Where's Our Email Reply Option?

Hey folks, just a quick query: I’ve noticed that many Discourse forums typically have the ability to respond to threads via email enabled by default.

I’m curious, did our admins intentionally disable this feature? And if so, is there a specific reason behind it?

Personally, I find the option to reply via email super convenient, especially when I’m on the go or away from my computer. It would make staying engaged with discussions much easier for me and allow me to be more active, as I often check emails on my phone during work breaks or while commuting. What are your thoughts on this?

I personally set this forum up myself and the option is OFF by default as it requires having email hosting setup as the middle man between the site and you replying by email, so wherever you’ve seen it they’ve gone through the process of setting it up. I didn’t even know it was a feature until you’ve mentioned it here.

That said, it is likely off be default because there is an allotted number of emails the system can send and receive without having an email service and address setup to handle it, which costs money for anything worth it’s salt and/or isn’t outright data collection/surveillance (i.e. gmail, ever wonder why it’s free? You’re the product being sold). We currently do not subscribe to a premium email service as such, there is no reply by email.

If this is a feature you guys want down the road we can make it happen but at current there just ain’t funds in the bank for it. There’s also the fact we have a very robust mobile site, so I don’t particularly think replay by email is all that necessary at this time given the time I’ve put into the mobile site.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation! I had no idea about the intricacies behind the email reply feature. Totally get the limitations now. Appreciate the hard work on the mobile site—it’s been really solid.

I’d still love to see the email reply option implemented, though. For me, it’s about convenience—I often find myself catching up on emails during work breaks or in areas with spotty reception where the mobile site might not load as smoothly. Maybe we can revisit this option down the road if the demand and funds align. Cheers for clearing it up!

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