is that it’s gonna be set in 16th century Germany during the witch trials, which is an absolute vibe. Not such a vibe for the 80,000 people that were executed.

Ghost of Tsushima has already satiated my lust for feudal Japan shenanigans, not really arsed about diving back into that era.

I have an love/hate relationship with Assassin’s Creed. I’ve skipped many games. I’ve played AC1, AC2, AC Unity, AC Syndicate, AC Origins and AC Odyssey. A real mish-mash of random games, half of which I’ve enjoyed.


Heard the same thing. That’s such a unique setting for an AC game too, and I’m excited to see how much Ubisoft are keen to dive into the culture of the occult considering the recent DLC with all of the Viking and Egyptian Gods and such. I’m really excited lmao.

Honestly, I’d recommend playing Black Flag. I don’t know if you’ve already tried it but it’s one of my favourites and seems to really divide audiences. Would like to hear your take tbh. Ship combat (at the time) was undoubtedly a groundbreakingly addictive approach to sailing mechanics in video gamea, largely repurposed from some selected missions in Assassin’s Creed III, which is an absolute banger and deserved more praise than it ever got.

I have to admit, I feel largely the same. A big part of me is really excited, and then another says “It’s been so long since I wanted it originally and have satiated that hunger since.” Adding the absolute insult of Jade being mobile only (still mad) really kills hype I feel like I should have.

you know it kind of annoys me that the’ve taken this long to explore Japan but it’s probably conscious decision. Fans have been talking about this kind of stuff ever since AC2 and look how long it’s taken them? I’ll be looking and waiting to see how this plays out.

My patience with Assassin’s Creed finally ran out with Odyssey. I played half the game and couldn’t complete it. Up until that point I’d never not complete a release.

I played some of Valhalla and despite being intrigued by the story, ultimately I didn’t care because it wasn’t about assassin’s.

I hope Mirage is good and Hexe. The mobile stuff I couldn’t care less about really.

Yeah Max actually told me about this - I’ve heard nothing but negativity with Odyssey. What was it that grinded your gears so much?

I am extremely tired of this shit in Assassin’s Creed.

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It’s difficult to explain, but I think I was just overloaded in the worst way possible. Tons of cookie-cutter quests that were boring as fuck, some of them even baked into the main quest line.

I remember there was one quest where you had to constantly do the same thing over and over again about 15-20 times before it registered as complete. And I mean the exact same thing, not something like it - you had to infiltrate a camp, and knock off the leader and liberate it.

After each time you went back to the guy, he acknowledged it, gave you some XP, then you had to do it again. It was just insane. I know that a part of it may have been optional up until a point, but still - it’s lazy as fuck. Optional side quests don’t all need to be generic grindfests.

Anyways, that extended to the entire game really.

Assassin’s Creed is one of the most iconic franchises of the PS3/Xbox 360 generation without a doubt. I remember when every new release was an EVENT.

Ezio for Smash!

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AC2 was the only game I platinumed on the PS3 and Brotherhood would have been the second if it wasn’t for that damned “Extreme Variety” trophy. I adored those two games and I think Brotherhood’s online mode is my favourite non-cooperative multiplayer experience ever. I’d burn down every panda sanctuary in the world to have something similar again.

I gave up on the series after AC3. Where’s Charles Lee memes aside I mostly enjoyed it but I don’t recall being blown away by anything post-Hatham. I also think AC3 is the first game I experienced a game at launch being bugged to high heavens and needing a big patch immediately.

That being said I think I didn’t enjoy AC3 as much because Revelations left such a bad taste in my mouth. I absolutely hated that game. It felt so half-arsed and lacking in content compared to Brotherhood. They just re-skinned Rome with a different colour pallette, took away interesting/memorable antagonists and shoved in a tower defense game. I believe some of those who did like it only do so because the Altair stuff tickles their nostalgia balls.

I don’t think I finished the game. I definitely don’t remember any real world story. Whereas the end of Brotherhood was something else.

I have no appetite to play any AC games anymore even though a work friend of mine whose opinion I do value highly shouts at me for never playing Black Flag.

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Omg thats because its fucking TRASH. Most of the Desmond segments are stupid first person platforming levels inside the animus (i.e - a lazy excuse to have totally untextured blocks and zero effort).

Mine too, I’ve spoke about this with Max a lot and it’s definitely seen as an artefact of its time, in the game becauss multiplayer was seen as a weird requirement for games relesed in that era. Honestly, what a unique gameplay mode that was. I would really recommend you grabbing Black Flag on PS4 just for the multiplayer alone, as it’s another title with the same game modes and one which is definitely one of the most polished experiences.

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AC Odyssey was far, far too big. In terms of actual map size, getting around the place was actually a chore. 2017 really was around the time when open world games were getting silly. Pretty environments but we nothing in them. The world needed to be a lot denser.

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So I’m gonna take the liberty of bumping this post because of:

I ain’t gonna lie. This looks insanely dope and everything I’ve heard about Mirage sounds right up my alley. By the end of Valhalla I was at my wits end with the series, ready to just say goodbye to it. The last two games are just too fucking long and repetitive (especially Odyssey, god I was sick of that game before I left Kephallonia) so to have a shorter and more parkour focused AC game sounds like heaven to my ears. Really dig the Baghdad setting too, and it’s super cool that we finally have a game with a returning protagonist, if Basim even counts as that given we played as him for like 10 minutes if that.

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You feel the same as me I think. I never even finished Valhalla to be honest, it just lost the essence of the series for me.

Mirage is very promising. Here’s hoping.

it just lost the essence of the series for me

Same here man. I play these games to get immersed in a historical setting and have my mind blown with sci-fi weirdness, not to fight ancient gods and monsters, or hunt down pieces of armour or swords. They really moved away from the things I like about the series along the way (social stealth, interesting and diverse settings) starting with Origins. I still enjoyed Origins, but it just felt so different. Then Odyssey was barely an AC game at all and Valhalla barely paid lip service to it.

Mirage looks like what I’m looking for out of an AC game.

Yeah I’m really excited for Mirage. The animations look a bit dated and it looks straight like it’s running on PS3 hardware lets be real, hahahahah. But this still feels really like a huge step for the franchise and it’s one which excites me a lot. AC, I’m happy to say, is one of my all-time favourite franchises, despite not completing the 3 most recent entries (or even playing Odyssey and Valhalla), but since the first AC’s launch I’ve felt such a profound love for it.

From the trailer it looks like the game still has a little polish to go! But I’m excited nonetheless.

Yeah this is actually one of the parts of it I’m most excited for. It not only feels like it’s going to parallel AC1 with Jerusalem and Damascus considering it’s also in Iraq, but it feels like it’s a really unique setting for a modern open world game, one I wouldn’t expect considering it’s neither a capital city or a tourist hotspot.

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The animations remind me of Unity more than anything else, which is a good thing in my book even if Arno occasionally refused to climb the exact way I wanted him to. Hopefully Basim will be a bit more obedient haha.

Couple of months extra polish and it should be golden.

Also it’s really dope that it’s priced at £50 for the deluxe edition. I can typically only afford one new game every once in a while since the default became £60-70, so it’s a cool feeling to know I’ll be able to afford it close to launch without really having to worry about the money.

It’s a nice feeling to actually be looking forward to a game in this series again.

AC kinda took over as my “main” gaming franchise after MGSV happened, I’ve got a lot of affection for this series. Helps that I’m a history nut, I guess. It’s been tested at times (looking at you, Odyssey/Mercenary Creed and Valhalla/Vikings Creed) but it’s always gonna be a series that I go back to if I think the setting is interesting enough.

Like you said, it had strong AC1 vibes what with it being set in the Middle East.

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I’ll definitely give Mirage a go since it’s going back to what I loved the series for, but I’m cautious about the series going forward given that it’s now concurrently sporting 3 apparently completely individual “types” of games without any of them being spin-offs.

We now have Classic ACs (Mirage), RPG-lite ACs (Red: Feudal Japan), and whatever this brand new kind they’re touting ends up being (Hexe: Witch Trials) all being made at once. So now you have to not only hope the wheel of fate lands on a time period you’re interested in, but also that the second, smaller wheel of fate that’s spinning next to it lands on a gameplay type that you like…it’s getting a bit DND dice roll up in here

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I’m gonna pop in here, you guys can chase me out in a sec. I have yet to play the story for origins but one of the best features in any open world game is this Discovery Tour. I get absolutely blasted sometimes go into eagle mode and just soar over Alexandria, the great pyramid, and the Spinx. I know it’s not the way youre meant to pay it but I gotta give em credit. Especially if I’m on a voice call and noone can see my face. I’m sorry for being a loser fan! now you’ll never see me again in here, SORRY FOR WASTING YOUR TIME!


Lmao nah honestly that’s one of the best features they added. There’s no denying that Origins has a beautiful world and it’s really definitely worth all the photo mode hours.

Origins was good, especially if you just delete Layla Hussain. Odyssey and Valhalla…just, no.