The Rumour Mill

Figured since a big part of the desire to set up this site by you guys was based on a rumour of a MGS remake, having a thread for posting and discussing rumours might be a good idea? If it’s not then no biggie.

I’ll start: NetherRealm (Injustice, Mortal Kombat) rumoured by insider to be making a Marvel fighting game


Holy shit, this is what I’ve always wanted lmao. I have such fond memories of playing X-Men Mutant Academy 2 as a child and playing Injustice 2 felt like I was being welcomed home, it just feels familiar and as it should. Give me Spider-Man and the X-Men and I’m good!

NRS make some ugly animations but after how bad MvC:Infinite looked I can’t really talk too much shit. were way overdue for a marvel vs dc video game anyways

I am admittedly confused on the concept since Marvel vs Capcom is a thing. But then again, I do truly believe NRS is the best in the fighting game biz and got some serious mileage outta IJ2 and MK11.

for me arcsys is number one with their revival of guilty gear and dragonball

SNK fell off hard after kof13 :frowning:

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Steam may be coming to a console or consoles at some point soon, from Gabe Newell himself.

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer may be revived depending on reception to the Legendary Edition and if there’s demand for it by players

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Hmmm, I wonder what this will manifest like? I’m wondering if it will just be an account link function to work alongside your friends list and play count/party chat/crossplay? I can’t imagine Sony or Microsoft willingly handing over software keys for free for 50p humble bundle purchases you made on Steam when the PSN or XBL equivalent software will go for £10-£20.

Forget steam, they’ve been saying stuff like this for years now, Nut up or shut up gabe!

@NickRocks lets be real, MVC2 is the only good marvel fighter. in the bast 20 years


Top 10 games of all time quality!


facts! 20 characters

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A user on Resetera with a good track record has said that Square Enix will be announcing a PS5 exclusive Fin Fantasy title at E3. It isn’t XIV, or VIIR, and not as big a title but it is bigger than a remaster or World of Final Fantasy and it is an RPG. Staff have said that this user has provided proof of these claims.

For the record this person correctly leaked Sony’s entire future of gaming show content as well as other leaks in the last year.


Holy shit, this seems relatively massive? Sony and Square have a great working relationship with clear favouritism, but another third party AAA Dev joining with the Sony exclusive arsenal? Momentous.

I think Sony are getting a bit desperate with the acquisitions MS have made but yeah I’m very curious. Some are saying it could be Tactics but I don’t feel like Square would do that now.

Is it too much to hope for a VI/VIII/IX remake whilst VIIR is still in development?

With the length of time it’s taken just for part 1 of VIIR, yeah. Honestly I don’t even think we’ll get remakes of those at all.

Insert a sad emoji here.

To be fair, I’m still hopeful that FF6 will one day see a remake, due to a combination of it’s age and popularity. I feel like it’s way too beloved to remain 16 bit in an era chock full of remasters and remakes.

VI is loved but I don’t think enough to see a remake considering the scope of what it would be. I mean VI is my favourite by far even though I love so many others so much, but still I’d see something like VIII, IX or X getting one before VI.

You played MK11? Their animation work is insanely good. Never seen a fighting game imbue so much personality into its characters in the way they move.

Ignore the summary under the link. Leaker says it isn’t Tactics, Ivalice or Warriors, and another insider said it is new and a concept that should interest most.

Something big going on. :thinking: