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In this follow up to Voices in the Wind @NightFox and I continue to explore even more SUPERNATURAL elements of METAL GEAR SOLID and discuss the background, and preternatural abilities of some of the more overtly supernatural characters in the series such as Vamp and Psycho Mantis, we discuss the VAMPIRIC connection to MGS3, the Colonel’s abduction story, MGS4’s crop circle, and much more in this episode of THE SNAKEPIT!

So what exactly is The Snakepit? A shocking and outrageous exposé of the beloved cult phenomenon that is Metal Gear Solid through the eyes of two long time fans, it’s how we discuss Metal Gear amongst each other, and boy is it ever going to get weird. We hope you’ll tune in, drop out, and join us in our journey to the heart of darkness that is everything Metal Gear.

For now we’re hosted on PodBean, but soon you’ll be able to find us on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Rumble so you can listen however best suits you. If you’d prefer a direct link to download the episode, you can find that here, and feel free to subscribe to our PodBean, as you’ll likely get the episode before we have a chance to post it here.

Can’t thank you guys enough for taking the time to tune into another Snakepit! We’ve got more on the way now that the holidays are over and done with, so stay keep your ears and mouth WIDE open! Any and all comments, critiques, observations, continued discussion can be had in here!


Was looking forward to this guys. :+1:t2: Tuning in on my way to work.


Interesting observations and a great listen once again. :+1:t2::+1:t2: Love listening to these, even if it were just random chats without a real topic tbh. Part of what makes these so good is you guys obviously love the series and know them through and through.

I feel the same about MGS4, like many of us. What´s been in the back of my head for some time now though is that HK was forced to change things by Konami. One very important thing being the ending, where Kojima intended to kill off Solid. It was going to happen if it wasn´t for Konami. Most likely among other things that ended up in the game, or were removed from it. I don´t know about the nanomachines, but that definitely retconned a lot… Shame really.

Vamp was always a vampire or supernatural being to me. One major thing, like you said, would be walking on water.

I really need to replay those games. Just for the lore, codecs and stuff. Retcon or not LOL. Platted MGS4 a few years ago but obviously went through it too fast to capture those special moments.


I’ve said it before but MGS4 should have closed the loop for the Metal Gear saga. I think that game would have had a much different reception if that was the finale, with Solid Snake ending himself. I’m No Hero. Never Was, Never Will Be.

MGS4 is definitely worth a replay, there’s so much I forgot about but you can spend hours just fucking around in the first few acts ago.

Glad you enjoyed it man, thanks for listening!

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Thanks for listening! I just want to thank anyone who listens and gives feedback. Our channel has been growing steadily and hopefully in time we’ll expose more and more people to mgl. Couldn’t do it without all of you!

This was a fun one to record, we were drinking, smoking, just having a good time, lol. I for one won’t replay Mgs4 completly until maybe I upgrade my pc to run it at 4k or we get a vol 2 master collection AT 4K60. If they release it at 720 30…well that’s to be expected.

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Is that YouTube thumbnail AI generated? Seems a shame to have talented graphic artists on the team and to use AI for a thumbnail.

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Sometimes bruv, when you spent all your free time you have editing both an audio pod , a video pod, you’re using outdated tech on a machine prone to crashing and losing your progress and you just can’t figure out what the bug in the system is. You take every ounce of help you can get. Not making excuses but it’s really not easy man, im sure you understand the amount of work we’ve put into this already.we’ll try to be better next time, thanks for the feedback.

Congratulations Duck! You’re our new Executive Thumbnail Director. You’re now in charge of sourcing original, high resolution renders from a dead game series that haven’t been used by any only else yet.

For the next episode I need you to find me high resolution, royalty free images of Psycho Mantis in various poses, and high resolution, royalty free images of Vamp in various poses, and remember, no fan art!

…oh wait

Plenty of official renders for the series exist. Acting as if it would be impossible (or even actually especially hard?) to find a high quality image of Big Boss to use with a background that has a UFO is dishonest imo, your point would land more if it was an especially complicated pose or elaborate redressing of a niche character or something.

I get that you’d already put a lot of work into the podcast-so why fail to convey that at the final hurdle? The only part besides the name that will educate people’s decision on whether they’ll click on the video?

Personally, seeing AI generated images used on any pages I follow online results in a swift ignore and “Not Interested” of whatever it is they’ve posted, sometimes an unfollow. Scanning comments on big pages when they use AI images shows I’m not alone in that.

Honestly I didn’t know people felt that strongly about AI images on thumbnails. Its not something I think about when I click a thumbnail,I usually base my interest off the title but I realize that’s not the norm. If in your browsing you come across high quality renders don’t be afraid to send it our way of mgs characters especially dead cell, foxhound, and boss’s joy division. I’ll try doing a better job looking for pics.

I completely get where you’re coming from in terms of making time to create this and put it out there but I will agree with Duck on this, I don’t intake “content” (in the very modern usage of the term) very much and rarely ever have, but AI art and generated images or thumbnails are instant turn-offs for me, and this is from someone that has no artistic ability and doesn’t know anyone very personally in the art sphere. But there has certainly been (and is) a big pushback on companies and people using it and I am on that side too.

I am yet to listen to this because I am still suffering from that time you last broke my car radio :cry: but I have another speaker so I’ll get to it soon.

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Mostly been a silent listener with this podcast but I think the overall quality really speaks for itself & a less profesh image wouldn’t hurt it in anyway if it means avoiding AI usage - other than the weird ‘‘vibe’’ all AI generated images have it’s just generally anti-artist and vehemently built on theft which I think is something no one would like to be on the receiving end of. (not that i’m accusing anyone here of theft btw - just that the platforms are pretty insidious by nature)

+1 on MGS4 - I still find the ending change quite egregious. The original was so much better in every way.

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Nice podcast guys, I’m in the midst of playing through the series and have been for about 9 months (some long breaks in there) and am at MGS4 now but wow I forgot that there’s something like a 10-15min cutscene just to introduce Drebin and basically say “this guy got around the ID tagged weapons”. I love the line in MGS2 about Vamp, I’m pretty sure Raiden says something about him being called Vamp because he’s a vampire and Snake is like “what? No, it’s because he’s bisexual”.

I actually don’t think Snake and Otacon were listening in on Raiden’s codec during the Big Shell incident either, at least not judging by this codec call in Snake Tales.

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