Red Dead Redemption

Anyone else play Red Dead Online?

Recently @NightFox, @Beags, @Jmtc1223 and myself have slipped back into the world of Red Dead and immersed ourselves in the incredible world Rockstar has created for us. I get the impression Red Dead is kind of at the stage in it’s life GTAIV was around 2-3 years into it’s life span where there wasn’t really too much to do online, and the ‘next’-gen hasn’t really hit yet (this time due to availability) so they are biding their time until they can re-release the game (again) and start pumping out content.

That said I have since upgraded to a PS4 Pro and a 4k TV, and man does this game look absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been dipping my toes in photography in the Red Dead world best I can without the Rockstar Editor (which is something else I suspect they are keeping up their sleeve until more PS5’s and XB’s are moved.

I figured I would post some of our exploits on here instead of the Telegram since things have a tendency to get lost.


Wow dude fantastic Pic edits, looks so good, I can feel the Fog!

If any of you guys out there still play RDR online or have been thinking about revisiting please, by all means come have a game or two with us. we dont always do missions. sometimes we just ride around, hunt, and hangout. it’s real chill, low stakes sometimes if you just want to chill and shoot the breeze.

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aaaaand new PFP Acquired. Fuckin sexy.


It’s so fucking weird but I could tell that was your character from the likeness lmfao. You did a stellar job on the character creation.

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Word, it’s very chill and I feel like it suits our play style. We were never about competitive play, we’ve always been about community and good times, good laughter, etc.

Hell yes

Word, it really is a great likeness. I told Josh that as soon as I saw him in game. Very impressive.

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Another batch of shots from a few nights ago;

Mostly camp shenanigans. Josh’s internet cut out and Juan, Paul, and I initially were just waiting at camp for him to come back on but his internet didn’t come back, and we didn’t leave camp for several in game days as we continued to get more and more intoxicated (irl) and tell ghost stories around the fire.

A few shots of everyone’s character with their tents;



Juan with a tin shack, poor Cripps :joy:


Haha, these legit look amazing, sometimes I cannot believe how good this game looks for ps4. just imagine the withccraft we’re gonna see on ps5. great shots!