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I finally got a Series X for Christmas, so I’m really pleased to be able to access the huge back library of games as well as the game pass and upcoming exclusives like Starfield and Redfall.

I know this is probably quite a hopeful topic, back in the day MGSF was a Sony-dominated forum, and I think MGL is the same if the ‘Microsoft acquires Activision’ topic is anything to go by.

Seriously guys, Sony have been doing the same thing - just with lesser companies!

Anyways, console wars aside - is anyone else here a Series X owner?

I’ve owned a Series S for about a year now. Can’t say I’ve played it as much as I like, I do like the Gamepass library but I keep allowing my 3 month subscriptions to run out.

My main goal was to go back and rifle through all the old (and new) Halo and Gears of War games, but I’m struggling to get into either franchise to be honest.

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Pretty sure more people here play Xbox. I haven’t, but that was always more a financial thing. Had to choose one.

Interested to see what good exclusives I’m missing out on, so following anyway.

Up until this year you’ve missed nothing. But in 2023 there’s Chernobyl, Redfall, and Starfield.

I think the main attraction for people is the game pass and how well backward compatibility is done. Being able to buy almost any game and play a remastered version of it on the Series X is quite tasty.

Kojima just groomed us to be Sony Boys, I blame him!:pensive:


I think MGS1, 4, and PO are the only Sony exclusives.

I have an Xbox One. I don’t really play it as much as I used to or game as much in general. :cry:

maybe cause the Xbox ain’t got to games!

(sick 2003 burn initiated)

don’t forget 3 never came to Xbox, not until 360

Think I’ll renew Gamepass once I’ve finished God of War, I really want to try High on Life, the game’s sense of humour appeals to me.

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If I had a big back catalogue of Xbox games I’d love to pick up a Series X. Unfortunately I own a grand total of 0 Xbox games from any generation as the only Xbox I ever owned myself was a 360-which I traded in along with all my games for it after playing all the Halo games so that I could get a PS3 with LittleBigPlanet and MGS4.

It’s a shame because the backwards compatibility is something that should be rewarded in the console wars really-but Sony has always had my preferred exclusives so my back catalogue is all PlayStation. A real shame when the PS5 only goes backwards compatible one fucking generation, meaning my older PlayStations still have to see some action from time to time. Maybe one day when I have more money (and a flat with a bit more space :sweat:) I’ll grab myself a Series X.

I’d love to see Xbox make a handheld eventually since they never tried their hand at it. And tbh I want a TRUE handheld, not a Switch knockoff. Hmm…the Xbag? Give it a weird little handle like the GameCube had. :roy:


I feel the same. And the exclusives which are quite appalling on Xbox for me are all accessible via PC anyway, and they’ll undoubtedly all look and play better too.

Maybe if the Platinum Games project (Scalebound I think it was called?) wasn’t cancelled, we would be in a different timeline with everybody owning a Series X with the Xbox console exclusive of Metal Gear Rising: Re-revengeance. :sleepy:

Edit: I typed this up without knowing I was responding to you, Max. Really just saw a new avatar and thought it was some other member out of the total community of 4 people. I did not need to say all that shite as we’ve spoke about this together time and time again.

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Absolutely APPALLING! :face_with_monocle:

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What exclusives are appalling!?

LOL fuck off! Appealing*

I actually properly thought you meant that. I was so confused.

Halo 2.

20 characters.

Omggg new edition of Halo 2 where there are 20 playable characters! All your favourites, such as


Master Chief







image of 343 Guilty Spark

343 Guilty Spark

image of Miranda Keyes

Miranda Keyes

image of Rtas 'Vadum

Rtas 'Vadum

image of Terrence Hood

Terrence Hood

image of Prophet of Regret

Prophet of Regret

image of Prophet of Mercy

Prophet of Mercy

image of Sesa 'Refumee

Sesa 'Refumee

image of Spartan


image of Thel 'Vadam

Thel 'Vadam

Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson

image of Marcus Stacker

Marcus Stacker

image of Jul 'Mdama

Jul 'Mdama

image of 2401 Penitent Tangent

2401 Penitent Tangent

image of Jameson Locke

Jameson Locke

image of Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer

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Main Page Welcome to Wikipedia

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No, 20 Characters is an appaling exclusive.

20 Characters Outside of Ebbing, Missouri is an amazing game wtf are you on about