Undetected - Indie Espionage Action

Well damn this is the second best thing to come out of the period of Summer Games Fest next to the TMNT beat’em’up!

Looks like it’s got some serious MGS1 adoration in there and it’s definitely deserving the praise its getting. We had Unmetal a little while ago, a stealth action parody of MG. But this looks like a full homage to MGS1. Art direction and all.

I’m actually quite excited for this. And as the old saying goes: “If Konami don’t do it, do it yourself.” So kudos to the developers behind this.


I’ll keep my eye out for this one. While Un-metal was very cool, i dont have any fondness for the old MSX games. played em once or twice but never finished em. this could scratch an itch! thanks!