Return of the king

Hey guys. You might remember me as black king from MGSF. It’s good to see an attempt to revive it as that community really was a special group. I’ve been in contact with several members since it died off and could try to get them here if you guys like!

About me? I’m a 27 year old currently working as a lab assistant in a hospital. I’m also a student pursuing a bio degree. I enjoy video games, with MGS being my favorite series. I also play Magic: the Gathering, enjoy watching movies, and browsing online.

I hope this place can capture some of that old Metal Gear Solid Forums magic.


Black King! I was hoping you would show up. Welcome to Metal Gear Legacy!!

That would be wonderful. Really. I was just saying to Bread in their welcome topic, this community is what we make it, I am merely providing a home for it.

Anyone from the old community is welcome, let them know we’re back in action!

Yoooo! Great to see you king, I definitely remember you from back in the day. And yes! Absolutely invite those folks on over.

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Hey BK it’s good to see you here! Yes we are trying to make a constant place for the fans that cannot be controlled by anyone. this has the potential to be a permanent home. Somewhere fans can always comeback to!

And sure, invite who you want, this is a new chapter. anyone who wants a new home is more than welcome to give us a look! thanks bro!

100% this. We looked at the insane amounts of censorship on Reddit, Discord, and the way companies like IP Boards, now Zeta have handled old forums (they basically killed them - it’s very hard to transfer that much info off of a forum that big that anymore and their antiquated tech makes it nigh impossible to do so anyhow) and said there has to be another way.

Which is how we ended up here. Discourse is the open source content management system that I setup on OUR server. That means no censorship, no selling out, nothing of the sort. We own this site, and have control over every aspect of it. One of our primary concerns was the future of web censorship and the crusade some have against video games, especially violent games.

Who’s to say the next wave of mass media-induced woke-ness won’t have “violent” video games in their crosshairs? If that happens (and it’s happened before) you’re gonna see sites like Discord and Reddit purging any content that relates to it. We wanted to avoid any situation where we might be at the will of another entity or corporation. Like we stated in the email, this site is by fans, for fans and that’s how it’s going to stay.

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Hey bk! I remember you from the old tsf days, how’s it going? I’m markthecool if you remember :new_moon_with_face:.



who were your again?

Lol, nope! Can’t say!

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Should I say it? Sure I’ll say it:

Oh hi, Mark!


Hello again, feels like too long. Good to see you man! :alien:

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