The Snakepit — A Virtuous Mission

That’s right, we’re back. In our inaugural episode of The Snakepit @NightFox and myself dig into the mysteries surrounding Metal Gear Solid Delta. Why Delta? What does this mean for the Snake Eater? What does the future hold for Konami? Is Kojima pissed?! All this and more in this inaugural episode of The Snakepit!

So what exactly is The Snakepit? A shocking and outrageous exposé of the beloved cult phenomenon that is Metal Gear Solid through the eyes of two long time fans, it’s how we discuss Metal Gear amongst each other, and boy is it ever going to get weird. We hope you’ll tune in, drop out, and join us in our journey to the heart of darkness that is everything Metal Gear.

For now we’re hosted on PodBean, but soon you’ll be able to find us on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and Rumble as we have some atmospheric videos in the works to go with our shows so you can listen however best suits you. If you’d prefer a direct link to download the episode, you can find that here, and feel free to subscribe to our PodBean, as you’ll likely get the episode before we have a chance to post it here.

We also have a bit of site news for you —

  • Installed Discourse Update 3.1.0.beta4
  • Upgraded server capabilities to 2GB memory and 50gb storage
  • Added the Codec, a site wide chat box for off topic banter
  • Metal Gear Legacy Signatures (at bottom of this post)
  • Inaugural Episode of the NEW Metal Gear Legacy Podcast, The Snakepit

This was a big update. Lots of security upgrades and small bug fixes, but what is really going to make a difference is our server side upgrade now with 2GB of memory which should improve general performance across the desktop and mobile sites. As always, if you run into any issues please let us know in /SF/. Thanks for taking the time to read and participate, you guys make the community what it is, and we can’t thank you enough for it.

Any and all comments, critiques, observations, continued discussion can be had in here! Adios muchachos!




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HI! I’m overcome with emotion as it’s been well over a decade. I’m very excited to introduce our new radio show to you all. We’re on our maiden voyage and I hope you all will join us. We don’t know what the future holds instore for the series but until that pesky iceberg attacks us, we’re gonna party like it’s 1963.

Please leave any sort of feedback for us as it is our inaugural show and we haven’t done one of these in forever, we will have things we need to improve but we can only do so with your help. We do hope to include submitted topics for discussion as well as address replies so don’t hesitate! love you all!


Wow that’s some update, great stuff guys! Will give this a listen tomorrow.


Love it guys, great podcast and great update. Congrats on digging yourself into a snakepit!


Dope first episode, looking forward to more! You echoed a lot of the concerns I have regarding Delta.


Thanks, boys!

I was reading your post in the MGSD thread and it was resonating with me too. Scary stuff, I want to be hype but I also don’t want to be let down! I want this to be a straight remaster with MGSV’s controls, as I actually think the gameplay in MGSV is incredibly fun, I can only imagine that adding to the experience of Snake Eater.

I just don’t want to see them ruin it.

That’s right, we’re just a few old killers hired to do some wetwork…but we’re rusty, but eager to improve!

Looking forward to giving this a spin boys, got a lot of work this week so it should help pass the time.


Going forward, I can see The Snakepit having a lot of potential for discussing all things Metal Gear. This is a great addition to MGL.


Ah! Just waking from cryosleep I see! Thanks Orca!


I actually enjoyed this. You guys had a good balance,with talking about mgs, talking about your opinions, and just having a good time. Im looking forward to the next one! Hopefully😬


Good stuff guys, was a nice intro. Do you guys have any particular ideas or plans going forward?

Couple of ideas off of the top of my head related to MGS:

  • Unpopular opinions (e.g. one of mine would be that Ground Zeroes is up there as one of the best MGS titles despite its abruptness)
  • Soundtrack discussion (maybe more of a general discussion, maybe favourite tracks, maybe something like discussing the the series from MGS to Hibino’s work in MGS2 and Harry Gregson Williams’ in MGS4, more atmospheric stuff in V, etc. and how style and tone changed over time)
  • Bosses / boss battles
  • Thoughts on next rumoured collection (Portable Ops + Peace Walker + Rising)

Hell yhhh.

I’m kinda excited to see what things they mix up with Delta. I get what you’re saying, wanting it to be faithful to the original but some surprises would be nice (especially after playing through MGS3 on emulator twice recently).

Imagine a new MGO also??


I hadn’t even considered this, Nate posted some new info from Konami in the Delta thread and when questioned on MGO Konami gave a vague “please wait for further updates” so it’s possible!

Thanks for listening my dude! Good to see you on the site!

Appreciate it Nate! Happy you enjoyed it! We do have plans, but we’re open to recommendations, we wanna keep The Snakepit fast and loose, just a conversation between a few old killers. We may be doing a separate program with more nuanced and structured conversation digging deep into specific topics in the Metal Gear lore, but that’s still on the drawing board.

Thanks brother!! We gotta get you out of retirement and on the air one of these days!! Dust off your boogie shoes because we’re gonna tango baby!

I love this one! Going to stash all of these in the idea file. Thank you!

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I have to say, I may joke around alot and not come off as serious alot of the time but I sincerely mean this, thank you all for your feed back and positive words. It means alot to me, and I’m sure Jim, that all of you have taken the time to listen to our show and post here. We will do our best to get better with time and hopefully make this a fairly regular thing. Once again thank you all so much, y’all mean the world to me! XOOXOXOX


Absolutely! It means the world to me that any of you enjoy anything we make. About 1/3rd of our community, which accounts for most of the regular active members, downloaded this episode. That’s astounding by any metric, for any podcast. Really appreciate it guys.

Word, we’ve got more on the drawing board and want to make this a regular occurrence which is why it’s short form (25-35 minutes) compared to what we used to do (2-3 hour). Stay tuned, more is on the way and as always, we are taking suggestions!

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I was waiting for a relaxed moment off work, so gonna check it out tonight. Been a busy week.


You know that feeling when you just wonna hang in the couch, quietly listen to a new record, or a cool podcast, and then your wife starts talking about 14 different subjects all at once? But when she wants to see her show everybody in the house has to walk around like ninja´s and can´t make a sound…?

That said, great job guys. I can really relate with a lot of your concerns and thoughts. And you gave me a great idea. How awesome protest it would be, to go to Konami Europe HQ, put the new game on their doorstep and take a shit on it. When they mess it up.

Maybe an idea for one of the next podcasts, talk about movies that Kojima used as inspiration. Die Hard, Escape from New York / L.A., …

Was fun to listen. :+1::facepunch:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH the ultimate fuck you! MGL will fund the copy of delta in the event it sucks, and you do indeed pay Konami a visit.

Appreciate you giving it a listen man! Happy you enjoyed. More is on the way.

This is fantastic! I don’t think I’ve seen a deep dive into Kojima’s influences. Thank you for this!

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If Kojima said “fuck konami” at any poiint from now until the release of Delta, believe me, it’s gonna be a reality. I’d probably bootleg the pc copy on top of it. Truly rides on how he feels about it. his baby.

Definitely, it these are subjects you guys would like to hear we can consider em. we’re trying to make these digestible sizes for you all, it’s a balancing act but we’ll try! thank you soo much for listening and giving us feedback bro. youre a king.

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A few weeks on and zero word from the man as far as I can tell. Quite interesting he’s keeping his mouth shut on this matter. Perhaps we’ll hear something closer to release at this point, but I think Kojima is taking the stoic approach and will likely remain silent.