Shinkawa Art Books & Other Collectables

Alright, who’s got 'em? How many are there? Which are the best in your opinion?

I know the prices are OUTRAGOUS on the second hand market right now, but I’ve gotta pick a few up for my library before that price keeps climbing, trying to decided which to get. I like to have a large library of ephemera and reference material for anything that I’m into, and MG is no different yet I’m severely lacking in this department.

Maybe this is better suited as a general collections thread too, so if you’ve got some rare MG paraphernalia, official or otherwise, let’s see it.

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Great thread. As far as Shinkawa art books goes, I remember looking for them about a decade ago, mostly on eBay back then, and they were always €100 for one book… So always held back. Too many rabbit holes I was already in haha.
Would be amazing to score those now. Good luck, man.

Might start looking again myself actually… Fuck.

Used to have a lot of figures, but sold most of it when times were rough. I´ll have to check, but I think I have a small MGS2 Snake and MG Ray still. Raiden and MGS5 Big Boss nendoroids. And original copies of all the games for PSX, PS2, 3, 4 and 5. Piggyback guides. Two versions of MGS4.
Hell, I´ll just make some pics later.

After just a quick search, they´re still there on eBay. €100 versions and €300+ versions. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I have The Art of Metal Gear Solid 2, got it a good few years back as I’ve always really loved so much of the MGS2 art in particular. Wasn’t too hefty when I got it, think I snapped it for €80-€90 or so. I actually got the huge Art of Metal Gear Solid I-IV last year but I sold it pretty quickly, felt like it was too much to spend on it and I actually didn’t love it in hardback form, can’t explain why as I normally prefer that. Still want to pick up the one from MGS1 at some point too.

Also it’s not Shinkawa but I got Ashley Woods’ (hardcover) art book a long while ago when it was released for about €25 and never opened it, and see it’s going for around €150-€300 now new.

As for other stuff, I have the PAK Grey Fox figure which is hard to find now. Regret not getting Solid Snake as he’s impossible to get now and so damn expensive if you do find it. Actually I have a few figures so I’ll have to return to this if I can get some pics.

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Shinkawa is my biggest influence as an artist so I’d love to own some of the books, but those prices are for when I have “fuck you” money.

I’ll stick with the scans I have until then.

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I love the old promo posters with Shinkawa’s artwork but even the prices for those can start in the hundreds. They were always expensive but the prices soar.

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Yeah I periodically search for any posters of this calibre online, but the original A3 promo ones are ridiculous amounts.

One thing of Shinkawa’s which I’d really love is a series of A3 posters (and a room big enough to have them all in…) of his COD Black Ops 3 artwork of the Zombies’ original crew in their WW1 Primis looks:

Shinkawa doing art for MGS is obviously the GOAT, and his MGS2 work is by far my favourite, but I love to see him work on non-MGS content too.


Same! I was about to buy Left Alive because he also did artwork for that game. But the game itself didn´t appeal to me.


Hahahah I nearly did too, feel very fortunate that I didn’t because apparently it’s trash.

Wow, never heard of this game. The character design is fantastic. The branding and aesthetic are VERY Metal Gear, Shinkawa aside. Shame it’s trash.

I know man. It’s insanity.

There are PDF’s of the books out there. I want the hard copies though.

I saw many of these in Hong Kong about 5 years ago in the maze of toy malls they have there. Some certainly fakes, some legit. Ironically, I was looking for a PAK Snake at the time. Ended up with a really REALLY good bootleg of the Mezco Punisher figure instead and I’m not mad.

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Really, really love Shinkawa’s vision of OLD SNAKE. Might use these for the next site wallpaper, but I wanna know, what are you guys’ favorite pieces of Shinkawa’s MGS art?



His MGS2 work in particular has always been a favourite of mine.


Like everyone else, shinkawa doing the art almost made me want left alive, to attache your name to that trash sorry you did it shinkawa but atleast the art loooks amazing, always love seeing his work!


Nate beat me to it:

Shinkawa’s MGS2 artwork is phenomenal IMO. It’s got such a perfect colour balance using a limited palette and his line work and postures are fantastic. It really feels like some sort of high drama which you can’t match.

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His MGS2 artwork is superb. Maybe his best. I love how closely Kojima tries to match his concepts too, it really comes across in the game despite being 3 dimensional renders of what he drew, even the movement in the static illustrations comes across. They’re so smooth, stoic even, and yet they have this unbelievably dynamic form factor. I’d really love some Shinkawa prints, might have to print my own though as it doesn’t really seem like there is anywhere to get legit ones.


I’ll have to try to take a few photos of my Art Of Metal Gear Solid 2 book, I found it again the other day but it’s in a box in a dark room so I need to look at it earlier in the day!

Darn man, after looking at this I’m considering getting this as a tattoo, I just don’t know how well it translates to skin!

You should get a tattoo of the AI Colonel skull face along with his speech about the purple stuffed worm


Awesome. We should all get that.


I should draw some Metal Gear flash…

Geoff Kieghley was with Kojima earlier this week and took some pictures of his “museum”, lots of Shinkawa stuff in it: