the Patriots!

For those who don’t remember me, I was an oooold-timer on MGSF. Still occasionally in touch with folks like Henry which is how I found out about this lovely place. Haven’t played much MGS since beating TPP, but I’ve been playing a ton of Warzone lately with some chill folks I know IRL (can’t handle dealing with randos anymore).

Anyway, it’s very surreal and cool that the spirit of MGSF lives on. See y’all around.


Welcome! I hope you enjoy the site.

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Hey there, welcome! :smiley:

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One of the most originalest of gangsters


A classic mgsf member indeed. Welcome, cobb!

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Cobb, Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy!

There should be a short tutorial from @Otacon in your inbox to help you get accommodated with all the new features and such, and there’s a few threads in the Staff Announcements worth checking out.

Appreciate you joining up!

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @otacon display help.

Hey dude, some how I missed this message. Get Tamashi in here and it’ll turn into a high school reunion lol. I’m glad to see you here and yes, me and Jim loved the series and the community and we couldn’t give it up, we had to do something for our people and hopefully unite all the mgs fans the world over. Me and hessikin play a lot of cold war. We did warzone for a while but just played it out. Now most of our time is spent on outbreak.


No way! Welcome old com-Patriot! Hope all is well.

Welcome to the forums, I am really getting nostalgic from how many names I’m seeing on here.