The Master Collection Arrives

As the end of October approaches, the Master Collection comes with it. I can’t quite believe that I’ll be replaying these games on PS5 soon.

I pre-ordered. I was always gonna, Konami have me by the balls when it comes to this series and I wanna support these rereleases as much as I can as I think I can see their end goal in mind with these: get the originals out into the public consciousness before remakes are made.

Personally the thing I’m most excited for isn’t even a videogame really. It’s the two Bande Dessines that are included as a bonus. I haven’t read those comics in a long, long time. I used to have the entire collection in two formats, the single issues and the trade paperbacks. I lost the TPBs in a water leak, and only have the single issues. Comics that I have no intention of ever opening again as they’re all in great condition and are extremely rare in the market. They’re something of a nest egg for me. I even have a couple signed by Ashley Wood.

So yeah. I’m really looking forward to watching those two digital graphic novel… movies, is the word I’m looking for.


The dgn’s dont follow the story, when i was an angry young mgs fan i sort of disliked it, liberties were taken but hell, it’s part of the package. I’ll be picking it up but honestly i really shouldn’t my decade old pc can run all 3 of these games at 1080p 60, yes even the infamous mgs1 that is confirmed to only run at 30 4:3. still nothing beats playing mgs on a tv. it’s comfort food for me.


I don´t know if I´m picking it up for the sake of having it in the collection. Like others said, Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater will look better in the HD collection. On PSfucking3. And I still have the original copies and working consoles.
Maybe when the price has gone down.


This is me. I can’t justify spending money on something I already have. And what I have is at worst equal to the quality of the product coming out. I might get it with a significant price drop for convenience. But I view this in the same light as preordering a AAA game you know is going to be released in a broken state.


I get your points, folks, and I’m in the same boat. I’ve got the HD Collection on my good ol’ PS3, so I might just stick with that. However, it’s cool to see these classics in the Master Collection, especially for newcomers to the series!

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Yeah if anything it’s great for the younger generation, they stole our alert sounds and solid snake dying sound effect, they can at least experience the game!

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See that’s where I differ. My PS3 that I’ve had since launch died on me, I gave my Xbox Series S to my little brother and I don’t have any interest in emulating games (read: my laptop is a potato). I still want to replay these games, especially MGS1 (which I probably haven’t touched in like 10 years at this point). The Master Collection is giving me what I want. I don’t care about the technical side of gaming, I have zero interest in that world.

The MC is giving me the games I want to play and I can afford to pay for it when it releases (shit, I’ve already paid for it). It’s really as simple as that.


Alas, I can’t really afford to pay that much for games I already own multiple times over. I would like to have a stab at the trophy list for MGS1 but I suppose I can wait for a price drop for that.

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I’m guessing

-one for beating each boss: Ocelot, Tank, Ninja, Mantis, Wolf, Hind, Wolf again, Raven, REX, and Liquid so that’d be ten. Possibly nine if they give only give Wolf one.

-Beat the game.

-Maybe one for each ending?

-Find Johnny in the vents.

-Use the box to fast travel.

-Have a wolf pee on your box.

-Find the camera in the armory.

-Take photos of the ghosts (think they’ll still be in the game?)

-Get the Big Boss title

Those are the ones I’m thinking. If the game has VR missions then of course add those in.


Same here, I have everything and it works flawlessly, even MGS4 whose disc I treated with zero respect. I likely won’t be picking this up.

This is maybe the only redeeming factor. It’s going to introduce at least some new fans to the series too. I know there’s likely a lot of MGSV fans that may not have had the opportunity to even play some of the series – I hope they release MGS4 in the next collection so new fans of the series can come here and collectively shit on it with the best of us.


Yes. Here and there I see people starting the old games for the first time. We must prepare for a tsunami of new fans.

And right before writing this I come across a mint MGS Legacy Collection.
My mind´s telling me no. But my bodyyy… MY BODYYY IS TELLING ME YEAHHHESS!


Alright, it’s here boys. Who’s got their copy already?

You can hear my opinion on this collection re-release here (and voice your own), but please use this thread for the general discussion about the collection itself, post deals, quirks, bugs, interesting finds, whatever.

I’m considering picking this up on switch just to have a handheld copy of the games. I want to wait to see some reviews first though.

Edit: Merging all Master Collection threads on this one.

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Amazon bungled up my order and thousands of other fans, gotta wait till Novemeber 1st apparently. whatev. my pc pushes them better anyways

Typical Amazon. Hey at least it’s not a game you don’t have already!

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Damn you got the good version!

It comes pre-chopped and screwed for the zoomers!

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I’m so glad to finally have MGS3 on PC. I couldn’t care less about MGS1 and 2 those are already easily emulated or accessible on PC. Now all I need is for MGS4 to get ported and I think my ancient PS3 can finally rest as a DVD/BluRay player exclusively.

I’ve been wanting to play MGS4 for a while now and, thanks to it and lugging the absolute brick which the PS3 is up to London, I’ve realised how GOATed that generation’s catalogue of games really was.

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MGS4 plays the best after MGSV in my opinion. The shooting and movement are fantastic. Shame the second half of the game leaves a lot to be desired. PS3, I think, was the peak of Playstation’s reign. The catalog of PS3 games is insane. Out of all of the systems, I have the most PS3 games, then PS2, then PS1, and lastly I own like 5 physical PS4 games.

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