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It runs at 60 on ps5 so I’m just gonna wait till then lol

Enjoyed Origins a lot, but Odyssey just wore me down. Didn’t even bother with Valhalla.

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So from the common theme here, if I do end up finishing origins, just end it there lol? That’s beyond depressing.


The next two games really don’t build on Origins all that much, they’re more concerned with “bigger = better” and bloat.

I really dig Origins, but the next two games are hard to recommend.

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You think we’ll see a ps5 remaster in the coming months or this is as good as it gets?

PS5 remaster of what? Origins? Since PS5 upgrades tend to be free I can’t see Ubisoft bothering.

PS5 remake of Bloodlines for the PSP.

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me, a PSP lover: chad yes.

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Ahh man that sucks, I saw certain animations are still locked to 30fps. Suppose I’ll avert my eyes while I play.

Interested in the new one myself. Ah to go back to the time where this was one of my favourite series around. Then it just became derivative and Ubisoft took the easy way out first with Lucy’s story (when they had so much room to make things interesting) and did it within shit DLC, and then tanked the entire modern day story. I was one of the few that enjoyed that part. I exited after AC3 and never looked back. New one definitely looks closer to the older games though. I loved the Middle East setting in AC so I have hopes for this one. But it’s been so long that I’m not sure if it’s worth jumping back in now.

Reviews dropped for Mirage and it looks promising. Not played since AC3 like Nate so the “back to its roots” doesn’t have much weight for me. I’ll probably get it at first price drop.

If it had online multi like Brotherhood I’d have pre ordered immediately.


I loved the AC Multiplayer. In many ways I’m glad studios now value single player experiences again but sometimes I miss what could come of the “make sure it has multiplayer!” era.

Maybe one day we should get all of MGL to whip out the old PS3 (or I guess PS4 since Black Flag had it too)


Mirage being released has rekindled a bit of an itch so I decided to pick up Black Flag for the first time for about £5, (shame I have to use the Ubisoft launcher rather thab steam) only two hours or so in but I’m having such a blast. The upgrade from Connor to Kenway is absurd. I wish I got this game earlier.

Multi is still fairly active on PC! I’M considering sending everyone a fiver to get the game just so I can play with you lot.

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Looks sick honestly. Can’t wait to be disappointed when it comes out.