The Snakepit — A Virtuous Mission

He said this nearly 15 years ago:

I think he made peace with the fact that he wasn’t always going to be the one making MGS games a fair while ago, heck he tried to get away long before the split with Konami. I’m sure it’s very weird for him but I’d say more than anything he’s surprised it’s taken this long for Konami to get the series going again.

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Just finished listening - really enjoyed it. I definitely agree with the way MGS3 resonates because of the period of time it was set in. The Cold War was a helluva backdrop to such an imaginative game.

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MGS3 solidified my interest in and love for history and learning about the Cold War. Appreciate it man.

I get it, you can’t live in the past. Don’t want to stand in the way of your own work. I’m pretty shocked to, I thought for sure they’d keep milking after Survive.