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So with Gene completing his pokedex in Sword, anyone else here play Pokemon?

I played it a ton as a kid, but was limited to the Gameboy Advance so Gen 3 was my limit. Over the past few years I got a DS and 3DS and played Gens 4-7. I even moved my teams from Emerald that I’d had since like 2006 all the way to Ultra Sun.

I’m thinking at some point I may get a Switch and Shield.

I have played every gen but don’t think I’ve really enjoyed them since gen 5 but I like nuzlocking and quite a few of the spinoff games. Just bought the new switch version of snap fuck it

I had initially played Gens 1, 2 and 3, stopped, and then play the remakes of Gens 1, 2 and 3. Decided to jump back in with Sword/Shield which I loved, despite the fan backlash. Was cool to play Sword blind at the same time as my missus playing Shield blind, side by side with our individual Switches.

HeartGold/SoulSilver is peak Pokemon for me though.

Update: the new Snap is fun as fuck

I thought sun/moon were utter dog shit. Sword/shield hit me like no other Pokémon game though, I loved every minute of it.

Loads of stuff to do once you’ve won the league as well which is nice, Pokémon is a game that can get pretty boring once you’ve finished it

My least favorite was Gen 6. Gym leaders, Elite 4 were all underpowered, rivals weren’t challenging, and no real post game at all.

Gen 7 had too many cutscenes. Felt like I was tripping over them for the first couple islands.

I thought gen 7 was okay, agreed on too many cutscenes though but I liked removing HMs and though Z-Moves were an okay mechanic. Gen6 was just all around lacklustre, wasn’t crazy on Sword/Shield either it just was too braindead for me, yeah I know it’s aimed at kids but fuck playing blind and only fighting trainers I still ended up super over levelled and didn’t have a single fight give me any trouble.

I never played Gen 6 ORAS, I just wasn’t at all interested, similar to the current generation. Gen 6 (XY) and 7 are my real stand-out favourites, Gen 7 particularly. I loved the Alolan forms and they all felt really original and just cool. UBs were fucking sick and a lot of really cool unique designs with interesting styles came from it. I think you look at some of the Maori or Islander patterns on those Pokemon, especially the Legendaries, and it’s really hard not to appreciate the amount of work which must have went into those art styles and influences.

Still vividly remember Gen 5s release, very exciting tbh.

This might be my one and only post in this thread. I’m the weirdo who never played pokemon on a gamin console of any sort, it just seemed to past me. When i really wanted it we couldn’t afford it, then i got a ps1 instead of a gameboy, needless to say you can tell where i branched off. One day i’d love to give it a shit though, i just need the right one at the right price and PREFERABLY the original 150. probably never gonna happen. :frowning: I envy you boys and girls. I only got the trading cards as a boy.

If you got a Switch, there’s always Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. They’re remakes of the original Red/Blue, but utilise the way Pokemon Go worked on mobile.

Does that mean i got to point my switch at stuff to find pokemon?

I only played gens 1-3. After that I got fatigued with new monsters and mechanics that I didn’t really like. Fire Red was my favourite installment. Early generations mon that looked so much nicer than Gen 1 and 2 games. I have a massive nostalgia spot for Pokemon from the first two generations so I occasionally boot up an emulator on my phone, nuzlocke FireRed for a few gyms until the nostalgia itch has been scratched.

I got Let’s Go Pikachu for the switch and I was dissapointed. Obviously it’s a game aimed at more the PoGo audience and that’s my fault for not researching but it’s still criminally easy. I know some of the difficulty from other games comes from the tedium rather than actual difficulty but there was still a vague feeling of challenge there.

Honestly Sad, it was in 2010 when Pokemon was already 15 years old where I played Pokemon Yellow on the GBC for the first time. These games are quite timeless, I enjoyed it despite being spoilt with what was around at the time and I can still revisit. I’d recommend you find yourself a cheap GBC and play through Pokemon Yellow (or even just a mobile emulator).

I played it in stages on the train, at home and a lot on a holiday when it was just downtime before heading to sleep. Really great game.


This 1000 times.

Even going back to the older games it doesn’t feel like you’re taking a step backwards compared to the newer games. Sure, the graphics aren’t as nice on the older ones but the gameplay itself has hardly changed in the 20 odd years it’s been going.

Not to say that it’s the same game rehashed every few years, every generation adds and takes away different elements, they’re all unique in their own way.

Silver/gold/Crystal still blows me away. I originally found kanto there totally by accident when messing around (before you could just google stuff) then i realised I’d only done half the game and was over the moon.


Do i get to romance Officer Jenny or Brock in any of the games?

TBH i’m not big on emulators or gameboy tbh BUT if they’re up on the nintendo store for switch i wont mind giving a shot. How’s the remakes on switch though?

Anyway @NightFox I know the first two gens can be played on a 3DS if you don’t want to buy the older gameboys. If you decide you want to keep playing after that, you won’t have to buy a new handheld for Gens 3-7 at least. Also, Red and Blue do have remakes in Fire Red and Leaf Green if you want a more balanced game.

If you could it would be the ULTIMATE GAME

Alright, lets be real here, if you guys were to recommend only one pokemon game to someone whose never even played a minute of it, which would be the best taste?

With rose tinted glasses I’d say Crystal, but other than that probably Black 2/White 2. I massively prefer when pokemon was pixel art and B/W 2 offer great music, good mon variety, interesting environments and mechanics and isn’t braindead easy like most of the games after it. And I think it offers one of the better stories, although I wouldn’t particularly say that any pokemon game has a really good story tbh


I’ve never played Black and White but supposedly these are some of the absolute best games in the series.

My 3D Pokemon recommendation would be Sun and Moon.

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