The Most Profound Moment In Gaming History (?)

Unsure if people have already seen this; but a couple of YouTubers (in particular ‘MaxDerrat’) did videos discussing the merits of MGS2 and just how seismic it was in it’s scopes and themes. Might be of interest and of discussion to peeps here.

I’ve posted links to the second poster, as I think their videos are better overall and more in depth.

Part 1: The Most Profound Moment in Gaming History - YouTube
Part 2: The Most Profound Moment in Gaming History Part 2 - YouTube
Part 3: The Most Profound Moment in Gaming History... 3 Years Later - YouTube


I love that as time goes on my love for MGS2 is being shared more and more within the community. It just needed to age a bit, let people realize we truly did go down this God Forsaken path Koj foresaw! Great vids!


One day these wise guys will realise it was ALWAYS MGS2 that was the best in the series.


People retroactively looking at these games and finding a new love or realising faults in prior criticism is a great thing. It rejuvenates communities and brings up such great discussion. I feel so much the same about Tekken 4 (though I still shake my fist at the haters from back in the day!)

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If you take away all the forced codec calls, the Emma escort mission and the “Oh BTW Jack, I killed your parents” part and made Dead Cell not suck MGS2 might break the top 3.

The most profound moment in gaming is probably the skateboard level in LittleBigPlanet


Wrong Once again

one day you’ll learn.

MGS2 is like the bible, even though it’s flawed it’s still the word of GOD!

What? dont like that analogy?