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  • What’s your story?

My story is I’m still 32 because my birthday fell on the first day of UK lockdown in 2020 and was in another for my birthday in 2021 and we all know lockdown birthday’s don’t count. I’m still childless and loving it. I can say the alphabet backwards. I once tore my banjo string during an act of intimacy with my partner. I eat apples and Kiwi whole, skin, stem, pips, core, you name it. I still complain about GoT and how it ended even though it’s been 2 years. I don’t think I’m going to stop tbh. I have no discernable talents that spring to mind.

  • How did you find MGL?

The legend that is BK sent me a message on Reddit.

  • What’s your favorite Metal Gear?

Game? Portable Ops. Bold call I know but hear me out. I’m confident the reason I found MGSF was because I had just got that game and wanted a place to hang out and talk about it. Plops and Plops+ was where I first got to interact with some of our beloved members who are no longer with us. Also Steve Blum as a VA is always great.

  • What do you like besides Metal Gear?

I’m very interested in the enhancement/improvement of the mind and body through various means, e.g. the usual suspects of diet/nutrition and exercise. The less common but gaining more popularity of other means like fasting and meditation. Also through supplementation/other chemicals, legal or other wise.

In all seriousness (not that any of the above is untrue) I’m delighted to find this place exists. MGSF and the members over the years meant a lot to me and obviously to others and that it gets to live on again on it’s own terms is fantastic. Thank you @Hessikin and @NightFox . It looks great and the app is swish.


Dang if it aint my boy Wayno, i’m sure i tried to send yo an email tbh! It’s great to see you here bro!

gonna amass an Army Of me’s who’s libidos will drive us into the next millennium!

Damn, another Notch for @Black_King this guy is already becoming our star solider!

Please leave this board now, it was nice to see you but GOODBYE! I’ll admit, when i was like 17/18 i played that game to shit, best portable game released at the time.

Hell yeah Bro, i intermittent and prolong fast regularly, I expand my mind and do my best to keep my body Healthy with nutrition and exercise. Good living! No problem dude, Me and hessikin just wanted a real MGS community again, we were fed up of the faceless ness of reddit etc! I hope to see you all over here!

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Wayno! Great to see you here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dynamite! Since MGSF, Jackal Unit have become quite the gym rats! I also meditate almost every day I can, and practice intermittent fasting. I think we may have some good discussions in our future.

Really, really appreciate it, and thank you for joining up. @NightFox and I feel the same, it was an integral part of our childhoods, I think and in recent years a lot of the Jackals missed that larger community we spawned from too. We would kick the idea around from time to time but it never felt right until there was a shimmer of hope with the Remake rumors.

Now we’re all in.

My man. A path I also walk.

Anyways, welcome to Legacy Wayno!

Right? I owe this guy a drink or three.


give the man a medal


Good to see you again, man! Glad to hear you’ve been getting by and staying safe!


Damn, another Notch for @Black_King this guy is already becoming our star solider!

Sir, recruitment numbers are up! o7


Welcome and glad to see you!

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Staying safe is overrated!

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Yo Wayno! I was going to PM you but I’m super glad BK already did. Welcome to the site homie.