The Twin Snakes

So I was in the mood to play a MGS game, but only really have MGS1, 2, and 3. I’d seen some people on Youtube do blind playthroughs of those recently so decided not to, but then I remembered I own a copy of TTS. If you’re not familiar with TTS, it’s a gamecube exclusive remake of MGS1 with the controls and stealth options of MGS2. They also rerecorded all the dialogue with the same voice cast. I hooked up the Gamecube and put in disc 1.

I recall always thinking MGS1 was superior and after not touching this version in probably well over a decade, I still agree. MGS2’s gameplay elements break the game in a lot of places.

You do get the M9 on the helipad on normal difficulty so going for tranq only is doable. Every boss has a stamina gauge, save for the HIND and REX. But of course going on a tranq spree does still have Liquid going on about how you enjoy all the killing.

First person aiming does kill a lot of tension in the game. Aiming in MGS1 with accuracy required being in relatively close quarters or being godly with lining someone up if they’re off radar.

With the M9, you can shoot out the search lights on the helipad. Once you get the SOCOM suppressor, you can tranq guard and shot out every camera in the area easily.

I will say I preferred the voice acting in the original as well. Naomi, Mei Ling, and Nastasha all lose their accents which I don’t have an issue with…but everyone in the game, especially Campbell and Naomi sound bored. The music lacks the same atmosphere as MGS1…and some of the cutscenes are a little over the top silly. I mean Snake’s reaction to Baker forgetting Meryl’s frequency is a little over the top, no?

And that’s just one of many odd moments.
Have any of you played TTS and if so, did you like it?


Some of the b action movie like jumps and dodges got a lot of hate in TTS. I admit they are very out of place and goofy. But even MGS2 had some of those like ocelot leaping on top of RAY and Olga cartwheeling and disappearing into thin air. Fans just seemed to love those.

Overall I didn’t like TTS that much but the gamecube was a great system and I loved to see more of the MGS2 engine. I would not need a future remake of MGS1, TTS did an okay job at it. I would like the series to go forward with new games that would be similar in story and setting as the first ones were.


did anyone else think it was weird though that they changed Mei Ling’s voice completely though? She had a strong Chinese accent or something similar in the original, but in Twin Snakes she sounds 100% American

I didn’t even realize it wasn’t only Mei Ling lol. Didn’t see you mention it in your post the first time I read it, think I’m just tired. I liked some stuff about Twin Snakes but mostly the PC version of MGS is the best one in my opinion.

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This, and to be totally honest it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a Metal Gear game. Kojima doing a spiritual successor to the series would be my best case scenario.


Yeah Twin Snakes was fun for what it was and I appreciate it for that only. SO originally the remake was 1:1 but kojima coming off just watching tons of matrix/Gunkata scenes told them to go back in and make it over the top. if anyone is to blame for this it’s “GOD” himself. we could have actually had a proper remake. It was a fun game but ultimately as stated above the music changes and Over the top new scenes destroyed everything people liked about the first game. Snake is a a warrior, he isn’t Neo or an anime character.

On the issue of Mei ling, She was never supposed to have the accent. she came to the U.S. young. She went to our schools and grew up with Americans. she was always meant to have an American accent. The person installed of translations and VO work in the original PS1 game took a few liberties with the script and accents. Kojima hated this.