Next Generation Action Espionage

Faaaaaacccckkkkkk he’s getting the LEGO back out boys.


Wonder what sort of slop he’s gonna release now that he doesn’t have the crutch of Metal Gear being an established franchise.

Probably slop better than what ever is currently available in the current market tbh.

Personally I can’t wait to see what he has in store. I think mgs is dead sadly, we’re gonna see soulless remakes of games we already experienced and love but without a creative edge. Rethreading old paths. I’m willing to give this more of a chance than whatever Konami is doing to mgs


Much rather a new IP by Kojima than any other remake/remaster/port to be honest… It´s pretty much all we get these days.

Was a bit disappointed in Rise of the Ronin as well. Now that I´ve seen gameplay, it looks a LOT like Ghost of Tsushima, but worse. GoT´s gameplay and stances look so much better. And samurai using firearms and flamethrowers? Wtf.


Agreed. This game had a fantastic pre-release and pre-gameplay marketing plan, just playing on how people thought it would be, but that hookshot looks so fucking jank, swordplay looks jank and area exploration just looks like somebody tried to describe Sekiro to the designers without having actually played it before. Wasn’t looking forward to it, but I’m still somehow disappointed!

LOL honestly I haven’t played Death Stranding so I can’t say for sure, but doesn’t it present some real promise in how well developed Kojima got that game?

I’m well aware he probably isn’t going to but I would like it if for this project Kojima just let Yoji Shinkawa fully cook with character designs rather than casting actors. I’ve now come to terms with (and honestly maybe even like?) it in Death Stranding but I just want Shinkawa to have 0 limitations with this like he did with MGS.

I love how up front Sony are about the fact they’ve pretty much begged Kojima to make this lmao. "
Sure Hideo, you can make a couple of your post-apocalyptic UPS simulator games, but we’re gonna need that spiritual successor to MGS eventually!"


Agreed entirely.

LOL I respect their tenacity and begging in this way.

SONY begging for a stealth game whilst Kojima aggressively photographs a postman for reference:


I´m the same. And I wonder how Shinkawa feels about that; not having that freedom anymore and having to develop a character around an existing actor. Definitely has limitations in appearance.
But I also like how it is now.

Hmmm, Kojima doing another espionage game sounds great, but his comments on it being a blend of games and movies just doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t mind some cinematic experiences but I grow tired of a lot of recent Sony experiences going a bit too far with that as the basis of the experience. He’s been going down this route further and further as the years have gone on so it’s not a surprise, but hearing the main pitch for the game basically consist of “this is basically going to be just like a movie across all aspects” doesn’t make me hopeful at all.

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I don’t think you guys should worry all too much about yoji and actors. In metal gear all the characters (atleast the main faces) are already based on real actors.

Michael beihn from terminator for the first mg
Jean Claude’s physique, Christopher walken’s face in mgs1
Mgs2 I forgot but definitely shades of Kurt Russell (to match the escape from my vibe)
Mgs3 I remember hearing his scowl was based on Eastwood but that might be a bad memory.

Revolver Ocelot being based on Lee van clef

Colonel Campbell based off Rambos Commander in First blood.

The list goes on and on. I don’t think picking actors will greatly diminish cool character designs but I get what you guys are saying too. Although heavily inspired they were still original.

The biggest worry I have is digital rights like 10 years down the line. He better get like an iron clad, movie style contract on this. I’d hate if we get a revolving carousel because Sony didn’t feel like reuping some actor’s contract.

Butttttt, if he was to say get Kurt Russell’s “snake” likeness, I’d eat my words


If he wants to make movies so bad I don’t understand why he doesn’t pick up a camera and do it.

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Have to go physical! Can’t trust the digital market these days with stuff like this.


Well just being real. He can’t cut down his ideas to 2 hrs. He might be better for a TV series or mini series but in all honestly gaming stories mostly work cause we experience it through our actions, we get more invested. When we become a passive observer, we’ll, it might not hold up as much.

@NateDog I agree completely, I’ve already made it a mission to acquire every movie that means something to me on a 4k, or at best bluray. I’ll buy throw away stuff like cod digital though.

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Same! It´s going very slow though lol. I´ve never gotten into Bluray but now 4K tv´s have become the basic standard I might as well.


One because outside of the gaming world he’s basically a nobody and Hollywood is a very closed system.
Two he’s a hack who can’t really write anything that’s not based on existing movies or is artsy garbage anymore.


So self fund it and take it to Cannes like any other aspiring filmmaker. Not that he isn’t connected enough to find a producer at this point. What he really wants is to continue toying with his hapless fans and tricking people who thought they bought a video game.

He can’t make games without his old team either.

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The former doesn’t check out - he’s kicking it with big industry names on the regular. The latter is the real reason.

Kojima curse is that he is a shitty filmmaker trying to fit his ambitions into the box of a video game. The bizarre idiosyncrasy somewhat works in games - but in film it would just be shitty shlocky movies.

Shlock can be good by the way - and he clearly has deep admiration and love for movies. But the way he detest the interactive medium permeates in all his work, from the better ones all the way to the the Ubereats simulator that we’re supposed to take seriously.