PlayStation General Chat

There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to Sony’s consoles and what the future holds for them, exclusives, versions, deals and controllers as well as various development news.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to begin this chat with Playstation announcing a new showcase on September 12th with Developer Talks, PS5 information and more unspecified topics.

Here’s the full blog post:

"The Showcase will weigh in at around 40 minutes and include updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers "

“There will be… plenty of great PS5 games from developers large and small. We hope you can join us!”

This was just announced about 15 minutes ago, so what are your expectations? Do you care? Expecting KojiPro to make any announcements? My personal hope is a new KojiPro title announcement and maybe a cheaper PS5 model with disc drives. We’ll see though!


Same here. Hoping for something from KojiPro. Cheaper (but probably not), available PS5 consoles for EVERYONE :rainbow:
Not expecting news on a slim PS5 yet, but hoping for one.


Let’s hope it’s all interesting new stuff. Nothing right now calls out to me that makes me want to actively hunt down a ps5. I need some interesting exclusives dammit!

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A trailer for a showcase… damn lol. They’re really hyping this up. I guess this is why they skipped E3.

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I sincerely hope we get some Kojima anything at this.

Here’s the link, 4PM EST

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It’s about to begin. So much for them to potentially show, Elden Ring, Harry Potter, MGS Remake by Bluepoint, Kojima IPs, Forspoken. There’s a lot to reveal in the Sony calendar and I’m honestly pretty hyped.

KOTOR remake. Fucking splooooosh.

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An Insomniac Games WOLVERINE game! Fuck! I’m so excited lmao.

AND a Spider-Man 2 trailer! I’m fucking gasping.

It’s over. Not a bad conference at all. Cluttered with some crap in the middle but the beginning and end were actually really good IMO. Gave us a lot of juicy stuff to look at BUT a real severe lack of release dates. My favourite parts:

Some games I was hoping for are notably absent, but I don’t think the lineup was bad at all. Sometimes these conferences focus far too much on filler like Guardians of the Galaxy (who cares, who genuinely cares?) and Gran Turismo 7. But hey-ho.

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Alright that KOTOR thing caught me off guard. Pretty stoked on that tbh.

The showcase was certainly littered with a plethora of games I’m eager to buy (Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, GOW: Ragnarok, Forsaken, Project Eve and maybe KOTOR even though I’m not a huge Star Wars fan) but all of them feel so far away. I think the earliest confirmed release out of that bunch in Spring 2022 for Forsaken.

Hyped for Alan Wake to come to PS5 though next month. One of the few Xbox exclusives I’ve been casting an envious eye upon for a while now.


Kotor for me is one of my biggest shames, I’m not a HUGE SW fan but i’ve heard for years you dont have to be for this game. With the remake I hope to finally get into it…I said the same thing about FF7, now with the PS5 version ive still got in on my backlog.

That Wolverine game, hopefully, is mature. I like spiderman, really enjoyed that last game but Logan just benefits with a darker tone.

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You definitely don’t, they would still be great games if you stripped the Star Wars off of it. It’s kind of far enough away from the mainstream Star Wars lore that I realized after countless play throughs that if you ignore the jedi/sith dynamic and just think of it as a space epic about ancient religions, it takes on a whole new character and let me realize just how good the story was, regardless of it being a Star Wars thing.

It’s a very fun game to play once you get the hang of it. It does have a bit of a big learning cover (there’s a lot to take in as far as rank progression and character build) but the crafting system, weapons upgrades, abilities, etc are on another level for a game from that era, imo.

It’s just an enjoyable game to play. I recently replayed KOTOR 2 with a heap of graphics updates, and the world that they built is just so unique. You will enjoy it the way I suspect I’ll enjoy Mass Effect if I ever get around to playing it lol.

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you’re gonna have to tell me those updates. I’m willing to give it a chance. I haven’t been completely sucked into a game universe for some time now, looking forward to.

Si i’m hearing the consoles, in the coming week, will be much easier to acquire. I may end up trading my og ps4 and pro for it, will I be losing anything if i give up the ps4? ps5 is just a high end ps4 pro kinda right? same games?

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Yeah I keep hearing the same. I think it might be a global thing that PS5 are going to get another wave of restock and change production to be much higher output now that they’ve got what is technically the 3rd version (I think) out on the market. I’m glad too. It coincides with me getting a new job lmao. I may just keep my PS4 as a sort of general multi-media player or something though. I find it hard trading in consoles or even the thought of it!


See I got the PS4 Pro around XMAS 2019, I was really late to the game on the PS4. Still used my PS3 regularly but had mainly switched over to PC gaming and was just coming back to consoles. Odds are I will probably wait until the price comes down in a few years, or at least until multiple Jackals get one. Whichever comes first.

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You know man, the problem with me and getting a ps5 is…there just isnt any KILLER apps for me to get a ps5. I’ll be completely honest with everyone here. my sole reason for getting a ps2, ps3, and ps4 was ALL Metal Gear. There’s 3/4 games that will make me run out right now and spend money on a ps5. A new Kojima game, Resident Evil, and some sort of Rockstar game. Nowadays all these games are multiplat too, even running better on pc. I got alot of thinking to do in the coming weeks and I need to figure out atleast 3 games that can WOW me.

For folks who have the ps5, give me an honest opinion. What games are really worth it right now or upcoming?


I’m guessing this was a joke but also extremely true LOL. Who here has played Demon Souls on the ps3 and rebought it on the ps5? did you beat it or just worked the nostalgia out your system and shelfted it?

Was a joke yeah lol. I don’t own one either, but the silence spoke for those who do.
I’m keeping a close eye on the market. When it drops enough or I see a slim version I’m on it.

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Yeah I feel you on the need for a slim version. The original, whilst a lovely design without a doubt, could really use with a cut back on size. I don’t want to build an extension just to have space for a PS5.