Total war

So I had a bit of a binge on Steam a few nights ago. Picked up Total War: Shogun and Total War: Medieval because they were cheap and I figured playing the older games would teach me to play the fundamentals better than the newer ones. I plan to get all the games in the series. I’ve been playing Shogun for nearly six hours straight at this point, I’m hooked. Next up will be one of the Rome games, probably Rome II as I know my laptop can run it lmao.

Any other fans?

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Total War: Medieval was my entry point into the TW series, Medieval II is probably collectively one of my most played PC games of all time (though, not quite the top spot). I’ve been playing a tonne of Total War: THREE KINGDOMS over the past 3 or 4 years too. I’d honestly say it’s the highest point in the series since Medieval: II.

I know Rome and Rome II are the classic games which everybody hypes up, but I’ve never played them! I’d like to, considering my first ever PC gaming experiences were Age of Empire I and II, which also means I’ve got a soft spot for that kind of era of gaming and RTS lmao.