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I was feeling nostalgic for the classic Black Ops Zombies feel to Zombies mode, thinking about the music, the atmosphere, and felt like listening to the main menu theme. I stumbled across this short video, just of some of the main menu and the TV screens:

It had me thinking how creepy, ominous and, as a younger kid, pretty scary this menu was! It imbued a sense of unknowing and horror which you weren’t really sure of. Unlike in the Black Ops main menu for the Multiplayer and Campaign side of the game, you can’t escape from the chair and walk around, you’re trapped until you make a choice - there’s no wall-breaks or voices interrogating you. It’s just a horrific binding. And it’s so cool!

If you’ve never played Black Ops 1, here’s the main menu for it which isn’t the Zombies mode, where you can escape your chair, hack a computer, find a few secrets, find out lore and play a minigame, all before you’ve even began the game.

So, now I’ve waxed lyrical about this - what are your guys favourite main menus? Classics like Ocarina Of Time and DOOM are always ones I think about, showing you the landscape of the settings, the game and the journey you’re about to go on through some sort of means is really neat, and I really appreciate video games taking this unique approach to storytelling from the start.

I’ve actually spoke to some of you about this before, but it reminds me of how this weird desperation for bad minimalism and an ‘ultra-modern’ approach to design has totally fucked up some main menus. Look_how_they_massacred_my_boy.jpeg:

This is the main menu to ‘Oddworld: Soulstorm’, the sequel to the hotly praised Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, the Abe’s Oddysee remake and one of my favourite childhood games. It’s so fucking ugly! Compare that to these CLASSICS!
The original Abe’s Exoddus main menu
The original Abe’s Oddysee main menu

The faithful, beautiful remake main menu, New ‘n’ Tasty.



I loved Abe’s Odyssey, bloody hard game though. Went back to it a few years ago and forgot how unforgiving it was.

I’m sure there are more but off of the top of my head here are mine.

Look, I could just about mention nearly any MGS title screen. MGS’ is iconic, 2 is so clean and I love the transition from Snake (Red) to Raiden (Blue) after you finish the game, 3’s is weirdly satisfying and mesmerising with the overly colourful slow-motion CQC attacks. But 4 had the beautiful Old Snake theme and an area/scene that was shown later in-game to add significance, but even before that I think it just gave that perfect sense and feeling of a conclusion.

This one is just simple but perfect. KH2 has my favourite version of Dearly Beloved with the added sounds of the sea waves (which has added significance once you’ve finished the game). I’ve spent many a day just sitting on that screen for a while before jumping into the game.


I fucking love a good menu screen. Things like a game’s presentation, it’s menus, it’s game over screens, the font it uses and it’s overall UI is so important to me, I can be a lot more patient to a game with great UI. The music that accompanies it helps; Halo and Uncharted benefit so much from having a banging OST as the main menu appears. Here are some of my favourites:

Persona 5 Royal

The Last Of Us Part II

Days Gone

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Red Dead Redemption 2

Tony Hawks Underground 2

Danganronpa v3

Life is Strange

And a special shout to Chloe the Android who made booting up Detroit: Become Human a brilliant and unique experience every single time you wanted to play. Say what you want about David Cage and Quantic Dream, but “freeing” her at the end of the game was somehow a very bittersweet thing to do.

Detroit: Become Human


Both phenomenal picks. Both stand out to me for very similar reasons - a level of stylish, unique and rebellious design theory partnered with coinciding with storytelling. Every menu in Persona 5 is like Ryuji’s Phantom Thief card concept and the refinement undertaken by Yusuke. The menus in THUG2 retain an element of that gritty, underdog tone from the first one and put things like the World Destruction Tour wheel in for good measure, as if you’re really in that story. And it just looks sick!

These two have such a fantastic, future computer, incomprehensible sci-fi aesthetic to them. I think the MGS1 menu is just so of its era, and I love it. Really reminds me of the subtle, eery and quiet brilliance of Tekken 4’s menu. It feels like you’re navigating the Matrix. Partner that with soundtrack like this for the prologues and you’re in for storytelling brilliance.

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I’d just let this roll for hours and hours on end.

FO2 is another one that brings back fond memories.


WHen i played Witcher maybe 3 years ago at this point i’d leave it on the main menus just as a cool screensaver lol

I’m sure there’s more too but damn they slip my mind. as soon as i remember i will add more


Perfect introduction to what the game’s all about


There´s a bunch, but to keep it in house, I personally love the MGS3 screen. The CQC moves together with the “jungle” theme. :kissing_heart: And how you can alter the colors and camera view.

Also, Stray:


how can I forget Mass effect 2!

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