'Project DT' - Chinese Action-Adventure Metal Gear

Chinese videogame company Digi-Sky / Digital Sky are creating what looks to be their own action adventure/Metal Gear Rising type game. Take a look at their website for the trailer, it’s the first thing you’ll see if you scroll:


This actually looks fucking tight, some seriously cool looking kung fu influence on a dystopian, robot protagonist with Metal Gears thrown in the mix? Really cool art direction too, I’m hoping it sticks to it and I’ve got that page favourited for any future updates.

Hoping this is something of a surprising hit from the Chinese video game sphere, something as big as Genshin Impact but pushing in on Metal Gear’s territory would be fucking brilliant (and maybe kick Konami into gear with their own IP)


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Word. You can feel the Kojima influence just watching the trailer. The biggest nod is that one robot, obviously REX, with some weapons from RAY. Pretty cool aesthetic and design over all for sure.

Yeah that would be great. Also getting some ZOE vibes from Project DT as well. Anything to get a fire under Konami’s ass.