Spoiler tag?

Hey I just thought it would be useful to have a spoiler tag/box when we’re talking about movies/games but you don’t want to ruin the story for someone who did not watch it yet. I tried using BBCode but it comes out like this:

Luckily this was fucking spoiled for me by Classic FM already/FFVII Spoilers

[spoiler]Aerith fucking dies[/spoiler]


So when you post, if you hit the GEAR on the far right side of the formatting toolbar, you can press “Hide Details” and it’ll give you a spoiler box;



You can also type out the same bbcode you did, but instead of typing in spoiler, type in ‘details’ and you’ll get one without the editable tag. I just use the gear in the reply box though like I mentioned.

This one was made by typing it out.

I may be adding a spoiler tag that blurs the content rather than tucking it away. Will comment on it in a future update!


Oh, thanks man!

I didn’t know about this one yet

You’re welcome! It’s a little hidden.

And just so you know to actually get it to say something you can type [details=“Your word here”] for the first part of the tag to get it to say “spoiler” or whatever you want.

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Just a heads up but some people are playing Final Fantasy VII for the first time right now cause of the remake so it might be worth actually spoiling your original spoiler :grimacing:

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I tried but I think you can’t edit a post after 2 days passed if you’re just a Genome Soldier

Yep, that’s something that’s unlocked as you use the forum more. For Genome (Level 1) it’s a 24 hour window, at Level 2 it’s bumped to 30 days. I can always edit the original post if need be, post a link to it here and I’ll edit it up.

Apologies for the bump but is there a reason why just typing out the code for spoiler tags is so finnicky when it’s written the same as it is when using the drop-down option? If I start off a post with it it works, if I do it in the middle of a post (whether I type it or copy and paste from a different post that used it) it doesn’t, if I edit it into a post it doesn’t work.


This text will be hidden

This text will be hidden

The second one I’ve wrote and it was functional before removing the final ]. One thing I will say is that this forum uses it’s own version of markdown, so the problem may rely in it requiring all correct punctuation, i.e all ", [ and a lowercase ‘details’.

Trust me I’ve tried every combination and have made sure everything was copied across correctly, whether I wrote it myself or just copied and pasted, but it still doesn’t work unless I open up a new post and it’s the first thing I write.

Just out of curiosity, are you on a mobile and initially typing it/copying it with “Summary” or are you instead using “Spoiler”? I think you may have to type with “Summary” first as I experienced similar when I didn’t before - but on PC and full text editor, it works.


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Well [details=The thing is]the forum formatting doesn’t tend to work unless[/details]

The entire code starts on its own brand new line

so you need to press enter before you start to type any of the code

this is actually the same for all of the code, such as images which become a hyperlink https://finalfaninsider.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Aerith-Gainsborough-Guide.jpg

As opposed to images that become embedded when they’re on their own independent line

See if this is what’s causing your issue, Nate?

@Jassassino: Yeah I tried both of those (as well as others to try and choose different text) and none of them worked. I am on mobile though so perhaps it’s all an odd quirk of that.

@DirtySpaceDuck: I figured that might be part of the issue with the code and tried that too but again it never worked if I edited it in or did it at any stage after the first line of a post (unless using the drop-down menu).

This could be a strictly mobile issue. It could also be the fact that the site natively uses markdown and I’ve cobbled together some code to allow for BBcode like the old forums had, which I added to make the transition from the old style forums to Discourse easier for everyone.

I’ll play around with it on my end, if I can replicate this I’ll report the bug to Discourse, in fact, I’ll check the meta and see if there are any known issues with the spoilers tags on mobile.

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