Proposal for a Forum Event Calendar

Hello MGL Community,

In the spirit of fostering even more vibrant discussions and community engagement, I’d like to propose the creation of a dedicated “Forum Event Calendar.”

This calendar could be a central place to list and organize events like game nights, lore discussions, fan art contests, and more. It would not only make it easier for members to discover and participate in community activities but also help us plan and coordinate these events effectively.

What do you think of the idea? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can make our community even more dynamic and interactive.

Thank you for considering this proposal.


This would be excellent…if we had more members. At current, we simply don’t have enough members for it to be worth the time it would take to set it up and keep it up to date, develop community events, organize them, advertise them, and run them. Furthermore, we haven’t actually had any community events yet that would warrant being posted to a calendar, while that is in the cards for the future there are still infrastructure and UI/UX updates that take precedent, not to mention actual content we’ve got in the pipeline for the future. That is to say the Snakepit and other (video) presentations are our focus right now.

If we’re lucky, once day we will have enough members to fill out a calendar with events and giveaways and game nights but right now, it’s not in the cards given the small size of our community and skeleton crew on staff right now. There’s only 3 of us working on all of this after all.

As would I. As it stands, the best thing you (members) can do is spread the word to other Metal Gear fans. We’re not advertising, we’re not using faceless corporate platforms like reddit or discord, we’re doing this on our own. Straight grassroots, so your direct participation actually matters. Appreciate you making this thread!


Thank you, Hessikin, for your thoughtful response. Your insights into the current state of our community and the priorities regarding infrastructure and content development are well taken. It’s clear that the team is focused on enhancing the forum experience and creating engaging content, which is indeed crucial.

While it’s true that a fully populated calendar may not be feasible at this moment, it’s heartening to know that community events and growth are still part of the vision for the future. The Snakepit and other presentations sound exciting, and I look forward to participating in them.

In the meantime, I’m here to contribute to the ongoing discussions and engage with fellow Metal Gear fans. Should the opportunity for community events arise in the future, it will be an exciting development for us all.

Thank you for sharing your perspective and for the dedication of the staff in keeping this community vibrant and engaging.

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