Star Wars Videogames

Star Wars has many great videogames. Like Knights of the Old Republic, the Dark Forces and Jedi Knight series, the LEGO games and lately with Jedi Survivor.

And some not so great ones, like The Force Unleashed.

What are some of your favourite memories of playing games set in the Galaxy far far away?


Love this topic but…

You take that back! This is a phenomenal game with a dogshit story.

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Like Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi. My friend and I convinced ourselves it was good for about 3 days just because the concept of a Star Wars fighting game was amazing enough to make up for shallow design and mechanics. Then we realised it was taking up time we could have been playing Tekken 3 instead and promptly stopped.

We’re never getting that KOTOR remake, it seems.

I’ve loved the Jedi Fallen Order/Survivor games. I think they’re not only my favourite Star Wars games, they’re possibly my favourite Star Wars media since the original trilogy.

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Fallen Order is phenomenal. I’m beyond excited to play Survivor once I’ve got a PS5.


Jedi Survivor is like the first game on steroids.


I’ve only ever played 2 Star Wars games. Fallen Order, which I liked a lot, but I hated the level layout and pause menu map, navigation in general was just a hassle.

And Phantom Menace on the PS1 which is GOATed.

This game had no right being as good as it was. There’s actually an insane amount of variation and possibilities in ways to complete quests in that game as well as branching paths in every level. Cutting room floor even shows code for Battle Tank Vs. Levels and designs.

This was a great game once my eleven year old head wrapped around how to play it. The twist stunned me too. KOTOR2 is great too for different reasons. Shame it didn’t get enough time in the oven because Christmas deadlines.

Ah yes, Star Wars May Cry. It’s fun to play and a powertrip, but the idea seems so out of place for Star Wars. Anakin being the chosen one and Luke being the best hope for the Jedi in decades…oh and here’s a guy who can yank Star Destoryers out of the sky and kill a batallion of Stormtroopers by sneezing in their general direction. :rofl:

In addition to those, I’ll say Republic Commando should be added to the great list. If you don’t mind mid 2000’s FPS, this is a fun squad shooter. The ending will make you scream for a sequel (I won’t spoil why) and the Super Battle Droids are legit terrifying.

Speaking of Super Battle Droids, I remember the original two Battlefront games. I played them a lot, but never online. I remember I came back from a defeat in galactic conquest where the enemy had 20+ troops against just me and I won. That showed me the AI was kinda easy and the player could be a beast. The AI also seemed to bug out on my Naboo map in BFII if I recall correctly.

I also played Bounty Hunter. Fun playing as a Mandalorian bounty hunter and seeing how Jango was selected as the template for the clone army. Would recommend.

Also there was a Star Wars version of Age of Empires that I played when I was younger called Galactic Battlegrounds. I was usually the Empire. :innocent:

I played this when I was quite young on the PS2. A pretty tough game when you’re a young age tbh but when revisiting it, I had a lot more enjoyment for it. Hoping that Outlaws will be able to capture some of that essence and then some - it undoubtedly has the potential.

Not sure how old you were on release of BFI and BFII, but I remember me and a friend of mine playing this against each other and essentially being locked in never-ending Galactic Conquests for weeks on end. We heard a rumour about how if you caused enough damage to the connecting bridge in Bespin Platforms (still maintain this is one of the best maps in a shooter of all time) that you can collapse the causeway and make the platforms begin to fall into each other.

Another GOAT I wanna add to this list is Star Wars Demolition - absolutely ridiculous, early 2000’s fun - basically demolition Derby Star Wars version. This was the game I bonded with my dad over alongside Star Wars in general lmao - and honestly, with surprisingly compelling characters and great ending cutscenes. This one is iconic:

I lowkey have a head-canon that General Otto (AT-AT in Demolition) served as the main inspiration for Jack Black’s character in Mandalorian lmao. Essentially a tech enthusiast who sought out funding and Imperial backing for utilitarian sciences, only to have to go elsewhere (in this case, into the Tournament instead of Republic Rehabilitation) to gain his freedom to do what he thinks is truly right.

Another classic.

Also, Empire At War, anybody? If anyone owns Empire At War here, I’d love to go for a few rounds. I’ve never played it online but I imagine it would be a real laugh. Especially with a Clone Wars mod.

Did someone mention Galactic Battlegrounds? That’s my shit right there. Age of Empires II but Star Wars? Sign me right up! I actually bought it on Steam, £4.99 on a sale I think, a few nights back, been playing pretty much nothing but that!

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Like most strategy games, I only ever played against the computer. Do you have a favorite civ to play as?

Oh and do the cheat codes still work?

I’m a simple man. I see a Star Wars videogame, I pick the Rebel Alliance. I just love X-Wings so much haha.

The cheats do indeed still work!

Haha Simon was always just so funny. A killer Ewok. :joy:

I was usually an Empire man myself. AT-AT for days.

Did you get the original or the updated one with the Republic and CIS?

Yeah the one with the Republic and CIS, as well as the Gungans. I think it was called the “Clone Campaigns” on Steam.

Sometimes I do like to load up an Empire map and crush the rebels haha. Just depends on how I feel at any given time.

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