Leak from Xbox Showcase


It’s happening! Kind of surprised I won’t lie. Persona 3 is still a perfectly enjoyable game despite being from 3 console generations ago (mad!).
I’m always slightly remake-sceptical because of this. But I guess there are folks who can’t handle a PS2 game anymore. This needs to have The Answer + Femc imo, it would be ridiculous to do a grounds up remake and NOT include all content from previous versions.

Feels insane to have both MGS3 and Persona 3 being remade at the same time. Two of my favourite games…what a time to be alive? I suppose?


“'Sup dude!” - now in 4K 60FPS

Can’t believe this was going to be shown at the Xbox showcase though, what did Sony do to piss off Atlus?

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They didn’t put Teddie in PlayStation All Stars


P5R and P4G are two of my favourite games of all time. Was going to do P3P soon since it’s on Game Pass, but might just wait for the remake now.


I’m actually pretty hyped for this, I remember after playing the original for a few hours I just had to go scoop up the collector’s edition. That was during the time where everyone were practical giving away their old ps2 games.

With that being said I never beat it. I forgot who told me but when I heard you had to grind your way through all the dungeons for the true ending, I was a stone’s throw away from beating it too, I wasn’t gonna grind my heart out. I do hope they change the way you see the real ending. If not for that game I’d never have tried any of the persona games.

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Dig your PS2 out now and finish it, loser!!


Hahaha, I already watched the end game in 4k 60fps thanks to YouTube. I ain’t gon a grind!

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Kids these days. :frowning:

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Did you grind out the true ending?

That’s just how you beat the game really, the only other option is a “bad ending” enforced by a choice you make. You’re meant to get to the highest point in Tartarus available to you as the months go on so that the ending isn’t too much to get through.

Never got the bad ending for P3 but I enjoy getting every ending for Persona games tbh. 4 I have a tonne of saves in places so I could get every ending and have done so. 5 I just did full play throughs of Vanilla and Royal whenever I wanted a new ending.

-Entirely new English voice cast
-Has been stated to be a remake of the ‘original Persona 3,’ which seems to mean it’s excluding FES content and is not including a femc

I’m sure the new voice cast will do well, but I feel a bit bummed for the old cast. They played those roles right up to Persona 3 Dancing after all.

As for the only remaking the ‘original’…literally what the fuck? lmao. I’ve seen a lot of mugs defending this on Twitter and calling The Answer (the new story chunk added in Persona 3 FES) a ‘20 hour epilogue’ as if that means ATLUS just shouldn’t bother adding it. It may take that long to PLAY but most of that is DUNGEON GAMEPLAY. People need to stop cutting companies slack when they’re skimping out on us. I thought surely this remake was going to finally end the ‘which is definitive’ question by giving us the best of both worlds…but apparently it’s giving us the best of the 2006 original lmfao
Guess I’ll still be doing that Persona 3 Portable playthrough one day soon after all!!

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