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No one probably remembers (or knows) me but maybe I have to make some announcement or otherwise you might think I’m a bot. I went by the name of chinaman on MGSF (or something I don’t think I properly even remember anymore myself). I mostly just lurked threads and hardly posted anything meaningful.

I got the link to this site from The Departed on reddit. I still think that forums will always be better than discussing on reddit and I think the overall tone and quality is better.



Welcome man! Have a great time.

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I remember you, chinaman. Welcome!

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You’re goddamn right.

My man, I think I was around way before your time on MGSF, I was in TSF for a hot minute before Outer Heaven and Dead Cell.

My name back then was Kalash69, and later Hunterwasser.

Welcome to our new site! I really appreciate you signing up!

I remember your username, I joined TSF in 2009. Thanks for the welcoming everyone.


Ok, hear me out, i remember your username but i dont think we talked directly :frowning:

@Departed Good looking bro, thanks for spreading the word!

I hope to get to know you more here though dude!


We did not talk directly but I do remember your username too, NightFox. Thanks for the good work on this forum!

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I was sadistic_greyfox over there, i actually think a lonngg time ago a member named tamashi told me about you being cool, if not sorry about the mix up. your name just rings a bell somehow lol!

I wish I could take more credit but @Hessikin is the one that killed the layout of this place. I provided cookies and drugs whenever he needed it though!

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So this is a thing.



Lol it is a thing! welcome to the site!

I remember Tamashi too, I pretty much remember everyones MGSF usernames of the members that are already here. Even if we hardly ever spoke to each other, some things just stick with you and you remember them even after years.


Hey Rev, welcome to MGL!

Welcome Rev! It’ll be nice to converse with you over something other than your Instagram Stories once more lmao.

You have me on Instagram???

Lol apologies I got you confused with another ex-MGSF member.

I was Revek on mgsf and before that I was EK Revolver

Yeah I thought you were Revolver-FOX on MGSF when I first saw your name pop up.

this is why you should make a lil intro thread! clear the air and let us all know who you are big dog!

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Report in.

Just signed up myself, great to see so many old names (and new names with old aliases) from the golden days.

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