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A bunch of early era PS3 games had SIXAXIS nonsense crowbarred into it, but it always felt a bit halfhearted. Shit like Uncharted 1 using it as a means to balance on a log and then never used again.

I thought more developers would capitalise on VR because some VR experiences are fucking great. RE7 was enhanced tenfold by VR as was Superhot, but Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is one of the best 3D platformers in gaming history period. Beat Sabre is also class.


PSVR in particular is really good considering the PS4 is running it, I can only imagine the PS5 PSVR is even better. I think the cost prohibits alot of people from getting into it, and at the end of the day who’s going to spend that much just to play one or two games, you know?

thinking of permanently hooking up a ps2 to a old flat TV I have with components. I’m just wondering how much am.i actually gonna play it. did quite a bit of RE umbrella chronicles the other night on wii. those controller were meant for that ilk of shooting game. I’ve been thinking of trying to track down some old wii Zelda games.

for context. I got that switch metroid remake but I think the motion controls suck compared to the wii. might be worth just getting original wii games over the upgrades?

I don’t know how the Switch remake compared but I didn’t love the controls of MP on Wii either and I played it pretty recently, I found it quite awkward for exploration in most places at the best of times. That being said I didn’t like the game very much either.

You definitely should. PS2 has a great backlog, the only reason I could think why you wouldn’t is if you have a convenient couch set up for your PC and can emulate PS2 games whilst relaxing. I just wish PS2 online was still a thing. :frowning:

And it’s about £40 now for a full set up+peripheries. I’m actually gonna bite and buy one come Friday.

I’ve taken to having PS1 playthroughs of obscure games on whilst I work on my Japanese language in the morning - gives me about an hour taster of some things I’ve never seen before and I’m really enjoying it as a way to give my studying some atmosphere lmao. But I put on this game, Aconcagua this morning, and I’ve got hooked watching it. I cannot take my eyes off it lmao:


Since the last time, till now, I’ve actually nodded my wii. it’s pretty easy at times headaches at others. it’s not as simple the videos make it seem. everything that went wrong seemed to with me. ohh well, either way it’s all sorted now. got rid of the wii blur because SD era. got about 30 games for wii and gc I stalled in it right now. what a beats of a system. glad I’ve give it a second light.

any wii recommendations? both party and so games.


Can’t beat WiiSports for a party game, golf is so damn relaxing but fun.

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How can anyone forget it! tried playing mario party 8, so much waggle. for some games it’s fun. for others its tiring! if ya;; had to pick, got a top 3 wii games?

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MP8 is difficult for me, the game is so damn slow to load all the time but I really love the maps, I’ve played all since that came out and I’ve gotten bored of them all at some stage because I haven’t found the maps are as fun to replay often.

Top 3 Wii games I can’t really do in good conscience as I’ve only really played party stuff on it alongside Metroid Prime which I didn’t like!

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you’re the only person Ive ever come across to not like metroid lol. I got the remake on switch so will probably play that soon. been itching to try okami on wii. heard it really makes the wii mode shine there. also put the two zelda’s on there. I’ve only ever completed botw but curious to start it up.

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I played Skyward Sword a couple of years ago and liked it to a point, but I ended up hating the design of the game. I actually loved Metroid Prime at first, the feeling you get from exploring is wonderful. Then you’re told you have to go through every area again. And again. And again. Made a wrong turn after a clearing an area of really annoying enemies? You have to wipe the room clean even though you literally left it 10 seconds ago and walked out and back in. I just can’t get along with a game designed like that.

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interesting , just wondering are you a fan of metroidvania type of games? that’s kinda what these games are. “Come back later when you have the key”.

I think my experience with Prime suggests I’m not and they’re just not for me. The thing is I’d say something like Resident Evil is of the same ilk when it comes to design, and I absolutely love the design of that game and how intelligently the areas and progression are linked. With MP it just sucked all the fun out of the game for me personally. When I first explored each area I genuinely felt a great sense of enjoyment, but having to return multiple times through awkward means and then again (and still in a lot of cases not really knowing what you’re looking for) just feels like poor design to me personally. I played Dread too, I liked that quite a bit but admittedly had the same issue towards the end with it souring my enjoyment.