You've been granted a wish for a video game of your choice to be remade

It can’t be anything Metal Gear related. It can be from any era of video games, even if it was released last month.

What game do you choose?


Soul Reaver, any day.

The original game has a sickening amount of cut content and was originally meant to encompass the story of Soul Reaver 2. Shifting between the material realm and spectral realm felt so groundbreaking and to have the world space reimagined as a modern part of the experience world be phenomenal.

There was actually a survey sent out by Crystal Dynamics a few months ago asking fans what they wanted from the future of the franchise. Glad to say I was the first to circulate it in a couple of circles on Reddit and some old forums where the fanbase was still (barely) alive. But that kind of thing just reinvigorated the entire community. Gone off on a massive tangent but, you gotta be hopeful for remakes or revivals to happen one day.


I enjoyed Soul Reaver a lot as a kid, one of those rare gems I use to rent from Blockbuster.


Parasite Eve II. Parasite Eve was kind of the bastard 3rd wheel of survival horror among the games I was into. Resident Evil and Silent Hill rounded out the trifecta of horror, but Parasite Eve was different from the rest. Different type of combat, a choice selection of weapons, and enemies closer to a John Carpenter film than a Romero inspired vision. I can’t recall many other games as thick with atmosphere as the Parasite Eve series, and especially part II.

The Parasite Eve series also has this sense of urgency present in the game play that isn’t found outside of boss encounters in the other series I mentioned. You’re always on edge when in Aya’s skin. In Resident Evil, there are moments of reprieve among the mazes of Racoon City in the form of save rooms with their soothing, meditative hymns, and Silent Hill’s pace is one of discovery and reflection – quite the opposite of Parasite Eve which doesn’t really have any of that and it stands on it’s own in spite of those things.

Apparently this one is in the works but I’ll believe that when I see some game play. Max Payne lead me down the path to all the glory that is John Woo & Hong Kong action. Max Payne is so much more than another 3rd person shooter. It’s chaos, it’s poetic, it’s somber, it’s a man’s existence laid out on the slab. A rare bird as far as action games have brought us.

Remedy elevates the genre with Max Payne by allowing us to walk in Max’s flat shoes and wallow in his pain with him, popping pain killers like candy all while whistling through the graveyard, navigating the insane constructs of Max’s psyche. Nothing else even comes close to Max Payne’s style and substance and it’s a series that is sorely missed from the genre. Both sequels were also solid gold, I miss when Rockstar weren’t greedy shitlords.


If I wanted to waste this genie wish, I’d go for Resident Evil: Code Veronica. A flawed entry that Capcom have just skipped for the more profitable RE4, but an entry absolutely brimming with potential. Was disappointed that Capcom skipped it but I do still retain hope that they’ll come back to it, which is why it’d be a waste of a wish.

Instead, I’ll opt for Final Fantasy VIII. Don’t think Squeenix will be keen to do more remakes after VII is eventually done and dusted with, but the nostalgia is strong with me for FF8. Not my favourite but definitely the one that could do with the extra bit of polish.


Fallout New Vegas probably. I’d love to play that again on modern hardware without so much work being involved to make it run. It is still a really good game and I’d buy it on release day. The DLC’s have a really powerful story in my opinion for a game that on the surface might seem like a somewhat silly post apocalypse story… Dead Money, although gameplay wise isn’t the best one, has a deep meaning related to a struggle every single human being has. The difficulty in letting go of things. Old World Blues seems to me to convey the idea that knowledge is a curse as well as a blessing, and by knowing too much, or too many things one shouldn’t know, we can cause harm to ourselves and the world around us, unless we take the responsibility not to use such knowledge. Honest Hearts is about innocence and corruption, the introduction of an outsider to a lifestyle that may seem inconceivable and one has to choose to let them be, corrupt them, or destroy them completely. Lonesome Road breaks a fourth wall and is really strong storytelling. Ulysses is making the Courier, and also the player, accept the consequences of the choices they have made, and it has a theme of the fact that sometimes the most damaging, hurtful things we can do as people are things that, to us, seem totally normal or justified at the time.


I’m half tempted to say Lost Kingdoms from the Gamecube. It was made by From Software before the Souls games, but you can still kind of see the similar layout with the buttons corresponding to 4 items in the corner. It’s a game where you go and save the world from an evil, monster spawning fog descending over the continent using Magic the Gathering cards. It isn’t a card dueling game, the game is a bit of an RPG where you use different cards to fight in different ways. Some are quick use weapons, some spawn creatures that wander the battlefield with their own AI, and some transform you into a creature. The creatures also have that Pokemon thing with elemental rock, paper, scissors.

All in all, I just like games like Magic the Gathering and having a game where I use magic cards with mythical creatures to defeat my enemies? Yes please. Especially with From’s current funding and abilities. They could make a lot of quality of life improvements. They did make a sequel with Lost Kingdoms 2, so maybe it would get a remake as well if this did well?

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The 20 character requirement compels me to give a proper answer. I’m going to go for a game not many will remember and will make no money because the genie doesn’t care about that. Populous: The Beginning.

Populous: The Beginning is a slight tweak on a god game where you play as a Shaman attempting to ascend to godhood rather than an already invulnerable omnipotentbeing. In order to do so you defeat rival Shamans (up to three others at a time) on each planet across the solar system. You do this by converting followers to your tribe, training your followers, creating buildings, discovering and casting a wide variety of fun and increasingly powerful spells. From fireballs to swarms of bees. Tornados to Lightning strikes. From Volcanos to toxic swamps and even an Angel of Death.

As a kid I pumped a lot of time in to games made by Bullfrog Productions. They were very quirky, fun and engaging mostly god/rts games. Theme Park, Theme Hospital and P:TB (I never got round to the beloved Dungeon Keeper).Theme Park and Hospital got either an actual sequel (Theme Park World), spiritual successor (Two Point Hospital) or arguably a competitor doing a better take and still exists (Roller Coaster Tycoon). I think the next thing that came close to Populous after Bullfrog was bought and destroyed was Black and White. Whose maker was also bought and destroyed.


I always wanted to try this game out! I used to play Theme Park and Theme Hospital all the time when I was a young kid on the family PC. A friend told me about Populous and I remember vividly asking to give it a go, to which he said “Nah we should play Age of Empires instead again.” To which I was more than okay with the suggestion.

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I’m fucking loving the responses here. This is why I miss our community so much. It’s never run of the mill.


I’m not somebody who wishes for remakes that much to be honest. I’ve seen musings of a Persona 3 remake or the classic oft rumoured Metal Gear remake but the idea of them never really makes me that excited. Don’t get me wrong-I’m sure a lot of these deified remakes would be really good (I mean I’m obsessed with the Final Fantasy VII Remake), but I just don’t really WISH for them. Persona 3 is still brilliant even though it’s aged. Metal Gear…I just don’t really care that much about the story that one has to tell lmao. I’d often rather see a new entry.

But that’s because many of the games people often talk about being remade are games that…are already good. Sure they may have aged and whatnot but a lot of the time they are examples of a good game from their era and the main reason people want them remade is just because they like the sensibilities of modern gaming. But let’s be honest, when did this become more beautiful than THIS?

(I get it, even though I also totally don’t #polygonalclouddabess)

So for this topic I instead thought okay…which game actually ISN’T very good…but could have been? And what came to mind was Evil Twin: Cyprien’s Chronicles.

It’s a platformer with a unique dark art style and world. It was the first PS2 game I ever played and I was obsessed with it. I’d play it with my older brother and nephew and I just found it all so cool. You’re just playing as a normal orphan kid in this strange world but he can turn into a stronger form called “Super Cyp,” but it doesn’t last for long. I remember desperately wanting to find a way to stay as Super Cyp as a kid but of course never could. I never knew the name of this game so it stayed a distant but distinct memory in my mind as I grew up until one day I managed to find what it was when searching online! I was overjoyed and also…bummed out because all the reviews absolutely slated it lmao, apparently it played like shit and was a bastard to control, as well as being too hard.
I haven’t picked the original up again yet, though I do intend to, but I think there’s space for a dark platformer in a world where all the platforming giants of old are big again but the likes of PS2-era Rayman are suspiciously absent.


can I say a rockbamd 2 remake with the original music, not that ps4 bastardized thing. I spent too much time with friends and family with that thing, in 2019 I met up with a few mgsf/jackalunit members, we got high and played it up in the mountains, was fun as fuck still.

Game play wise, definitely Silent Hill, but just like what Jim said about max Payne, I’ll believe the hype when I see it in action. silent hill 2 led me on a Rollercoaster, went to that shortly after re4. couldn’t be more opposite of each other (weirdly enough that’s also being remade) but both pushed me into the genre.


Wish granted: it now has a tutorial where you must perfect score every single Wheezer song ever released as a way to introduce the game mechanics.


That would be hellish, not because of the complexity of learning the mechanics, but having to listen to Weezer for hours on end.

A proper Rock Band style game would be dope. Remember the PS3 era where there were tons of games with Light Guns or proprietary controllers? What happened to that? I don’t think PS4 or 5 have anything like that anymore.

I remember playing one of the Killzones with the light gun, and motion controllers on a huge plasma television and it was actually pretty fun. Reminded me of playing Lethal Enforcers as a kid.

Best use of the Wii’s gimmick was accurate light gun gameplay:

Didn’t you just use a candle to trick your Wii into thinking you had prefect accuracy?

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I lit a couple of candles and then did this to it

Sounds like the makings of a structure fire!

Edit: your sig is AMAZING

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