The Gang's back

Oh sheeeiiit! Hey guys! I like many others here used to frequent the old mgsforums under the same name (imaginative I know). Crazy coincidence as I drunkenly sent a message to Gene a few days ago about the old forum then yesterday he sent me a link here (sorry greyfox didn’t see your steam message til today)

I guess really the only thing that’s changed for me since the old forums days is I now have a law degree but am still stuck in the same cinema job. Other than that still just a nerdy weeb, maybe a bit less chunky lmao


Howdy Blueblob! Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy!

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Welcome Blueblob! I’m super stoked to see you here man.

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Blueblob! Glad you signed up man. It’s Gene (under a different shady name)

If Gene’s recruiting too, this place will be full of awesome. Case in point: now we have blueblob. Welcome man!

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Welcome partner! Glad to see you made it to pineapple paradise.


And I see a lot of pineapple scars here!

Welcome bud! I’m glad that you saw the steam message. Hope you enjoy it here! A lot of you were meant to receive an email invite but because of dead emails alot of you didn’t get the link. It’s a shame but at least you found your way!

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