The Substance of Subsistence

OMFG this is like a dream come true. I no longer care if we get a remake of mgs2 anymore


I was pretty hyped when I saw it, you still have to own the PC version of mgs2 which i heard was a terrible port though. But i am definitely very excited, any mods for the MGS games always brings hope that more people will do their own part!

yeah, i rewatched it and im actually kind of worried abou the control changes. if L1 recenters the camera, what button is lock on, which is super crucial in mgs2

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Ooooh damn, I really think the effort in this is very cool and the ideas and achievements need to be commended, but the TPS camera really shows how much the animations for MGS2 were designed specifically to be viewed from certain camera angles and how they’ve been designed for a certain perspective.

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Looks gorgeous. This wouldn’t have flyed back in MGSF, but MGS2 for PC is abandonware and can be downloaded with ease if you want to try this. I have no clue though on how well it runs. Disc copies should also be cheap by now.


I though GoG had it on there or is it still unlisted?

I checked at it seems its not available on GoG.

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Wow i thought it was all fixed. well there is some good news. if your pc is beefy enough just get the ps2 emulator and roms. I can tell you it looks justt as good as the hd collection, if not better seeing as you can play at 1080p